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Recap / Ultraman Ep 17 Passport To Infinity

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The JSDF faces the deranged power of Bullton

(First Aired: November 6, 1966)

Screenplay by: Keisuke Fujikawa

Directed by: Toshihiro Iijima

The story begins when Science Patrol receives a report that the renowned scientist and adventurer Dr. Yesterday has vanished after returning from an expedition to the Barohn Desert, where he found an odd blue meteor. They theorize that somebody who wanted the meteor must have kidnapped Dr. Yesterday, so Arashi and Ide are sent to Dr. Yesterday’s house, where they speak to his secretary Yoko. She tells them that the meteor vanished with the doctor. Then, the earth starts shaking violently. All three run outside and the shaking stops. There, they find Dr. Yesterday and the blue meteor, but all Dr. Yesterday can talk about is Dr. Fukui and that something dangerous is going to happen to him. Then the blue meteor flies away in front of everyone’s eyes! Since the team is unable to follow it, Yoko instead informs Ide and Arashi that Dr. Fukui is Dr. Yesterday’s colleague, and he has a red meteor from the same expedition.


Arashi and Ide meet Dr. Fukui at his home, where he presents them with his meteor and becomes concerned that Dr. Yesterday’s kidnapper will be after him next. Arashi suggests that Science Patrol take the meteor in for both research and safekeeping, to which Dr. Fukui agrees, though he also requests that he come along for protection.

Elsewhere, the blue meteor lies on a road and is found by two men named Dr. Kawaguchi and Dr. Yoshizawa, who decide to take it to their Kawaguchi Laboratories for study. At the lab, Kawaguchi conducts experiments on the meteor. Suddenly, the meteor unfurls itself like a flower in springtime and grows antenna from its three tube-like points. The meteor attacks Kawaguchi by warping reality, and when Yoshizawa comes into the room, he finds another dimension instead! Yoshizawa immediately contacts Science Patrol, so Hayata and Muramatsu head to the scene, while Arashi and Ide are instructed to place the red meteor safely away. This leaves Fuji alone with Hoshino, who has become curious about the meteors. Fuji refuses to let him help out though, leading Hoshino to conduct his own investigation.


At the scene of Yoshizwa’s report, Hayata and Muramatsu find a perfectly normal lab room rather than an alternate dimension. That’s when the still-unfurled blue meteor floats in and teleports Yoshizawa outside the lab just before Hayata and Muramatsu manage to get it to return to its normal rock form. However, Muramatsu is unable to contact HQ, leading Hayata to realize they must been sent into what must be the 4th Dimension like Dr. Yesterday and Kawaguchi were. To prove his point, Hayata throws the meteor at a wall, but misses as the wall furthers itself from the rock. They find Kawaguchi quickly afterwards.

Arashi and Ide come to the laboratories to check on Hayata and Muramatsu under Fuji’s request. The two find the blue meteor lying outside, as well as Hayata, Muramatsu, Kawaguchi, and Yoshizawa, now having exited the 4th Dimension with the meteor. Science Patrol decides to take the blue space rock to HQ for safekeeping. Elsewhere, Hoshino is meeting Dr. Yesterday, who explains that the meteors fuse when placed near each other, increasing their powers. Back at HQ, Science Patrol (except Hayata, who is with Kawaguchi), Dr. Fukui, and Yoko have placed both meteors under a barrier case to decide what to do with them later. As they leave, the meteors move closer to each other.

Meanwhile, Hayata meets with Kawaguchi, who suggests the meteors are actually rock-shaped creatures that comes to life under certain stimuli. Kawaguchi then warns Hayata that placing the “meteors” together would let them to fuse into a single enormous creature. Hayata delivers the concerning news, prompting the team to check the storage. Hoshino is already there trying to warn Science Patrol, and the boy sees one red-and-blue meteor before Fuji scolds him for trying to interfere and takes him home. Then Science Patrol HQ is warped into the 4th Dimension. Fuji and Hoshino are already outside at this point, and Hoshino spots the monster Kawaguchi and Yesterday warned about – Bullton, an enormous version of the red-and-blue meteor covered in tubes with antenna poking out. Hayata drives in and takes Fuji and Hoshino to a safe location.

Meanwhile, Muramatsu, Ide, Arashi, Dr. Fukui, and Yoko are still inside HQ. Realizing something is happening outside, they try to find an exit and get rid of the meteors. Ide escorts Dr. Fukui and Yoko, while Muramatsu and Arashi check the storage. The two groups encounter all sorts of oddities caused by the 4th Dimension, but no one can find a way out or the meteors. Outside the reality-warped HQ, the JSDF is called in to attack Bullton, but they prove to be ineffective against Bullton’s bizarre powers. Realizing there is no other way to stop the thing, Hayata transforms into Ultraman! Ultraman soon finds that not even he is safe from Bullton’s space-time manipulation though. Eventually, he manages to destroy Bullton’s reality-warping antenna, forcing the bizarre monster to fly away. A quick Specium Ray prevents Bullton from getting away, leaving behind a blue-and-red meteor, which Ultraman crushes with his fist before leaving.

With the meteors gone, Hayata, Fuji, and Hoshino return to HQ, while those trapped in HQ find themselves able to contact the outside world again – a sure sign that their HQ is no longer affected by the 4th Dimension. Inside, Hayata tells the team that Hoshino should be awarded, as he was the first of them to figure out that placing the meteors together was dangerous. The team agrees, and Hoshino is given his own Science Patrol uniform.


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