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This is the recap page for Ultraseven, a Japanese superhero series created by Toho's special effects master Eiji Tsuburaya as part of the gargantuan Ultraman franchise. Running right off the heels of Ultraman, it lasted from October 1, 1967 to September 8, 1968 with 49 episodes. By combining science-fiction elements and thought-provoking themes reminiscent of Star Trek and Doctor Who with the giant-sized action and best-of-the-time practical effects found in Godzilla films and Ultraman, Ultraseven became one of the most popular franchise entries and has since had some sequels and spinoffs of its own.


NOTE: All English TNT dub titles are in notes.


  1. The Invisible Invadernote : The Ultra Garrisonnote  — an organization that deals with extraterrestrial threats to Earth — has their hands full with a series of abductions performed by an invisible spaceship. Worse still, the alien piloting the ship is demanding that Earth surrender for the hostages. However, a mysterious man named Dan Moroboshi may be exactly who Ultra Garrison needs to save the day.

  2. The Green Terrornote : Ishiguro, an Ultra Garrison member stationed on Space Station V3, returns to Earth with a strange meteorite he brought back from a space expedition. Afterwards, his wife and the Japanese populace begin reporting sightings of a plant-like alien wandering the streets at night and attacking people with a vampire-like virus. Is Ishiguro really what he seems?

  3. The Secret of the Lakenote : Dan and Ultra Garrison teammates Soga and Furuhashi head out to a lake to investigate a flying saucer sighting. There, they meet twin girls playing around the lake and by the spaceship, as well as trying to hide something from the team. It's also where two strange beings steal Dan's Ultra Eye, preventing him from turning into Ultraseven!

  4. Respond, Max!note : When ships start vanishing out at sea with no trace, Ultra Garrison assumes aliens to be the culprit. The immediate investigation results in the search ship being floated into space, where the search team is captured by the invaders behind the scheme. Back on Earth, Dan loses his Ultra Eye to a disguised alien agent plotting to plant a bomb in the Ultra Garrison base.

  5. The Erased Timenote : Brilliant scientist Dr. Yushima is sent to the Ultra Garrison base to deliver some extremely important inventions. However, his plane is frozen in time by aliens who mind control him as their spy. At the base, Dr. Yushima sabotages Ultra Garrison's detection and then blames Dan as an alien agent, allowing the invaders to attack while Ultraseven is imprisoned!

  6. Dark Zonenote : Ultra Garrison nurse Anne Yurinote  encounters a mysterious patch of living shadow in her room that warns her about Pegassa City, a floating alien civilization on a collision course with Earth! The mysterious being gives Ultra Garrison its options: let both worlds cataclysmically collide, move Earth out of the way, or allow one race to wipe out the other for the greater good.

  7. Alien Prisoner 303note : After a UFO sighting in the countryside, the police and Ultra Garrison receive reports of a series of murders. At a gas station with some victims, the team finds that something's been drinking the gasoline at the station. Then Ultra Garrison headquarters receives a message from aliens warning them of a homicidal maniac from their world that has escaped to Earth.

  8. The Targeted Townnote : People in the town of Kitegawa are whispering of a mysterious curse going around. For some reason, bouts of violent insanity are affecting numerous Kitegawa citizens, with no one having a recollection of what happened after their outbreak. When Ultra Garrison looks into the case, they discover that before every incident, the victims had been smoking locally-brought cigarettes.

  9. Android Zero Directivenote : A woman with a strange symbol on her hand attempts to assassinate Dan one night. When Dan and Ultra Garrison teammate Amagi look into it, they encounter a strange old man who sells frighteningly realistic toy guns and military vehicles that have the exact same symbol on them. What's the connection between the strange woman and the elderly toymaker?

  10. The Suspicious Neighbornote : Dan and Anne visit the son of one of Anne's friends, who is currently in bed with a broken leg. The boy tells Dan that he sees the next-door neighbor doing strange things, which nobody believes until a dead bird is seen frozen in midair! The investigating Dan then finds himself trapped by the neighbor in another dimension while an alien fleet invades Earth.

  11. Fly to the Mountain of Evilnote : People are turning up dead at a mountain with no signs of violence on them. Ultra Garrison investigates, and what they find is an alien with a special camera he uses to capture people's life force. The problem is the alien has managed to trap Dan in his camera and kidnap Soga. Can Ultra Garrison free Dan and carry out a hostage exchange?

  12. From Another Planet with Lovenote : When girls are found dead from blood loss and wearing strange watches, Ultra Garrison discovers said watches are being sold by a man dating a friend of Anne named Sanae. They then learn that he's really an alien searching to cure his people's radiation sickness and when Sanae's little brother puts on a watch, he's finds children's blood is better! note 

  13. The Man from V3note : An alien spacecraft hides in the Japanese mountainside from pursuing Ultra Garrison jets after attacking Space Station V3, so Ultra Garrison's Captain Kiriyama teams up with his old pal Captain Kurata of V3 to pursue the spaceship. However, the alien crew has captured Amagi and Furuhashi, and they demand supplies in exchange for the hostages.

  14. The Ultra Garrison Goes West Pt. 1note : After a satellite is sent to study a new planet, delegates heading to a peace conference in Japan are being assassinated by whom Ultra Garrison fears to be alien agents. So, they are assigned to protect American official Dorothy Anderson from the killer. Meanwhile, the last delegate's secret arrival by submarine is mysteriously intercepted by four strange ships.

  15. The Ultra Garrison Goes West Pt. 2note : Having discovered the identity of the Pedan assassin to be Dorothy Anderson and witnessed Ultraseven succumb to the strength of the robot King Joe, Ultra Garrison must prepare for total war against the alien fleet and find a way to penetrate King Joe's Pedanium plating. Meanwhile, Dan tries to make peaceful negotiations with Dorothy.

  16. Eyes Shining in the Darknessnote : After a satellite returns from an alien world via crash-landing, a boy discovers a strange statuette near the site. He soon finds himself assisted by a mysterious voice that claims the statue is its body. The entity tells the child to bring its body back to the crash site and it will give him whatever he wants, so long as the boy stays clear of Ultra Garrison.

  17. Underground: Go! Go! Go!note : An unnatural earthquake causes a cave-in that traps a miner named Jiro underground. Ultra Garrison is called in to investigate what could have caused the accident by using their new drill tank, Magmalizer. Underneath the earth, they discover a mysterious subterranean city, while Dan realizes that Jiro is his other self — the form he, Ultraseven, takes!

  18. Escape Space Xnote : During an Ultra Garrison skydiving session, Amagi and Soga mysteriously vanish, to the bafflement of the team. All attempts to contact them instead find a supersonic screech that harms their ears, meaning aliens must be the culprit. Meanwhile, Soga and Amagi find themselves in a forest full of non-giant monsters. Wherever they are, it certainly isn't Earth.

  19. Project Bluenote : Dr. Miyabe is working with Ultra Garrison on Project Blue, a planetary defense shield with a secret entrance meant to keep invaders out and let Earthlings in. However, a wicked race of aliens intent on annihilating Earth are determined to get their hands on Miyabe's project blueprints, and they'll go as far as to invade and terrorize his home.

  20. Destroy Epicenter Xnote : A series of strange earthquakes churns up Ultonium — an element only found in the Earth's core. While Dan and Anne are sent to cooperate with the brilliant but crabby geologist Dr. Iwamura and his assistant, Dr. Sakai, to study the mystery quakes and find the alien mastermind, the rest of the team take Magmalizer to find what's digging the stuff up.

  21. Pursue the Undersea Basenote : A series of ship sinkings reported along the Japanese coast is discovered to be the result of attacks by a gigantic hybrid of Second World War battleships and submarines. Ultra Garrison's investigations reveal a race of aquatic aliens to be the monster ship's builders, but while they tussle with the invaders, the warship is launching an all-out assault on Japan.

  22. The Human Farmnote : A friend of Anne is attacked by a strange creature one night, and when she is found the following morning, she has a mysterious fungus on her arm. The creature then returns to put the fungus on Anne. Studies by Ultra Garrison reveal the fungus is alien food grown through X Chromosomes, turning women into human farms. The cure? An element only found on Saturn.

  23. Searching for Tomorrownote : A fortune teller named Yasui bumps into Ultra Garrison while fleeing from mysterious men trying to kill him, so the team take him in for protection. Yasui tells them that he has predicted an alien invasion and the invaders are trying to assassinate him so that Ultra Garrison won't know about their plan. The trouble is Ultra Garrison doesn't believe his story.

  24. Return to the North!note : Furuhashi's mother comes over to ask for her son to return home to Hokkaido. However, Furuhashi is in the Arctic with Dan investigating a mysterious mid-air collision between an Ultra Garrison plane and a commercial jetliner. They discover the culprit is an alien spacecraft disguised as a lighthouse emitting jammer beams, but the aliens jam Furuhashi's plane!

  25. Showdown at –140 Degreesnote : A colossal snowstorm begins smothering Earth when Dan is out on patrol one day. Lost in the cold, he loses his Ultra Eye and slowly begins to succumb to the freezing temperatures created by aliens intent on starting another Ice Age. Meanwhile, Ultra Garrison's base has lost its power in a mysterious attack and the team has to do everything they can to pull through.

  26. Super Weapon R-1note : Ultra Garrison has built R-1, a nuclear bomb so powerful it can annihilate a planet. They hope that the mere strength of the weapon will frighten off all future alien invaders, but Dan believes it will only make things worse. After Ultra Garrison tests the bombs power on a random planet, Dan's fears come true when the mutated sole survivor comes to Earth for revenge.note 

  27. Operation Cyborgnote : A friend of Soga and Ultra Garrison member named Nogawa is about to get married, but his car is pulled under a swamp by a magnetic force with him in it. He comes back shortly after in good condition, but Ultra Garrison doesn't realize that he is now an alien's minion mind controlled via cybernetic implantations in his skull and sent to blow up their base.

  28. The 700-Kilometer Dashnote : Ultra Garrison needs to deliver some newly-built explosives without being spotted by aliens after the weaponry. So, Dan and Amagi are assigned to deliver the weapons by participating in a motor rally passing by the Ultra Garrison base. But as they drive down the road, it becomes clear the aliens are well aware that Ultra Garrison is somewhere in the race.

  29. The Lonely Earthlingnote : Ultra Garrison looks into a sighting of an alien at a university, but they only turn up an encounter with two unlikely friends — a lonely, misanthropic student named Ichinomiya and a professor named Dr. Niwa. Unbeknownst to Ultra Garrison, Dr. Niwa is the alien, who is building a teleporter to leave Earth, and Ichinomiya knows and wants to come with him.

  30. For Whom is Glory For?note : Ultra Garrison's newest team member is Aoki, an arrogant and reckless young man who treats his job as part of a extraterrestrial-combatting paramilitary force as a quest for glory. So when a battle simulation session involving tanks and artillery is sabotaged into a real life-and-death struggle by an alien, Aoki gets a taste of the reality of war.

  31. The Devil in the Flowernote : A teenage girl named Kaori is enjoying the smell of flowers when she suddenly collapses unconscious. In the hospital, she begins to mysteriously wake up every night in her unconscious state and drink blood from the blood storage. Ultra Garrison comes in and discovers that she is possessed by an alien parasite that is slowly killing her. Thus, a race for the cure begins.

  32. The Wandering Planetnote : Ultra Garrison receives word of an asteroid flying through the sky in a strangely controlled path. When Dan, Furuhashi, and Amagi fly out to investigate up close, it pulls them in and strands them with an electromagnetic field and a monster. Meanwhile, it is discovered that the object's destination is actually a guided crashing into the Ultra Garrison base.

  33. The Dead Invadersnote : When people found wandering near the base are discovered to have been already dead in autopsy, Ultra Garrison is left baffled. At the same time, the team is trying to protect a document containing the locations of every Ultra Garrison base on Earth from alien invaders. That's when the corpses' shadows start to walk around and try to steal the documents.

  34. The Vanishing Citynote : An entire section of Tokyo vanishes in thin air, with people, cars, and all. Dan and Soga were in the section, so Ultra Garrison manages to trace the area to a forest. However, they are warned by a shapeshifting foam-like entity not to enter the city for the creature has decided to turn the place into its new home. But that's not going to deter Ultra Garrison.

  35. Horror on the Moonnote : Captain Kiriyama, Captain Kurata, Dan, and a subordinate of Kurata named Shirahama head to the Moon to investigate the destruction of the Ultra Garrison moon base. There, the team discovers that somebody is trying to sabotage their mission and kill the two captains. Could it be that an extraterrestrial enemy from Kiriyama and Kurata's days as privates is back for revenge?

  36. The 0.1 Second Killnote : Soga's sharpshooting rival, Hirota, has suddenly exceeded his skills beyond human capability. He attributes to lots of target practice, but in reality, Hirota has made a deal with a sinister alien. Now, the extraterrestrial wants to fulfill his part of the agreement, and that is hypnotizing Hirota to assassinate Ultra Garrison's top scientists and officials!

  37. The Stolen Ultra Eyenote : One night, Dan encounters a girl named Maya who attacks him and takes his Ultra Eye without further word. Sensing that Maya is an alien agent, Dan goes after her, but what he isn't aware of is that Maya's superiors are launching a planet-destroying missile at Earth and they've abandoned her to die with humanity. Now, Dan must convince Maya to give back the Ultra Eye.

  38. The Courageous Battlenote : A boy who is about to receive critical heart surgery wants a representative from his heroes at Ultra Garrison to come over and give him the courage to go through it. However, Ultra Garrison's hands are rather full with aliens using a giant robot to steal cars, and not even Dan, who had promised to be there, might be able to fulfill the boy's wishes.

  39. The Seven Assassination Plan Pt. 1note : Dan receives invitation from an alien to fight one-on-one. The alien has been studying Ultraseven intensely for a while and now knows the hero's every weakness. Dan is aware that the invader is up to something, but he accepts the invitation for what he believes will be for the greater good. Now, Ultraseven is against his most dangerous enemy yet.

  40. The Seven Assassination Plan Pt. 2note : Alien Guts has defeated Ultraseven! Leaving the hero crucified for the world to see and despair upon, the invader declares that Ultraseven will be executed at dawn. Now in a race against time, Ultra Garrison sets to work on creating the technology they will need to free Ultraseven and determine if Earth falls to the power of Guts or remains free.

  41. Challenge from the Watersnote : Sightings of Kappas at a lake have attracted the attention of Ultra Garrison and a group of Kappa enthusiasts, both looking to find out what's going on and catch a glimpse of the creatures. When the Kappas start attacking the groups, it is soon discovered that the beloved river monsters of folklore are actually alien invaders, and they've got a monster in tow.

  42. Envoy of the Nonmaltsnote : Dan and Anne encounter a mysterious boy named Shinchi who keeps warning Ultra Garrison to stay out of the undersea realm of beings called the Nonmalts. Sure enough, Ultra Garrison's new submarine base and their ships are destroyed by an octopus monster. Stranger still, Shinchi tells Dan that the Nonmalts are not invaders, but the true inhabitants of Earth!

  43. Nightmare on Planet 4note : Dan and Soga are sent on a rocket expedition and put in hibernation. When they wake up, they find themselves on a world resembling Earth called Planet 4. On this world, the human-like denizens are brutally oppressed by tyrannical androids who believe machines are the supreme beings. Can Dan and Soga topple the robot dictatorship and escape Planet 4?

  44. The Terrifying Super-Simiannote : A cop is found dead at a primate zoo from powerful strangulation, so Dan and Anne are assigned to look into it. At the zoo, the pair encounter two scientists who run the place and their companion, a burly man named Gori. Dan senses that something is wrong with the primatologists and Gori — someone is controlling them for a purpose.

  45. The Boy Who Cried Flying Saucernote : An amateur astronomer spots a frightening sight in the stars — a colossal fleet of flying saucers on a path to Earth. Every time he reports this to Ultra Garrison, the team finds nothing. This is made worse by a strange little boy who claims to be an alien and tells him to continuously report his sightings until Ultra Garrison refuses to listen.

  46. The Duel: Dan vs. Sevennote : Dan is assigned to follow a mysterious woman whom Ultra Garrison has been keeping tabs on recently. However, the woman turns the tables and kidnaps Dan, separating him from his Ultra Eye. In a lighthouse hideout, she and her comrades reveal themselves to be aliens building a robot duplicate of Ultraseven, and they need Dan's alien identity to finish it.

  47. Who Are You?note : A man returns home to his apartment grounds, only to find that his friends and family don't recognize him. Realizing that something is going on, he calls Ultra Garrison, but is kidnapped by aliens at the last moment. Dan and Furuhashi are sent to investigate the next day and find that the people he met last night haven't seen him at all. Then who, or what, did he really encounter?

  48. The Ultimate Invasion Pt. 1note : Dan suddenly begins to feel very weak and is informed by his superiors at M78 that the battles are beginning to take a deadly toll on his body. This means he must return home and not transform into Ultraseven as any more punishment could kill him. However, aliens are attacking Earth in a global assault, and they've brought with them the most powerful monster so far.

  49. The Ultimate Invasion Pt. 2note : Having disobeyed commands to save Ultra Garrison from the Ghose Aliens' monster Pandon, Dan's wounds begin to have a greater expense on him. Anne wants to give him treatment, but Dan knows it will reveal his alien identity, so he prepares to leave Earth. However, the Ghose are bringing Pandon back as a cyborg. Will Ultraseven and Earth make it out in one piece?

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