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When it originally aired in 2008, the show was called True Conservative Radio and was much more serious in tone, often discussing Ghost's then-conservative views; however despite this more serious tone, Ghost was just as easy if not easier to anger as he is today. During December 2009, people from 4chan took notice of Ghost's Hair-Trigger Temper and began to regularly troll him. Eventually Ghost became both bored of the trolls and distanced from the conservative ideology mostly because of Sarah Palin and he quit the show in September 1, 2010.


Serval months later Ghost returned to BTR, now having completely abandoned his conservative ideologies, and renamed the show True Capitalist Radio and began his regular habit of excessive drinking during the show. The trolls were quick to return to the show and their numbers exploded first in May 2011 when Ghost criticized the Brony community for being "a bunch of fruitbowls" and before you know it, bronies began to troll Ghost regularly and became Ghost's Arch-Enemy, forming the bulk of True Capitalist Radio listeners much to Ghost's dismay. The second explosion in listeners happened when Ghost attempted to funnel the increasing amount of troll callers away from the early and serious part of the show to the third hour entirely dedicated to trolls which he would call "Radio Graffiti", giving each troll 3-4 seconds to say whatever they wanted. Youtube user DarkRazorz eventually uploaded this video to the site and it went viral, bringing bucketloads of new trolls to the show. After these incidents, the show underwent a Genre Shift where it turned from just another regularly trolled Radio Talk Show into a combination of Political Talk Show and Sitcom with regular appearances from trolls who had crafted their own characters to troll the show with.


Beginning in 2012, the show was subjugated to numerous "troll dramas" beginning with Troll War III many of which targeted Ghost in an attempt to leak his personal information. These troll dramas eventually created a rift within the fandom and many long time listeners left the show either because their personal information was leaked or out the fear of this happening to them. Ghost eventually started to become disillusioned with his listener base and the hacking of his Twitter account in May 22nd, 2012 was the last straw for him and he decided to leave the internet for goodnote .

The show officially ended on May 24th, 2012, but after a three-year hiatus Ghost took to the airwaves once again on November 12, 2015 with a brief, one-off broadcast, in which he suggested that he'd be open to doing a full-blown return show on Christmas or New Year's Eve if he felt that the demand was high enough. This never came through, but on March 20, 2016, he made a second one-off broadcast to talk about the 2016 presidential election, during which he also discussed restarting the show in April and the permanent return of the Prognosticator of Prognosticators. Ghost returned to regular broadcasting on March 25, 2016.


The third run of the show was quite diffrent in some ways from the previous two, namely Ghost had become a hardcore Conspiracy Theorist note  and much of the news section was now Ghost discussing various conspiracies from government weather manipulation to how The Illuminati controls the world through Freemasons. DarkRazorZ had joined the navy and Elfoxoloco took over as the community's main uploader. Markets section was also gone as Ghost only broadcasted two hours a day and Radio Graffiti time was severely limited. Listeners eventually claimed about this and Ghost eventually brought back 3 hour show with the markets and full-time Radio Graffiti making a return. Along with his conspiracies, Ghost had also developed a very severe case of paranoia, which became obvious in August 11th, 2016 in what would become known as the "Double Dipping Incident", where Ghost claims to have been approached and threatened by a pair of DHS agents in a Mexican restaurant. Ghost also began to complain that he kept seeing choppers and drones flying over his apartment. These cases of Ghost's paranoia, combined with the increasing coverage of conspiracies on the show left the audience conflicted about wether or when this behavior was Ghost's attempt to entertain his listeners or when it was a sign that Ghost was suffering from a genuine mental illness.

On May 8th, 2017 Ghost announced that he will be taking an extended break from the show due to all the cartoon fetishists that keep infesting his show. He promised nonetheless that he will still produce content for his more serious audience and also promised that one day he will make a full fledged return. He initially slated his return for some point in June, before formally announcing July 4th as his comeback date. This was later cancelled, and the show was put on an indefinite hiatus until Ghost could sort out his alcohol problem, due to being too wasted to broadcast on July 4th. News on a return was quiet for a short period of time since then, and Inner Circle members begun claiming Ghost may not come back at all and rumors began to circulate that he might have been doxed for real. Reports began to circulate about his possible return in September for a 9/11 broadcast, most likely to discuss the recent evidence of Saudi-Arabian 9/11 dry run. The date came and went, however a few days later a poll was put up on Ghost's Gab account asking if TCR should return, with "Yes" winning by nearly 90%. He has since told people to listen to the archive in preparation for his return "Very Soon". He's since said he will return by the end of October, with this being the last time before the "showmaster" is revealed, hinting he will dox himself at the end of this run.

The break officially ended when Ghost finally made his return on October 31st, 2017 with a new avatar to boot. He almost immediately got started by turning his hatred to a new fandom—Rick and Morty—over the McDonald's Szechuan sauce incident, once again blaming autism for America's problems. Almost immediately, he became inundated with calls about the show, including many Pickle Rick calls. In January of 2018, the show celebrated its 10th anniversary, and the next month, Ghost launched a semi-private chatroom that has a $5 a month admission fee, leading to the reintroduction of Chatroom Shoutouts, as well as a brief 30 second segment every show where Ghost visits the Voice Chat in the chatroom to hear what people have to say. Needless to say, this opened up a whole new way to troll. For a short while, Ghost also ran a Cryptocurrency advice hotline, which became the butt of jokes, largely about Ghost running a gay sex hotline, during its short run before Ghost took it offline. In March, Ghost would announce that he is planning on leaving Blog Talk Radio due to them being bought out by a competitor, Spreaker, and them not paying him since December. The plans, while preliminary, have Ghost going on a short break while he sorts out a new broadcasting method, possibly through his blog site, and was to be done by May 5th, 2018 at the latest.

Sure enough, on May 5th, as he promised, he came back, albeit without Radio Graffiti. He has begun to broadcast through his blog site, and has more or less become more unhinged and uncensored now that he does not have to censor his swearing as he had to on BlogTalkRadio. He now has resurrected his old Cryptocurrency hotline, albeit now charging only 99 cents per minute as opposed to $1.99 a minute, as a general talk hotline, with several new character trolls appearing. However, on May 13th, his show began to take an odd turn when he announced that his chatroom and its members were revolting, exposing and doxing any bronies or anime fans among his listener-base, with a few trolls and even a serious listener or two falling victim to this and having their fetishes exposed on and off the air. This fervor has since died down within the chat. On the June 8th episode, Ghost finally brought back Radio Graffiti (thanks to a lot of handwringing on the fans' part), which was appreciated by trolls; this episode was noted for being refreshingly original in comparison to the RG just months before.

This was short lived however, as Ghost stopped doing Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts all together on June 13th, citing a lack of donations and not wanting to cater to an audience he deemed as "tards" anymore. This caused a mass exodus of trolls, once again attempting to find other shows to troll, while other more serious listeners appreciated the new direction the show began to take. Following a one-time revival of the segment for the 600th Episode and some heated Inner Circle drama, the show took a low-key status, with many listeners leaving to find other shows. Ghost eventually began claiming that he would quit the show once more if the Democrats won the 2018 midterms. The blue wave did not occur, but Ghost was still angry over the fact that the Democrats managed to retake the House of Representatives and he spent the last three episodes he did ranting about the new demographic of the people elected to the House, as well as the demographics of the people who elected them. Ghost announced on November 14th, 2018 that he would be taking a break from the show.

Just a week later on Gab, following many more rants about the demographic that elected the Democrats into power in the Midterms, Ghost announced that he would be leaving social media, the show, and the chatrooms (Inner Circle and TCR Discord). A week later however, he returned, making many posts in a short timespan, and notably doxing a former Inner Circle member for little reason. Shortly after this, his Gab disappeared, and some in the community claimed to have doxed him. Ghost would return two weeks later on with what he declared may be his final message, stating he was banned from gab for "saying autistics should be put to sleep", made further rants on his aforementioned repeated subjects, made no mention of his rumored dox, and once again stated that this may be his final message on the internet, possibly indicating that True Capitalist Radio is gone for good.

However, near the dawn of 2019, Ghost returned with a show on YouTube called The Ghost Show. Ghost announced, just a few minutes before the show went live, that he was starting anew and dabbling less in the extreme politics that had eventually become the sole feature of TCR towards the end of its run; Ghost even promised Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts in the future, which both indeed returned. However, a new form of trolling began in the form of donations through at first Streamlabs and later Stream Elements. For several episodes, "Media Share" was enabled, allowing anyone to play any YouTube video with over 50,000 views for a donation of $8. Needless to say, this was almost immediately abused and spammed with anime songs, Ram Ranch, and various other songs, resulting in TGS Episode 5 exceeding TCR Episode 358 in cans.wav count by 1 can. However, after TGS Episode 7 got pulled down for a copyright claim by Sony Music Entertainment over a Wu-Tang Clan song played via Media Share, Ghost was seemingly banned from Streamlabs, and moved to Stream Elements without Media Share being an option. Even so, donations continue to be a viable form of trolling.

On February 1, 2019, the record for most cans was shattered when Ghost brought Mediashare back for a Baller Friday episode, Episode 15. In that episode, without any Radio Graffiti, the trolls made Ghost cans a whopping 68 times, and drop the f-bomb 83 times.


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