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Recap / Trollhunters S 2 E 1 Escape From The Darklands

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With Jim still trapped in the Darklands searching for Enrique, his friends rally to bring him back. But the Troll Tribunal has other ideas.

Tropes for this episode include:

  • Cliffhanger Copout: This briefly appears to be what happens in the opening scene, Jim is suddenly back in Arcadia without missing a beat, but something about him just seems a little off. It is soon revealed to be Toby covering for Jim's absence.
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  • Diabolus ex Machina: The Tribunal executes their order to have the bridge destroyed just as Jim is finally attempting to make his return, ultimately smashing it just in time for Jim to get Enrique through, but trapping him on the other side.
  • Equipment Upgrade: Blinky took the time to alter Toby's hammer, making it collapsible and more portable.
  • Evil All Along: Turns out Dictatious was not as dead as his brother Blinky thought. He was simply Gunmar's willing servant trapped in the Darklands.
  • Fountain of Youth: Whatever the goblins are feeding the babies in the nursery, it has been keeping them in their infantile state for decades and, in some cases, centuries.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: With the glamour mask, Toby spends his nights posing as Jim while he is absent in the Darklands. He's super-clumsy, prone to nervous ranting and is a terrible cook, but Barbra buys it for the time being.
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  • Pyrrhic Victory: Jim kept his promise and returned Enrique, but he is still trapped in the Darklands and has been captured by the Gumm-Gumms.
  • The Reveal:
    • Enrique has been returned to his family.
    • Aaarrgghh!!! can be revived and is the key to bringing Jim back.
    • Jim has been captured by the Gumm-Gumms.
    • Blinky's brother is alive and evil.
  • Time Skip: The episode is set two weeks after "Something Rotten This Way Comes".

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