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Recap / Trollhunters S 1 E 25 A Night To Remember

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It's the night of the Spring Fling Dance, but Toby and Claire go together? Because the only thing that can help with Dr. Lake's injury is in Mr. Strickler's office.

This episode contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Almost Kiss: Their third, as Claire suddenly realizes why Angor Rot stole her purse.
  • Dance of Romance: Invoked by Jim. After the issue with his mom, Jim isn't up to dancing with Claire at the Spring Fling. He makes it up to her by taking her to a romantic spot and playing a Spanish love song just for her. He had time to learn to dance at some point as well.
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  • Everyone Has Standards: Even the Coach recoils on seeing Toby getting CPR from Ms. Janeth. Dude's been a real hardass on basically everyone in school, not caring about personal problems or current situations. But Janeth giving Toby CPR?
    Coach: Ugh, remind me never to choke.
  • Harsh Word Impact: When it is revealed that the cure for the magic binding Strickler's life to hers will make her forget everything up to before it was first used, Barbara snaps weakly to Strickler to not speak to her again, and that he's "the one thing I'm looking forward to forgetting". He recoils as if she'd slapped him with her full strength, though she's barely got the strength to speak.
  • No Man of Woman Born: Invoked in this exchange...
    Angor: The weak human thinks she has the will to power the Skathe-Hrün… [a] staff of such power is not meant to be weilded by man!
    Claire: I am not a man!
  • The Reveal: After many episodes of mystery, Toby's Crush, the Arcadia Mole, finally unmasks.


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