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Recap / Toonville 2013 S 1 EP 1 So You Think You Can Wa Tah

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The episode's synopsis: Lumpy decides he should become a karate star, walking in the steps of people like Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, but hilarity ensues along the way to stardom. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash finds that studious Twilight Sparkle has a deep dislike for her enjoyment of professional wrestling, so she tries their best to show her a little something about how extreme it can get.

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The episode starts off with Lumpy whirling nunchaku around like a freak in his house, and telling Flippy of his dreams of being a martial arts star. Flippy denies the possibility, as Lumpy jumps through a wall near the door. A few moments later, Lumpy tries kicking through something a little different in the form of a block of wood... on fire. Covered in barbed wire. It's also a small block on a pole. He tries for the kick, but it goes awry... when it just falls over, and what it takes to douse the fire are a few whacks with a baseball bat and Buttershy's puke. Peter Griffin makes an appearance, offering help to join Lumpy on his karate/kung fu/whatever martial arts he wants adventure, while Lumpy caters to the Buttershy puke... only for that to go wrong with... sawdust bursting into flames and being blown up by lightning?


Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle is busy with her studies, of course, as she is suddenly startled by some sounds of crashing and screaming, and she notices her house in wrecks, thanks to her friend Rainbow Dash and assistant Spike. After the source of the violence is revealed to stem from Professional Wrestling, the three have a brief argument, with Spike taking Rainbow's side, that results in Twilight breaking Rainbow's laptop and fainting.

Twilight Sparkle: Look... what I am saying here is that this type of "wrestling" is ruining the mind, and, to be truthful, people have died from this, and the last thing someone needs is a fatal injury. You should know this; you tried experiencing it yourself, and we all know how that worked out.

Back to the main plot, moments after the ...incident, Lumpy goes to a man named Karran Tate, who is revealed to be just a persona adopted by Roger the Alien of American Dad! fame. Luckily, this new personality of Roger is skilled in the martial arts, so he decides to take Lumpy under his wing. After beating down Peter's son Chris, we are treated to some training trials for Lumpy, starting with a wooden dummy, continuing with a double-wall break (one glass, one wood), and further advancing with a montage, which involves normal training exercises like punching, whacking at the wooden dummy and trying to attack Roger while he's sneaking up dressed like a ninja, along with some abnormal moments, such as Lumpy and Karran dancing and a brief scene with Peter recording the hilarity and emailing it to Brian. Soon enough, through the near end of the unorthadox montage, Lumpy manages to bypass and succeed at what he failed.


However, the main plot will have to wait again, as Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash have another argument that ends up with Rainbow trying to choke Twilight out with a guilotine choke of kind, but Twilight goes face first into a sidewalk and ends up bloodied, in which she reaches her Rage Breaking Point and talks the reckless pegasus off, proving that there are dangers to Professional Wrestling, like she said before, and Spike, despite being Rainbow Dash's boyfriend, gets back on Twi's side to redeem himself, as Dash is left in the dust... for today, at least.

Cut back to the main plot for the last minutes, in which Karran Tate has helped Lumpy get his first shot at stardom by booking him a chance to perform at the Toon Hub. However, the object he has to burst through is a group of electrified, flaming barbed-wire walls with glass in front of it, which is an upgraded and even more dangerous version of the stunt he tried to pull at the beginning of the episode. Guess what? He fails. He ends up in a full-body cast, and he learns an important lesson... I think. Oh, and he gets struck by lightning again. And explodes.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Chris getting beaten up by Karran Tate!Roger is not at all mentioned for the rest of the episode.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Roger (the alien) literally jumps from one scene to the other during its transition.
  • Break Them by Talking: Twilight at the near-end of the episode does so to Rainbow Dash, although it's downplayed because all Dash shed was a Single Tear.
  • Butt-Monkey: Lumpy becomes one, as he continously gets himself hurt dozens of times throughout the episode.
    • To a lesser extent, Twilight.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Twilight Sparkle pulls off an insane 13 f-bombs while telling off Rainbow Dash at the second to last main scene in the episode.
  • High-Pressure Blood: At the first scene of the B-plot, Rainbow has blood gushing out of her head like Ric Flair.
  • High-Pressure Emotion: This is the first episode where we get to see Rainbow Dash in her rage mode. How she gained that extra trait is a mystery.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Twilight lands face first into the sidewalk thanks to Rainbow Dash, breaking her nose. She feels the pain at first, but during her irate speech towards Rainbow, she shrugs off the fracture like a bump on the head.
  • Mid-Montage Tea Break: The Training Montage with Lumpy and Karran Tate has one with the two dancing for some reason.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Twilight at the end of the B-plot with her and Rainbow.
  • Rant-Inducing Slight: Almost inverted in terms of the sub-plot: Twilight's house ends up a mess at first, and the moment that causes her to snap was being told to calm down after being driven into a concrete ground by Rainbow Dash by accident.
    Twilight: ...Calm down? Calm down? Why in the fuck would I ever calm down when you do *referring to her injury* this to me?! I'm sorry-I, I, I don't fuck around with this shit! I don't, okay? The people you watch smack each other around are people who have broken their bodies on numerous accounts, and sacrifice themselves every 365 days of the year, but I am standing my ground!
    Spike: Whoa. Take it easy, Twi.
    Twilight: I most certainly won't! I told you one fucking thing about "pro wrestling"; it's barbaric! Destructive! Fucking dangerous!
    Twilight: Shut! The fuck! Up! Listen here, you fuck-damned monkey, I don't want to hear any more from your fucking mouth. I just wanted some peace in my mind, and then when you and Spike ruined my house, you definitely fucked up royal! And fucking up royal is the worst kind of fucking up, because you ruined my books, my work, my equipment, and then what happened?!
    Rainbow: You broke my laptop, remember?
    Twilight: YES! That is what you deserved, you insane twat!
Twilight: ...So, Rainbow... you can... just make up whatever you want to say... but just know this, you fuck-up; even if what you think is healthy to watch, you are enjoying the pain of others, and you should learn two things: one, you have to have the guts to grow up and give up your enjoyment for the health of others! And two, this is REALITY, you are living in the fucking real world, so you have to actually fucking represent it as best as possible, so fuck your hobbies, and fuck your men in underwear, you sick son of a BIIIIITCH!

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