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Recap / TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana

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The episode list for TitansGrave: The Ashes of Valkana:

  1. "The Journey Begins!" (G&S, YT). While looking for a way to unlock the secrets of an artifact they found, the party attends a boasting contest at the local inn and saves a shipment of rare beer from a bandit raid.
  2. "Evil Awakens!" (G&S, YT). Hired by the Beer Baron to escort his battered caravan back home, the party gets wasted on free beer and, the next morning, has to defend the Baron's brewery from an incursion of monsters not seen since the Chaos Wars.
  3. "Danger at the Market!" (G&S, YT). The party arrives to the city of Nestora, where they go shopping, procure some magical gear, and get framed for terrorism.
  4. "Sewer Terror" (G&S, YT). While escaping the authorities through Nestora's Absurdly Spacious Sewer, the party narrowly evades a terrifying monster... and then S'lethkk discovers something that makes them go right back and kill it.
  5. "Staff of Forlorn Hope" (G&S, YT). Hired by Nestora's richest man to retrieve an ancient artifact, the party travels to the long-abandoned but still-airborne Skyside Stronghold and battles its automated defenses while looking for the Staff of Forlorn Hope.
  6. "Heroes of the Past" (G&S, YT). Upon recovering the Staff, the party takes it back to Alvin Voss, who recognizes them as descendants of the ancient heroes who sealed away Prophet Dhawan and directs them to find a way to kill her before she plunges Valkana into chaos once more.
  7. "Danger at Reed Manor" (G&S, YT). The party explores the long-abandoned manor of the ancient engineer who built Prophet Dhawan's prison, looking for an entrance into the latter.
  8. "Finding the Portal" (G&S, YT). The heroes descend into the depths below the Reed Manor, chat with a friendly mermaid, and finally locate the portal they were looking for behind a lake of magma.
  9. "Nightmare Visions" (G&S, YT). After stepping through the portal, each party member experiences a vision confronting them with their deepest fears and inner conflicts.
  10. "The Prophet" (G&S, YT). Arriving to the Pocket Dimension around the Tomb of the Prophet, the party fights off her monstrous bodyguards, before finally confronting Prophet Dhawan in her lair. Things don't go as planned.

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