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Recap / Tiny Toon Adventures S 2 E 8 Buster And Babs Go Hawaiian

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The eighth episode of the second season of Tiny Toon Adventures, and the 73rd episode in both production and broadcast order. It was written by Renee Carter, Sarah Creef, and Amy Crosby, three then-eighth grade girls, with a prologue and epilogue written by the show's writing staff.

The prologue begins with a short called Fleche De Lard, wherein Hamton is a brave medieval hero known as "Sir Hamton the Prudent", and sets off to rescue the lovely Lady May from the evil Lord Sebastian, and Plucky is Knave Pluck, his royal sword carrier. After defeating Lord Sebastian, Hamton is about to kiss Lady May, when Buster and Babs interrupt the ending to complain about another mediocre script that they're not a part of. As they leave to talk to the writers, Hamton complains that he finally got an episode where he was the star and got the girl. As Hamton rants, Plucky kisses Lady May behind his back.


Buster and Babs walk up to the writer's staff room, wherein the writers are playing a game of Go Fish and waiting on a pizza they ordered. The writers ask Buster and Babs if they're the pizza people, and Buster slams the door on them. Babs then decides that she and Buster will talk to Steven Spielberg about getting their own episode, and they tunnel their way to the Warner Bros. Studio.

Outside the Studio, Ralph the Guard watches as Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman (who are dressed like Peter Pan and Captain Hook, respectively) pass by him. Buster and Babs stop near Ralph and introduce themselves to him. They tell him they're here to see Spielberg, but Ralph refuses to let them in, and launches them into the air. They land in the ground, and rise from it with the dinosaur skeleton from "Journey to the Center of Acme Acres". Buster and Babs, who are now dressed as Biff and Buffy Vanderbunny, introduce themselves to Ralph, who whistles for Muffin the Dog, who takes one of the dinosaur skeleton's leg bones, causing the rest of the skeleton to literally fall to pieces. Buster and Babs start to suspect that Ralph has either never seen a cartoon before in his life, or just has a pathological hatred of rabbits. However, when Roger Rabbit and his wife, Jessica stop by, neither of these turn out to be the case, as he welcomes them and lets them in. Having had enough of Ralph, Buster and Babs turn into sticks of dynamite and explode, then burrow their way past Ralph into Ambilin Studios.


When Buster and Babs arrive at Spielberg's office, they hear him say, "Get out of here, you no-good vermin!". As it turns out, Spielberg is playing an arcade game which involves him zapping bugs. Buster and Babs argue over who should talk to Spielberg, which results in Buster inadvertently unplugging the machine, shutting it off. Spielberg then turns around and notices Buster and Babs trying to plug it back in. Buster and Babs then jump into Spielberg's lap and greet him. Spielberg asks the two rabbits why they're in his office, and Buster tells him about today's script, which he and Babs aren't in. Spielberg tells him and Babs that he just got a new script from three eighth-grade girls, called "Buster and Babs Go Hawaiian". Babs likes the idea of going to Hawaii, and Buster tells Spielberg that he and Babs will be happy to use the new script. As the two rabbits leave, Hamton barges in, with Plucky trying to calm him down. Hamton complains to Spielberg about Buster and Babs upstaging him, and Spielberg decides to give Hamton a part in the script he just gave Buster and Babs.


As Buster and Babs return to the Tiny Toons studio to start the episode, Babs reads over the first scene, which involves her and Buster on an airplane. Buster suddenly freaks out when he hears this.

In the second act, as the director is about to begin filiming the episode, Buster decides to make a phone call to Renee Carter, Sarah Creef, and Amy Crosby, to talk to them about a rewrite regarding the plane scene. He travels through the phone lines to Waynesboro, Virginia, where Renee, Sarah, and Amy are in a bedroom filled with Tiny Toons merchandise. The girls ask Buster why he's not filming their script, and he shows them his contract, which says, "I don't do plane scenes!". The girls talk to each other, and decide that the plane scene will stay, then send Buster back to the Tiny Toons studio. Buster reluctantly tells Babs that he has no choice but to do the plane scene, since it's what the girls want.

The episode begins, with Renee, Sarah, and Amy recieving their writers credit. Buster and Babs are shown as poorly drawn sketches with no color as the former tells the viewers that he and Babs will be going to Hawaii for three days. As Buster carries Babs' luggage (a large amount) to the airport, the animation suddenly cuts to normal. Mary Melody, who is working as a flight attendant, tells Buster and Babs that each passenger is only allowed two pieces of carry-on luggage, and the rest of the bags will have to be checked. She then sends in Dizzy, who is working as a baggage handler, and eats all but two pieces of luggage.

As Buster and Babs board the plane, Buster dreads finding out who the pilot is. To his shock, Montana Max is the pilot. Monty announces to the passengers that even though they're 87th in line for takeoff, he's not waiting. Monty then flies the plane into the air, and passes the time by playing an arcade machine called Plane-Man. Buster decides to see if the passengers in the first class section are having fun, hoping it isn't all it's cracked up to be. A live-action scene of the passengers having a party is shown, then the flight attendant tells Buster that he's not supposed to be there, and uses an extenable boxing glove to send him back to his seat. Monty then announces to the passengers, that for lunch, he will be having lobster and filet mignon while they'll be eating meat that hasn't been classified by science yet. Plucky, who is working as a steward, asks Buster if he'd like to eat grey lumps in brown sauce or brown lumps in grey sauce. A nervous Buster asks Plucky if he could just have a carrot instead, and Plucky tells him that the only thing he has that comes close are freeze-dried, reconstituted carrot chips. Buster tries one and immediately feels queasy. He rushes to the restroom, which is crowded with many other queasy passengers, and asks them if they ate the carrot chips as well.

When the plane lands in Hawaii, Buster is relieved to be on the ground at last. Shirley greets Buster and Babs, and she and Fifi hand them leis made from ultra-rare flowers. Shirley then calls them murderers, making them feel guilty.

Buster and Babs arrive at the baggage claim, only to find that Dizzy has eaten the last of their luggage. Babs hopes that she at least brought enough money to buy replacements, only for a thief to steal her and Buster's money. The thief then asks the viewers what they would do in this kind of situation. Buster then reveals to Babs that he brought an ACME Express Gold Card, which he kept between his toes, and he is going to use it to rent them a limo that will take them to the hotel. To his and Babs' horror, Elmyra is the car rental clerk, and they run away from her.

As Buster and Babs board a limo, Babs asks Buster how he got the ACME Express Gold Card, as she didn't think the company gave them to kids. Buster tells her they don't, and that he borrowed it from Bugs Bunny in case of an emergency. Bugs, who is watching the show, is shocked to find out that Buster borrowed his ACME Express Gold Card without his permission.

In the third act, Buster and Babs arrive at the hotel, where Gogo Dodo is the manager. They tell him they'd like to rent a room, and Gogo sends Sneezer, who is working as a bellhop, to carry their luggage to their room. Babs suddenly wonders where her luggage came from, since it was previously eaten by Dizzy. She and Buster then complain that there's a plot hole big enough to drive a Mack truck through. Sneezer tosses the luggage into the room and tells them he wasn't responsible for the plot hole.

When Buster and Babs get into their room, Babs wants to sight-see, but all Buster wants to do is relax. Babs then talks Buster into going on an over-the-volcano helicopter ride with her (with Arnold as the pilot), much to the latter's ire. Babs roasts two marshmallows over a volcano, but Buster is too queasy to have his.

Buster and Babs return to their hotel room, and Babs decides to take a bath. As she turns on the bath water, Buster calls her over, and she accidentally knocks a box of soap flakes into the tub. Buster and Babs see a giant basket of fruit and carrots, which they decide to charge to Bugs' account. The two rabbits feast on the food, and Babs decides to go back to her bath. She opens the door, then quickly closes it and tells Buster they have a problem. Buster then opens the door, and a flood of soapy water fills up the room. Buster asks Babs if she has a Q-tip, and a special report comes on to tell the viewers what a Q-tip is. Buster is appaled at the story, feeling like it was written by thirteen-year-olds. Babs then reminds Buster that the episode was written by thirteen-year-olds.

Buster then decides to go surfing on the beach, when what appears to be a shark approaches him. Arnold, who is working as a lifeguard, blows his whistle, and Babs calls for Buster. When what appears to be a shark approaches buster, he finds out it's really Elmyra wearing a shark fin on her head. Elmyra asks Buster if he'd like to go on a treasure hunt with her, but Buster runs away from her. He then surfs on a wave and lands safely under a coconut tree. Buster thinks that his luck might finally be changing, only for a coconut to fall and hit him on the head.

That night, as Fifi does a hawaiian dance, Plucky complains that only Warner Bros. would throw a luau inside a volcano, then inadvertently walks into a pit of hot coals. The hot coals roast his feet, and he repeatedly says, "Ow, ow, ow, ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow!" to the tune of Aloha Oe as he lands near Foghorn and Fowlmouth. The roosters think that Plucky started a new dance craze, and sing and dance like him. Hamton is then served as a roast pig on a platter, and complains about his role in the episode. Shirley then serves Buster and Babs wikki-wakki punch from coconuts, and calls them murderers again. Buster is surprised to find Gogo in his coconut, and tosses it into the volcano, causing it to explode and launch him and Babs onto a raft.

Buster and Babs are stuck on the raft until the next morning, when they see ACME Acres in the distance. Just as the two rabbits are about to kiss, the director cuts the scene and ends the episode. The director then boasts about how well he finished the episode, and gets hit by an anvil.

In the epilogue, Spielberg, Renee, Sarah, and Amy arrive to the studio in a cart, and Spielberg is very impressed with how well the episode went. He is so impressed, that he wants Buster and Babs to do another script by the girls, entitled, "Buster and Babs Go to Mars". He and the girls rush off before Buster and Babs can convince him to change their minds.

As Buster and Babs begin filming the episode, Buster dreads having to go to Mars on a rocket ship. Bugs then arrives to show him and Babs the expensive credit card bill he got in the mail. To escape paying him back, Buster and Babs board the rocket, which goes to Mars. Buster complains about how he hates flying as the episode ends.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Absurdly Long Limousine: Roger Rabbit and Jessica travel to the WB studio in one.
  • Accidental Dance Craze: Plucky ends up stepping into a coal pit for fire walking, and starts trying to stamp his feet out while rhythmically yelling "Ow, ow, ow, ow! Ow, ow, ow, ow!" to the beat of Aloha Oe. The band at the luau starts to mimic him.
  • Aloha, Hawaii!: Buster and Babs go to Hawaii in this episode.
  • Animated Actors: Buster, Babs, Plucky, and Hamton are all shown to be this in this episode.
  • Anvil on Head: The Director suffers this after he boasts about how well he finished the episode.
  • Art Shift:
    • When Buster and Babs begin filming the episodes that Renee, Sarah, and Amy want them to star in, they are shown as poorly-drawn, colorless sketches. The animation then cuts to normal for the rest of these episdoes.
    • When Buster goes to the first class section, the scene of the passengers is live-action.
  • Bait-and-Switch: At the beginning of the third act, Babs says, "I've never told you this before, but I love you!", making it sound as if she's talking to Buster. When the Limo Driver opens the door, Babs is revealed to be talking to the ACME Express Gold Card.
  • Butt-Monkey: Nothing seems to go right for Buster and Babs (especially for the former) in this episode.
  • Call-Back:
  • Chekhov's Volcano: Happens in the climax, when Buster tosses his coconut into it.
  • Coconut Meets Cranium: A coconut falls on Buster's head after he says, "Maybe my luck is finally changing.".
  • Compressed Vice: Buster wasn't shown to dislike riding on airplanes when he and Babs flew back to ACME Acres from Paris, France in a previous episode, "Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?".
  • Creator Cameo: Joe Alaskey and Tress MacNeille can be seen on the plane. Buster is seated behind his own voice actor, Charlie Adler.
  • Credits Gag: Please mail your unsolicited manuscripts along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to - Some other show!
  • The Danza: Steven Spielberg voices himself in this episode.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Ralph the Guard, who would later become a more prominent character in Animaniacs appears in this episode.
  • Fake-Out Opening: This episode starts out as a dramatic action-adventure episode starring Hamton, complete with fake title cards. Minutes into it, Buster and Babs come in upset that they're being completely cut out of the episode, kickstarting the real plot of the story.
  • Give Me a Sword: Played for laughs in the opening; Hamton asks Plucky for his sword, and Plucky appears dragging the sword across the floor, asking if they could have taken an elevator instead. Hamton responds, "Ahem!" Plucky then tries to actually lift the sword, only to fall down and flatten himself with the blade. Hamton then nonchalantly picks the sword up himself.
  • Green Around the Gills: Happens to Buster after he eats a carrot chip. He rushes to the restroom, which is filled with other passengers (who are all also a sickly green), and asks them if they also ate the carrot chips.
  • Here We Go Again!: The episode ends with Buster and Babs starring in another episode written by Renee, Sarah, and Amy, called "Buster and Babs Go to Mars".
  • In-Joke: Near the beginning, Buster and Babs are trying to sneak in to Steven Spielberg's office to complain to him about Hamton's day in the limelight. On their way, they pass a group waiting to be seen by Spielberg: Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown, George Lucas as Darth Vader, and Andrew Lloyd Webber dressed in a tabby cat costume. At the time, Amblin was considering making an animated film adaptation of Cats, but it never came to be.
  • Interspecies Romance: After Buster and Babs interrupt Hamton and Lady May's kiss, Hamton complains about them, and Plucky kisses Lady May behind his back.
  • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo: When Roger Rabbit and Jessica from the 1988 Disney/Spielberg film, Who Framed Roger Rabbit stop by the WB studio, only Jessica's legs and Roger's arm are shown.
  • Lots of Luggage: Babs pack an enormous amount of luggage for her and Buster's trip to Hawaii, which Buster has the unfortunate luck of carrying.
    Buster: Gee, Babs. I hope you brought enough stuff.
    Babs: So I'm roughing it.
  • Madness Mantra: "I hate flying, I hate flying, I hate flying..."
  • Mystery Meat: According to Montana Max, the airplane food served to Buster and Babs hasn't been classified by science yet.
  • Nice Character, Mean Actor: Parodied; Hamton, of all people, is shown as an absolute prima donna who is livid that Buster and Babs robbed him of his cartoon earlier in the episode where he played the lead role as an Action Hero, feeling it was the best role he ever had (which makes sense when you consider his Butt-Monkey status). On the opposite side of the spectrum, Plucky Duck, the one who abuses Hamton in cartoons and is an absolute jerk in them, was a case of Mean Character, Nice Actor, as he meekly attempts to calm Hamton down when he gets angry and is oddly mild-mannered and low-key compared to his JerkAss persona in the cartoons.
  • Plane Awful Flight: Buster reads over the titular script written by three then-eighth-grade girls and is horrified when he finds out there is a scene where he has to ride aboard an airplane to Hawaii. When he tries to talk the girls about a rewrite, they decide the plane scene will stay. Buster's fears are proven true when Montana Max, his worst enemy, is the pilot, and decides not to wait to take off despite being 87th in line for it. Plucky is also the steward, and serves him food that hasn't been classified by science yet. When Buster asks him if he could have a carrot, Plucky serves him a freeze-dried reconstituted carrot chip. Buster eats it, and is so queasy, he rushes to the restroom, which is crowded with many other queasy passengers who also ate the carrot chips. When the plane ride is over, Buster is so relieved to be off the plane, he kisses the ground.
  • Plot Hole: Lampshaded when Babs' luggage is eaten by Dizzy Devil, but reappears in a later scene. Babs pronounces this plot hole as one "Big enough to drive a Mack Truck through!".
  • Reaching Between the Lines: Buster travels from the Tiny Toons studio to Waynesboro, VA, through the phone lines, to talk to Renee, Sarah, and Amy about a rewrite regarding the plane scene.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!:
    • At the beginning of this episode, Lord Sebastian runs away in fear from Hamton after his sword deflates.
    • Buster and Babs run away when they find out that Elmyra is the rent-a-car clerk.
    • Buster runs away from Elmyra a second time when he finds out that she was wearing a shark fin on her head.
    • At the end of the episode, Buster and Babs fly away in a rocket ship to escape paying Bugs' credit card bill.
  • Shockingly Expensive Bill: Bugs Bunny gets one at the end of the episode, courtesy of Buster and Babs, who escape in a rocket to go to Mars to avoid paying him back.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Through a Face Full of Fur: Buster's face turns into a paler shade of blue than usual when steward Plucky asks if he'd like gray lumps with brown sauce or brown lumps with gray sauce. Save for his red shirt, Buster also gets ill from eating a carrot chip and in reaction to it, he melts into a puddle and dashes to the airplane's restroom (which is already full of occupants who also have upset stomachs) to throw up in there. He then exits the restroom and asks, "So you guys had the carrot chips too?"
  • Who Writes This Crap?!: After a special report on Q-tips comes on, Buster complains that he feels like this episode was written by thirteen-year-olds. Babs then reminds him that the episode was written by thirteen-year-olds.
  • Why Did It Have To Be Planes?: Buster is afraid of flying.

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