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Recap / Tiny Toon Adventures S 2 E 7 ACME Cable TV

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The seventh epsiode of the second season of Tiny Toon Adventures, the 79th in production, and the 72nd episode overall.

Having caught the "Taiwan Flu", Babs and Buster watch their new Acme Cable TV, which shows parodies of all sorts of popular shows and commercials.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Affectionate Parody: Everything from Rocky and Bullwinkle to Hollywood Squares to The Cosby Show gets spoofed in this episode.
  • Anvil on Head: In the "Toonywood Squares" sketch, Elmyra gets an anvil dropped on her after she wins the titular game show.
  • Big Eater: In the ''Grossanne" sketch, Babs walks up to her table, carrying a huge pile of food. Buster asks her if she made a buffet for the bowling team, but she tells him, "No, it's my breakfast.".
  • Call-Back: Banjo Possum and his family from How I Spent My Vacation appear in the "The Ballad of Montana Max" sketch.
  • Circling Birdies:
    • In the "Toonywood Squares" sketch, after Elmyra gets hit by an anvil upon winning the titular game show, blue rabbits circle around her head which she doesn't seem to mind.
    • In the "Grossanne" sketch, after Babs gets knocked out, stars, baseballs, and American flags spin around her head, and she attempts to sing the National Anthem before her cabinet falls on her.
  • Cousin Oliver: "The Gogosby Show" viciously satirized how The Cosby Show used this trope. Since his children are all grown up, Gogosby requests a new daughter to keep the show going as his "movie career" is in the dumpster (a pointed jab at Cosby's Star-Derailing Roles in Leonard Part 6 and Ghost Dad).
  • Credits Gag: The characters in this program are fictitious, and any similarity to any real person is purely coincidental, etc, etc., so don't sue us, OK? Thanks.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The "Flassie" sketch is done in black and white.
  • Delivery Stork: In the sketch, "Walt Dizzy Presents The Cat Who Thought He Was A Hammerhead Shark", one attempts to deliver Furrball and his brothers and sisters. Furrball falls out of his pouch and lands in the water, where he gets raised by a family of hammerhead sharks.
  • Dynamite Candle: In the "Toonywood Squares" sketch, Gogo gives Monty a cake with a dynamite stick in it when Monty disagrees with his opinion on exploding dynamite being allowed in modern TV cartoons.
  • Either/Or Title: True to the source material, the "The Babsy and Buswinkle Show" sketch ends with the narrator telling the viewers to tune in to see next week's episode, "Missile While You Work or Boom With a View".
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: In the Bungle Boy Jeans commercial, Babs asks Buster if he's wearing Bungle Boy Jeans, only for him to point out to her that he's not wearing any pants.
  • Improbably Low I.Q.: In the "Toonywood Squares" sketch, Elmyra is revealed to have "no detectable IQ" (presumed to mean an IQ of 0). This in comparison with a jar of mayonnaise, which is stated to have an IQ of 1.
  • Interspecies Adoption: In the sketch, "Walt Dizzy Presents The Cat Who Thought He Was A Hammerhead Shark", Furrball was raised by a family of hammerhead sharks.
  • Irony: Combined with Animal Talk. The "Flassie" sketch shows Flassie as being capable of human speech but her mistress (Elmyra) only able to speak in dog barks.
  • Literal Cliffhanger: Montana Max suffers this in the "Flassie" sketch. Flassie tries to warn Elmyra that Monty is in trouble, but her efforts are in vain due to the above.
  • Mr. Alt Disney: Dizzy Devil portrays "Walt Dizzy" in the sketch, "Walt Dizzy Presents The Cat Who Thought He Was A Hammerhead Shark".
  • Mythology Gag: "Walt Dizzy Presents The Cat Who Thought He Was A Hammerhead Shark" references Go Fly A Kit, a Looney Tunes short about a kitten that was adopted and raised by another species.
  • Sequel Episode: To "K-ACME TV".
  • Shout-Out: In the "Toonywood Squares" sketch, Gogo's book is titled, ''Watt? Me Worry?"
  • Sick Episode: Buster and Babs catch the Taiwan Flu in this episode, cancelling their original plans.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Babs' song that opens act 2 ("TV in the mornin', TV in the ev'nin'") is a parody of the McGuire Sisters' song "Sugartime".
  • Take That!: "The Gogosby Show" is not kind to Bill Cosby in the least.
  • Tar and Feathers: In the "Incredible Discoveries" sketch, when Babs attempts to sell a clothesline and some nails for $6.99, the crowd boos and jeers her. Hamton is seen plucking a chicken while Furrball is seen mixing a batch of tar.
  • Timmy in a Well: In the "Flassie" sketch, a talking Flassie tells Elmyra that Montana Max has fallen off a cliff. It's in vain, as Elmyra just barks at her.
  • Vignette Episode: Many shorts with a sick Babs and Buster as the Framing Device.
  • Visual Pun:
    • In the "The Babsy and Buswinkle Show" sketch, Monty and Elmyra sends Buster and Babs to the Bay of Pigs, whose population consists of anthropomorphic pigs.
    • In the "Walt Dizzy Presents the Cat Who Thought He Was A Hammerhead Shark", the Hammerhead Shark's head has a hammer-shaped lump on it.
    • At the end of the episode, after spending the entire day watching television, Buster and Babs turn into couch potatoes. They even offer each other chives and sour cream.
  • Who's on First?: In the "Toonywood Squares" sketch, Blink Winkleman asks Byron Basset how early pioneers described life in Amercia's west, and Byron answers, "Rough". Monty disagrees with Byron, because he believes that Byron said, "Ruff". Big mistake, as this results in Max being sent to the other place.