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Recap / Tiny Toon Adventures S 1 E 26 Hollywood Plucky

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The twenty-sixth episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.

The episode begins with Plucky winning an award for The Plucky Duck Story, a movie based around his life story. However, this is soon revealed to be a daydream of Plucky's, as he and Hamton are on a bus headed for Hollywood. Plucky and Hamton are excited to meet many famous celebrities, and Plucky is excited to sell his script of "The Plucky Duck Story" to director Cooper DeVille. Hamton then asks Plucky why Buster and Babs aren't with them. Plucky tells Hamton that they must have missed the bus.


To ensure his success in meeting Mr. DeVille before Buster and Babs, Plucky has tricked the two rabbits into meeting him at a bus stop in the desert. Buster and Babs are excited about selling their script for The Buster and Babs Story, a movie based around their life stories, to Mr. DeVille. The camera then zooms out, revealing a news show called Enter-toon-mint 2 Nite, Hosted by Mary Vain and John Face. Tonight's subject is Hollywood Hopefuls, featuring Mr. DeVille.

Plucky and Hamton's bus stops, and Plucky is excited to be in Hollywood, but when he and Hamton get off, they run into some punks in an alley. Plucky mentions that there must be a sanitation strike, and he and Hamton set off to find Mr. DeVille.

At the Chinese Theatre, Indiana Jones is getting ready to put his autograph into the wet cement, when Plucky spots him. Plucky decides to ask Indiana Jones where Mr. DeVille is, but Hamton isn't sure this is such a good idea. Plucky jumps into the wet cement, splattering it all over Indiana Jones. Plucky tries to ask Indiana Jones where Mr. DeVille is, but Indiana Jones tells him, "Goodbye, duck!" and ties him up in his whip.


As Hamton drags Plucky, whose feet are trapped in the now-dry cement along with Indiana Jones' whip, he tries to calm him down by telling him he picked up two really neat souvenirs. They stop just outside a Frogrick's department store, and as Hamton unties Plucky, Plucky wonders how he's going to get his feet out of the cement. A tour bus stops just outside the store, and it gives Plucky an idea. Plucky tells Hamton to put the cement over the bumper of the bus. Hamton does so, but then decides to board the tour bus to see what Artie Johnson's house looks like. Plucky then clings onto a parking meter and warns the viewers not to attempt what he's doing. Hamton boards the bus, and Plucky holds onto the parking meter for his life as the bus sets off. As Plucky holds on, Mr. DeVille leaves the store, and his chauffeur follows behind him, telling him he forgot his credit card. Upon hearing Mr. DeVille's name, Plucky tries to sell Mr. DeVille his script, but lets go of the parking meter in the process, and the bus pulls him all over Hollywood. When Plucky catches up to the bus, he destroys the cement block, setting his feet free, but launching him into the HOLLYWOOD sign, which launches him back to where he started. Hamton gets off the bus, having enjoyed the tour, and is glad to see that Plucky got his feet out of the cement. Plucky then tells Hamton that he came so close to meeting Mr. DeVille, but now they'll never see him. He begins to cry, and his cries are overheard by a mysterious man in an afro and a disco suit. He tells them that he knows Mr. DeVille and can lead them to where he is, and he may even be able to get them a part in his latest movie. Plucky and Hamton are excited, and the man tells him he's going to make them stars.


In the second act, a chef working at a restaurant called Flavio's is upset, as he has a restaurant full of stars, and all his helpers quit. Just then, the man, whose name is now revealed to be Flavio, arrives with Plucky and Hamton. Flavio tells the Chef he brought two new stars for Mr. DeVille's lastest movie. The Chef, having caught on to Flavio's plan, gives Plucky a job as a waiter, and Hamton a job as a valet. Flavio then leads Hamton outside to the parking lot as Plucky asks the Chef where Mr. DeVille is. The Chef tells Plucky that Mr. DeVille is a shy director who prefers to hide behind the cameras. Plucky then asks the Chef where the cameras are, and the Chef tells them they're hidden to achieve the documentary effect. The Chef then dresses Plucky as a waiter and tells him to wait on the customers. Plucky leaves, then returns to ask the Chef what his motivation is. The Chef angrily tells him, "To keep this job!", and Plucky sets off once more.

The first customers Plucky waits on are Larry, Darryl and Darryl from Newhart. Plucky is attracted to the second Darryl, who is actually Daryl Hannah dressed as a mermaid. She then smacks Plucky with his tail, and Plucky lands in Roseanne Barr's sandwich. Plucky pokes his head out of the sandwich and says, "She loves me!", and Roseanne decides to eat her sandwich with Plucky still inside it.

Outside the restaurant, Flavio dresses Hamton in a valet outfit and tells him to park the cars. Hamton tells Flavio that he doesn't know how to drive, but Flavio tells Hamton that he has A-type casting, which is even better. The Batmobile stops near Hamton, and Batman emerges from it, giving Hamton the keys, and telling him to be careful, as he just had it detailed. Hamton is excited to have met Batman, and buckles himself into the Batmobile. He presses the BAT IGNITION button, which starts up the Batmobile, which goes at top speed. Hamton, who doesn't know how to drive, tries to stop the Batmobile, but he accidentally hits the BAT WARP DRIVE button. This causes the Batmobile to fly into the air.

Inside Flavio's, Plucky asks Batman if he can take his cape, and Batman unzips his costume, revealing Michael Keaton, the actor who played him, inside. Plucky then says, "Another hollywood Illusion shattered.".

Outside, the Batmobile flies into the moon, creating the Batman logo, to which a TM suddenly shows up next to. Hamton then flies the Batmobile back down to Earth, trying to steer it away, and nearly flying off the film reel, until he parks in between two cars, destroying them both. Hamton, who is relieved to be back on the ground, is glad he wore his seatbelt.Back inside Flavio's, Plucky thinks there is an earthquake when he hears a big thumping sound. He panics, until Mike Tyson breaks through the wall. Plucky, is excited, if not, intimidated to see Mr. Tyson as he makes his way to a table. Plucky asks Mr. Tyson what he'd like to eat tonight, and Mr. Tyson orders the Santa Fe Finger Links, much to Plucky's surprise, never gfiguring him for a Soprano.

Back outside, Cher, who drives a car shaped like pocket mirror, parks the car next to Hamton. Hamton is attracted to her beauty as she hands him the keys, but she is not amused.

Back inside, Meryl Streep tells Plucky that she'll have a goat cheese pizza. As Plucky leaves, an announcer tells her that she's won an award for Best Entree Ordering in a Lead Role, and she puts the award she just won with the others in her purse. Jack Nicholson then tells Plucky to get over to his table. Plucky then tells the viewers that now it's time for him to show Mr. DeVille his acting technique. As Plucky goes to the table, Jack tells him he's not happy with his Caesar Salad. Plucky, dressed as Julius Caesar, emerges from the salad. Jack tells him to get out of his salad, and Plucky, now imitating Groucho Marx, asks him if he'd like duck soup instead. Jack, who is not amused, tells Plucky he'd rather have pressed duck as he pushes him down. At another table, Roseanne Barr, who is surrounded by junk food, complains to Plucky about how terrible the food is and how the portions are too small.

Back outside, Pee-Wee Herman parks his bicycle, which this time, Hamton has found easy to move, let alone park. The cast of Star Trek then beam down and give Hamton the keys to the USS Enterprise. Hamton faints when he sees the size of the ship.

Back inside, Plucky serves the cast of Star Trek chicken croquet. When he removes the lid, a live chicken is inside. The cast set their phasers to ROAST and fire at the chicken. As Plucky serves another customer, the customer asks why he has his thumb on his steak. Plucky tells him that he didn't want it to fall on the floor again. Clint Eastwood then asks Plucky where his wine is, and Plucky whines by telling him, "But I don't wanna do my homework!". Clint punches Plucky, who lands in the soup the Chef is making. Plucky is excited, and is sure that he has impressed Mr. DeVille, until he hears the complaints from the many customers. He is then tossed back and forth through the doors by the Chef and the many angry customers.

Back outside, the customers are angry, as they can't find their cars. Hamton points to the big pile of wrecked cars next to him. The angry customers kick Plucky and Hamton out of Flavio's, and they land in a garbage truck. Hamton tells Plucky that he may be wrong, but he doesn't think a movie was being filmed at Flavio's at all. Plucky recovers his script from the garbage and worries that he and Hamton will never meet Mr. DeVille. Hamton then points out that the garbage truck is headed towards Mr. DeVille's studio. Plucky is relieved when he finds out, and decides to go into the studio and give his script to Mr. DeVille. Before Plucky and Hamton can set off, the garbage truck dumps garbage from the dumpster it's holding onto them.

In the third act, it's morning, and Mr. DeVille, who is in his limo, is greeted by Ralph. Plucky is excited that he is so close to completing his goal, as all he has to do now is get into the studio. Plucky tries to get past a sleeping Ralph, who awakens and asks him where he's going. Plucky tells Ralph that he and Hamton are going to meet Mr. DeVille, and he's going to sell his script to him. Ralph asks Plucky if he has a pass, and Plucky hands him his ACME Looniversity hall pass. Ralph, who plays along, launches Plucky and Hamton off the lot. He then tells the viewers, "I love this job!".

Plucky tries to get past Ralph by imitating Michael Jackson, Rocky Balboa, and Johnny Carson. Unfortunately, none of his impressions are convincing, and he gets stopped by Ralph every time. After his last impression, Ralph shapes Plucky into a golf ball and whacks him off the lot, causing Plucky to literally fall to pieces.

Plucky complains about Ralph as he glues himself back together, and is determined to meet Mr. DeVille. A tour coach stops near him and Hamton, and when he hears that the tour coach is about to enter the studio, he and Hamton decide to board it. The tour coach makes it past the front gate, and Plucky tells Hamton he'll meet him at the front gate. Unfortunately, when Plucky gets off the tour coach, he falls off a bridge and lands in a shark pond. A shark eats him, then spits him out and tells the viewers that he's a vegetarian.

Plucky lands in Mr. DeVille's office, where he finds Mr. DeVille building a house of cards. Plucky tells Mr. DeVille that he spent the past two and a half acts trying to track him down, and tells him about The Plucky Duck Story as Mr. DeVille reads it over. Plucky then asks Mr. DeVille what his opinion on the script is, and Mr. DeVille tells him that he thinks it's a sure-fire blockbuster. Plucky is excited that he finally completed his mission... or so he thinks. As it turns out, Mr. DeVille has already made a similar movie, entitled, The Buster and Babs Story. He tells Plucky that he met Buster and Babs at a bus stop in the desert, and they had the perfect script for him. Plucky, now realizing that he just failed his mission, bangs himself on the head with a hammer repeatedly.

As Plucky mopes back home, he wonders if he would have succeeded in his mission if he hadn't tricked Buster and Babs. He apologizes loudly for what he did, and Hamton catches up to him, asking him if he feels better. Plucky tells Hamton that he does, and asks who needs fame and money when he's got friendship. Unfortunately, Plucky isn't exactly over his failure yet. He is jealous of Buster, Babs, their blockbuster hit movie, and all the fame and attention they got. He even rants as the cartoon irises out!

This episode provides examples of:

  • Author Avatar: Cooper DeVille is a caricature of the series creator, Tom Ruegger.
  • Be the Ball: After Plucky's unsuccessful imitation of Johnny Carson, Ralph shapes Plucky into a golf ball and whacks him with a golf club.
  • Born in the Theatre: When Hamton attempts to drive the Batmobile, he makes a big swerve to dodge a building, and briefly flies out of the film strip.
  • Brick Joke: Early in this episode, we see Buster and Babs sitting at an abandoned bus stop in the middle of nowhere, due to faulty directions Plucky gave them. At the very end of the episode, after Plucky finally makes contact with Cooper DeVille, Cooper mentions that he already made a script similar to the one that Plucky was pitching, only starring Buster and Babs. He found them at a bus stop while out driving.
  • Credits Gag: Caricaturist - Bruce Timm.
  • Don't Try This at Home: When Plucky tries to get his feet out of the cement by putting the cement in a tour bus' bumper and holding onto a parking meter, he tells the viewers, "Kids, don't try this at home. This should only be done by trained professional idiots.".
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Ralph the Guard, who would later become a more prominent character in Steven Spielberg's next animated project, Animaniacs, appears in this episode.
  • Literally Shattered Lives: After Plucky gets kicked out of Mr. DeVille's studio by Ralph after his unsuccessful impression of Johnny Carson, Plucky literally falls to pieces and spends the next scene gluing himself back together.
  • Missed Him by That Much: While attempting to get his feet out of the cement block, Plucky holds onto the parking meter for his life as the tour bus Hamton rides sets off. Mr. DeVille and his chauffeur exit the department store. Plucky tries to sell Mr. DeVille his script, but in the process of giving it to him, lets go of the parking meter and gets pulled away by the tour bus.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: This episode is chockfull to bursting with celebrity caricatures, especially the middle segment set at Flavio's.
  • Out of Order: On the Tiny Toon Adventures: Season 1 Volume 1 DVD, this episode is presented as the seventh produced episode, taking place after "Her Wacky Highness" and before "Journey to the Center of Acme Acres".
    • In relation to this, many internet sources list the episode's airdate as September 22, 1990, implying that it also aired between the aforementioned episodes, when its actual airdate is October 23, 1990.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: By the time Plucky finally meets Mr. DeVille and sells his script to him, it turns out that Mr. DeVille already made a similar script starring Buster and Babs. To be fair, Plucky brought this upon himself by tricking Buster and Babs into meeting him at an abandoned bus stop in the desert, where Mr. DeVille met them.
  • Shout-Out: The scene where Plucky tries to sneak past the security guard is based on a similar scene from the Daffy Duck cartoon "Hollywood Daffy".
  • Trade Snark: While Hamton works as a valet, Batman has him park his Batmobile. However, while attempting to do this, Hamton accidentally flies it into the moon. It turns into a Bat-signal, and a "TM" quickly flies up next to it.
  • Trash Landing: When Plucky and Hamton get kicked out of Flavio's, they land in the back of a garbage truck.
  • Valley Girl: The tour guide in the third act.
  • Vegetarian Carnivore: When Plucky lands in a shark's mouth, the shark spits him out and tells the viewers that he's a vegetarian.

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