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Recap / Timeless S 2 E 9 The General

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Wyatt, Lucy, Flynn, and Rufus travel to South Carolina on June 2, 1863. Thanks to a history book on the Civil War, a Rittenhouse sleeper agent, embedded as a Confederate colonel, manages to ambush a Union camp that is planning the Combahee River Raid to free hundreds of slaves from Southern plantations. The surprise attack drives Union Colonel Montgomery away, leaving Harriet Tubman and a few others to conduct the raid.


The team splits up: Lucy and Flynn ride to convince Montgomery to reinforce Tubman, while Wyatt and Rufus infiltrate a local Southern party in order to find the sleeper. They manage to destroy the book and kill the sleeper, while Tubman rescues the slaves with the assistance of Montgomery and his men. Tubman also reveals that she had a vision of the team coming to aid her, believing that her visions came from God.

Meanwhile, Jiya demands that Connor take her to see the test pilot, who ended up in a mental hospital. The pilot explains to her how to control the visions.

Jessica reveals herself to be a Rittenhouse agent, kidnaps Jiya, and steals the Lifeboat.



  • Counting Bullets: During the shoot-out with the sleeper, Wyatt points out that his revolver only holds six shots, of which five have been fired, while Wyatt's 9mm has a lot more than that, plus two more clips.
  • Downer Ending: Jessica is Rittenhouse, who now have Jiya and the Lifeboat, leaving the team with no means of time travel.
  • Evil All Along: Jessica has been raised by Rittenhouse ever since Carol and Emma cured her little brother's leukemia with a stem cell treatment. Her mission was to, eventually, kill everyone in the bunker, but she couldn't bring herself to kill Wyatt. She seems strangely okay with Lucy being in love with Wyatt, but she does take offense at Carol saying negative things about her husband.
  • Future Slang: Rufus calls Harriet Tubman a "badass", before hurriedly explaining that it's a good thing where he comes from, since she takes offense, probably assuming he was calling her a "bad donkey".
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  • Internal Reveal: Jiya learns that she's not the first to experience visions.
  • Mental Time Travel: The other pilot thinks of his visions as this trope, claiming to have once spent a whole week in 1912 without ever leaving his hospital bed.
  • Seers: Jiya learns of another time machine pilot, who ended up with visions, and demands that Connor take her to him. Meanwhile, Rufus learns that Harriet Tubman also had visions. He initially assumes she's just a little crazy, until she mentions seeing them getting out of a metal sphere. In addition, the pilot claims that a number of historical figures had them too, including Joan of Arc.
  • Timeline-Altering MacGuffin: Emma gives the sleeper agent a Civil War history book, which would allow the South to counter every move made by the North. Fortunately, Rufus ends up throwing the book into a fire, while the sleeper himself is shot by Harriet Tubman.
  • Title Drop: Connor recalls that Harriet Tubman used to be called "The General" thanks to her role in the Civil War. When the others give him odd looks, he points out that she was famous even in the UK.

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