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Recap / Timeless S 2 E 6 The King Of The Delta Blues

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Rufus and Jiya manage to add a fourth seat to the Lifeboat. Rufus, Lucy, Flynn, and Mason travel to San Antonio, Texas, in 1936 in order to save Robert Johnson from being killed by a Rittenhouse sleeper agent while recording an album that would eventually give rise to rock 'n' roll and the counterculture revolution. While they stop the assassin, Johnson runs away without finishing the recording, believing himself to be cursed. While Lucy and Flynn stay with his producer Don Law, Rufus and Mason chase down Johnson and try to convince him to change his mind. Eventually, they're able to stop another sleeper agent and get Johnson to record the album, with Mason working the equipment.


Meanwhile, Christopher sends Wyatt to raid the Rittenhouse HQ. Wyatt does so, but is unable to bring himself to shoot Carol. This gives Keynes time to blow up the evidence and flee with Carol and Emma aboard the Mothership.

Lucy grabs a bottle of vodka and goes to Flynn's room. Jiya tells Rufus her vision about him dying during a confrontation with a bunch of cowboys.


  • Ascended Fanboy: Mason goes from being obsessed with blues as a boy to helping record a legendary Delta blues album by Robert Johnson. He even accidentally shouts "yeah" during the recording and is shocked to hear it on his own copy of the record upon returning. He also sees that the album was produced by Lando Calrissian, which was the name Mason went by in 1936.
  • Deal with the Devil: Johnson claims to have made one at a crossroads, and that everything bad happening to him and the people around him is the Devil's work.
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  • Drowning My Sorrows: Flynn notes that Lucy keeps a bottle of vodka under her bed in order to deal with the whole Wyatt situation. At the end of the episode, she grabs it and goes to Flynn's room. Also, Mason is drunk at the start of the episode, after learning about the loss of his company.
  • One-Man Army: Wyatt single-handedly storms the Rittenhouse headquarters. Slightly justified in that he's fully-geared for combat with an assault rifle (being Delta Force helps too), while the Rittenhouse guards just have their handguns. When Jiya demands that Christopher call for backup, Christopher refuses, claiming that even a single Rittenhouse mole could jeopardize the mission. He encounters only about half a dozen guards.
  • Riches to Rags: Mason goes from a wealthy, respected tech millionaire to a nobody.
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  • Running Gag: Mason throws up after his first trip into the past, just like almost everyone else.

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