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Recap / Timeless S 1 E 4 Party At Castle Varlar

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Fleming. Ian Fleming.
The team follows Flynn to Nazi Germany in December of 1944, where Wernher von Braun is demonstrating the launch of one of his V2 rockets. They initially believe that Flynn intends to give the atomic core he retrieved in the previous episode to the Nazis, so they can build a nuclear bomb and win the war. Upon arriving, they are quickly discovered by a British spy named Ian Fleming. They pretend to be his American colleagues. At Castle Valar, where many important Nazis are having a party, Lucy meets Flynn and realizes that his true plan is to hand von Braun over to the Soviets, so that they can win the space race and, possibly the Cold War. With Fleming's help, the team manages to retrieve von Braun and flee the castle through a secret passage. Fleming agrees to hand von Braun over to the Americans, and the team returns home. They learn that their adventure inspired Fleming to write another James Bond novel, which was later turned into the best Bond film ever. Rufus and Mason theorize that Anthony plans to use the atomic core to build a battery for the Mothership, so that it never needs to recharge. This is shown to be correct. Rufus tells Mason he refuses to spy on Lucy and Wyatt anymore, but then a man from Rittenhouse threatens Rufus's family on the way home.


  • Ascended Fanboy: Wyatt is a huge fan of the James Bond books, while Rufus is the same for the film versions, so, naturally, they're excited about meeting and working with Ian Fleming, who would go on to create the character of Bond. They're ecstatic at the end, after learning that Fleming ended up writing a new book about their adventure together in the new timeline.
  • Bookcase Passage: Wyatt remembers from one of the Bond books that a lot of old European castles have secret passages to sneak mistresses in and out. They end up using one with the very same man, who would end up writing the Bond books.
  • Everything Is Online: Apparently, Rufus's Prius can be shut down remotely, which is what Rittenhouse does, so that one of them can have a heart-to-heart with him. Notable is that this is also a case of It Only Works Once, as they never do anything like this again.
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  • For Science!: The only reason von Braun does anything. When Rufus confronts him about it and asks how von Braun feels about building rockets that end up killing innocent people, von Braun simply replies that he doesn't care who funds his research and development, as long as he gets to advance science. In his mind, a scientist mustn't allow himself to worry about how his inventions may be used by others, lest he stop inventing at all. Indeed, von Braun's work would the reason the US would get to the Moon first.
    Wernher von Braun: My concern is whether the rockets go up, not where they come down.
  • Overt Operative: Fleming was able to spot Wyatt and Lucy as soon as they walked into the Bad-Guy Bar, despite Wyatt's flawless German. Then he spots Rufus (a black man in Nazi Germany) and just shakes his head.
    Ian Fleming: I swear, you Americans, you couldn't stand out more if you tried.
    [Rufus walks in]
    Ian Fleming: I stand corrected.
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  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Flynn explains to Lucy that, despite all his smiles to the Nazis, it sickens him to even be in the same room as them, but he has to keep it up to fulfil his mission.
  • Young Future Famous People: We're shown Ian Fleming as a young British spy (although he wasn't actually a field agent in Real Life).

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