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Warning: All spoilers are unmarked. Read at your own risk.

This is the Recap page for the Anime series Tiger & Bunny, a tribute to American Superheroes.

Sometime in the future, superheroes have become corporate mascots. Wild Tiger, an old-fashioned hero, is forced by his sponsor to team up with Barnaby (whom Tiger nicknames 'Bunny'), a new hero with an attitude of indifference.

Note that the episode titles are English proverbs.

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    Season 1 

Ep. 1: All's Well That Ends Well

Bank robbers are chased across the city by all of the heroes, who are trying to win a popularity contest. Later on, Tiger finds out that he has been "bought" by a new company, is given a new costume and finds out who his new partner is.

Ep. 2: A Good Beginning Makes A Good Ending

The duo investigates why statues are coming to life in the city. And will Tiger make it to his daughter's ice skating show in time?

Notes: We find out who inspired Tiger to become a superhero.

Ep. 3: Many A True Word Is Spoken In Jest

The heroes must deal with a time bomb crisis, while also having to tolerate being followed around by a camera crew.

Notes: Tiger's inspiration to becoming a hero is an important and well-remembered enough figure to have a statue built in the lobby of a newly constructed building. Also, we have a flashback of Barnaby's past, shedding some light on his motivations for becoming a hero.

Ep. 4: Fear Is Often Greater Than The Danger

Blue Rose decides to quit being a hero, while the others deal with a fire at an oil rig.

Note: This counts as A Day in the Limelight for Blue Rose.

Ep. 5: Go for Broke!

The heroes try to throw Barnaby a surprise birthday party, but run afoul of thieves, including one with superpowers.

Note: Tiger and Bunny get a Mid-Season Upgrade this episode... of sorts.

Ep. 6: Fire is a Good Servant But a Poor Master

Fire Emblem is suspect of murdering three criminals who were killed by superintense flames. While Tiger tries to help him prove his innocence, Barnaby continues to research what is the "Ouroboros."

Notes: The mysterious figure from the opening credits finally appears in the show itself.

Ep. 7: The Wolf Knows What The Ill Beast Thinks

Barnaby gets angry at Tiger for interfering with his personal quest. Then all of the heroes join forces for a raid on a criminal syndicate, when the vigilante hero Lunatic strikes again!

Ep. 8: There Is Always A Next Time

Tiger, Bunny and Origami Cyclone visit the Hero Academy as part of a publicity campaign to offset Lunatic's popularity. However, Ivan (Cyclone) runs into an old acquantaince with a grudge.

Note: More facts about Lunatic emerge.

Ep. 9: Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child

Dragon Kid, much to her chagrin, has to babysit a baby with NEXT powers. Then both of them get kidnapped by a trio of female villains and T&B must rescue them.

Note: Barnaby starts sharing his secrets with Kotetsu in this episode.

Ep. 10: The Calm Before The Storm

The heroes are given paid vacations but before they can enjoy them, the city is hit by a major terrorist attack.

Notes: Barnaby finally finds out who his parents' killer is, and Ouroboros reveals itself!

Ep. 11: The Die Is Cast

Ouroboros threatens to collapse the city unless one of their members is freed from jail. This leads to one of the heroes undertaking his most dangerous mission yet.

Note: Barnaby's past story with Jake is revealed to the public.

Ep. 12: Take Heed Of The Snake In The Grass

With the city still held hostage, the leader of Ouroboros challenges the heroes to fight him (one at a time) on live television.

Notes: Sky High, Rock Bison, and Wild Tiger are curb stomped by Jake, with Kotetsu receiving possibly lethal injuries and being rushed to the ICU.

Ep. 13: Confidence Is A Plant Of Slow Growth

While Barnaby takes up the fight with Jake, Kotetsu figures out a crucial piece of information about Jake's powers and rushes to the scene.

Notes: Conclusion of the four-episode battle with Ouroboros. Also, Kotetsu shows a new way to use his power.

Ep. 14: Love Is Blind

Bunny, Tiger and Blue Rose are forced by their sponsors to put out on a show together and she must teach them how to dance; in the process she realizes that she has a crush on Tiger. Meanwhile, the Second League - a group of novice heroes- tries to capture a stalker with NEXT powers and an obsession for Rose.

Notes: This episode takes place 10 months after the last one. Also something strange happens with Tiger's powers.

Ep. 15: The Sky Is The Limit

Sky High feels depressed after losing in popularity to Tiger and Bunny- until he meets a mysterious young woman, and begins to fall for her.

Notes: Barnaby learns something about his dead parents' scientific research, and Kotetsu discovers that he may be losing his powers.

Also, the name of the android's creator, Rotwang, is taken from the movie Metropolis.

Ep. 16: Truth Lies At The Bottom Of A Well

We learn Lunatic's origin, and his relationship with Mr. Legend. Also, Kotetsu's powers fail him while dealing with a Serial Killer.

Ep. 17: Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Worried about his future as a hero, Kotetsu visits his family, but his 10-year-old daughter is not too thrilled to see him.

Notes: Kotetsu uses his power to increase his hearing in this episode. Also, Kaede turns out to be a NEXT as well.

Ep. 18: Ignorance Is Bliss

Kriem awakens from a coma, reveals her personal backstory and claims that Jake didn't kill Barnaby's parents before she dies. This makes it hard for Kotetsu to announce that he's decided to quit being a hero.

Notes: It's revealed this episode that Kaede's power is the ability to copy other NEXT's powers.

Ep. 19: There's No Way Out

Barnaby and Kotetsu have a falling out over his quitting being a superhero. Barnaby then finally finds out who the real killer of his parents is only to have his memory of it about to be changed again.

Notes: Mr. Maverick is revealed to be a NEXT this episode.

Ep. 20: Full of Courtesy, Full Of Craft

Maverick repeatedly attempts to get rid of the evidence of the truth about the killer of Barnaby's parents. At the very end he frames Kotetsu for the murder of Barnaby's maid, Samantha, and changes Barnaby's memories (and those of every other hero and Hero TV staff member) so they don't recognize Kotetsu anymore.

Ep. 21: Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Kotetsu barely escapes being captured by the other heroes (and a mysterious new Wild Tiger) thanks to help from Lunatic. Also, Kaede finally learns her father's secret and takes off to Sternbild without permission.

Notes: Kotetsu recovers his original costume (from his former manager, Ben Jackson) and dons it this episode.

Ep. 22: Bad Luck Often Brings Good Luck

Just as the situation looks hopeless, Kaede appears and restores the memories of the heroes and Doc Saitou... save for Barnaby, who chases Kotetsu across town. Kaede and said heroes confront the fake Wild Tiger; Sky High unmasks him. They are shocked to see the identity, but it is not revealed to the audience who it is.

Ep. 23: Misfortunes Never Come Singly

Kotetsu and Barnaby fight. When the former calls Barnaby "Lil Bunny," his memory is restored. The two, Ben, and Saitou go to Justice Tower to defeat Maverick, where they learn that Dr. Rotwang, the man responsible for Cis has created the fake Wild Tiger: An android. Meanwhile, the captured heroes sans Kaede are given an impossible choice if they want to survive: Either one of them disarms a bomb to save him or herself at the expense of the others, or they all die.

Ep. 24: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

The heroes refuse to kill each other (it was all a lie to get them to kill themselves anyway) and Kaede rescues them using the powers she copied from Blue Rose. However, Tiger appears to have been killed while defeating the super-robot.

Ep. 25 Eternal Immortality

Maverick and Rotwang activate more robots to fight the heroes but their safety override is activated by Dr. Saito. Maverick's attempt to take Kaede hostage is foiled by Kotetsu, who had just been unconscious. Exposed by Hero TV, Maverick erases his own mind, and is later killed by Lunatic. Both Tiger and Barnaby quit being heroes, only to make a comeback a year later.

After the ending credits we see a shot of the Stern dollar becoming soaked in water, revealing the Ouroboros emblem on it — a possible Sequel Hook.

Notes: Rotwang appears to fall to his death, but we don't see the body.

  • Agnes was only pretending to not have recovered her memories.
  • Tiger's powers eventually are reduced to only one minute of use.

    Season 2 

Ep. 1: A word to the wise is enough

With exciting new heroes gaining popularity and stardom, Tiger and Barnaby are called upon to set a good example.

Ep. 2: No one knows the weight of another's burden

Ep. 3: Suspicion will raise bogies.

Ep. 4: Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Ep. 5: Live and let live.

Ep. 6: Youth should be regarded with respect.

Ep. 7: Out of the mouths of babes oft times come gems

Ep. 8: You can't judge a book by it's cover.

Ep. 9: Have not thy cloak to make when it begins to rain.

Ep. 10: Pride comes before a fall.

Ep. 11: Every cloud has a silver lining

Ep. 12: Man's extremity is God's opportunity

Ep. 13: Constant dropping wears away a stone.