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Recap / Thunderbolt Fantasy S 1 E 6

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Syou Fu Kan is worried that the group cannot work together, as everyone is suspicious of each other. However, he still accompanies them as they ride a boat to the Demon Spine Mountains. Upon arrival to shore, the group encounters the Onyx Demons, led by Ryou Mi and Chou Mei. Ken San Un is motivated by Setsu Mu Syou to attack and takes care of the "cannon fodder," while Kei Gai and Syu Un Syou work together to raise the dead created by Ken. Setsu Mu Syou finally attacks after all the soldiers have been taken care of, killing Ryou Mei. Suddenly, Betsu Ten Gai shows up.



  • Batman Gambit: When faced with an army waiting for them across the river, Setsu Mu Syou quips that anyone who could get past the horde and kill the two generals before he got there would surely be renowned as the warrior who bested the Screaming Phoenix Killer. Naturally this spurred Ken San Un into action and dive head first into the enemies.
  • Killed Off for Real: Ryou Mei is killed by Setsu Mu Syou in one strike.
  • Single Tear: After she was killed by Setsu Mu Syou, she cried out her master before she dies.
  • Walk on Water: The running variant. He isn't happy when Setsu Mu Syou saved himself the upper hand of using Meteor Walk to surpass him.


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