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Recap / 3Below S1 E11 "Truth be Told"

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With the Daxial Array fixed, the royal heirs plan to leave Earth soon, but before they do, Aja wants to tell Steve the truth about who and what she really is. Before she can though, Aja, Steve and date-peeping Krel are abducted by the Zerons.

Tropes in this episode:

  • Aliens Steal Cattle: The Zerons have a captured cow in their ship. Steve is surprised to discover that aliens really do abduct cows.
  • Call-Back: Steve calls Eli just as Eli finds a hole to Trollmarket made by Morgana in "Jimhunters".
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  • Exact Words: Vex promises to give a king and queen to Alpha. The case contains his king and queen chess pieces and a bomb rigged to explode.
  • I Choose to Stay: Vex, racked with guilt over his betrayal, decides it would be best to stay on Earth as a decoy. Luckily he comes to see that he would rather stay and face the consequences than leave the royals without a guard.
  • If It's You, It's Okay: While Steve makes several anti-alien assumptions, he definitely makes an exception when it comes to Aja.
  • Internal Reveal: Aja reveals herself to Steve.
  • Made of Iron: Normal Earth cow Bessie is sucked out of the ship high in the atmosphere. Later, we see Bessie, stuck in a tree but otherwise unharmed.
  • Tinfoil Hat: Steve makes one with the assumption that the Zeron Brotherhood intend to read his mind. It turns out that it actually was useful, the foil disrupting Aja and Krel's cuffs.
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  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Steve makes various in-correct assumptions about the Zeron Brotherhood using his limited knowledge of pop culture. Except for the idea of Aliens Steal Cattle, of course.


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