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Recap / 3Below S1 E10 "The Arcadian Job"

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It's Heist Movie time. Aja and Krel find out a local military base may have an old space craft and they think it might have the final component to finish the Daxial Array.

Tropes in this episode:

  • The Alcatraz: Area 49-B has explosives in the walls that detonate if anyone tries tearing them down by force. The doors into are blast-doors with a keypad that will electrocute anyone trying to hack it with 20,000-volt electric flooring. The place was designed to keep aliens from escaping, so it would make sense for them to be a little paranoid.
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  • Area 51: Area 49-B functions similar to this, a government facility a quick drive away from Arcadia that captures, contains and experiments on any alien that is unfortunate to land nearby. They are sarcastically referred to as "Men in Black" by Stuart.
  • Badass Normal: Colonel Kubrits is able to not only fight Aja but easily overpower her.
  • Fantastic Racism: Mixed in with some real-life undertones of xenophobia, Kubrits considers all extraterrestrials to be dangerous invaders, regardless of the reason they are on the planet.
  • Flying Saucer: Krel rolls his eyes when he discovers Stuart's old space craft is an extremely cliché an antiquated flying saucer. Stuart argues that it's a classic.
  • The Guards Must Be Crazy: Or really desperate for good tacos.
  • I Always Wanted to Say That: Stuart had always wanted to pull off a heist, just as he had always wanted to call it "The Arcadian Job."
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  • The Internet Is for Cats: Krel dismisses the existence of Area 49-B as nonsense from the internet. he goes on to claim that the internet is full of nonsense and "cats playing piano."
  • Laser Hallway: The craft is protected by one of these. While Varvatos is able to expertly navigate the array, Krel simply uses his deflector shield to negate it.
  • Reality Ensues: Stuart had escaped Area 49-B decades ago, so it would make sense that the layout of the facility would be different.
  • Sequel Hook: Though they escape with the part, Colonel Kubrits deduces from the stolen part that their ship must be grounded and thus relatively close by, which will make them easier to find.
  • Two-Teacher School: Not only is Señor Uhl the Spanish teacher and acting Principal, but here he is substituting Physics class.
  • Viking Funeral: Zernon Beta is given this at the beginning of the episode. Alpha encases him in a force field that lifts his body in the air, then vaporizes it with his serrator.
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  • Voice with an Internet Connection: Ricky and Lucy keep an eye out for the team with the bases surveillance system, while at the same time serving tacos to the base's personnel.


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