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Recap / Thomas The Tank Engine S 2 E 3 Bertie's Chase

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Air date: October 1st, 1986

One morning, Edward is at Wellsworth station impatiently waiting for passengers to arrive from Thomas’ train. His fireman gets up on the cab roof, but says he can only see Bertie. Edward leaves with his passenger train, unaware that Bertie is taking Thomas’ passengers. He tries to stop them as they leave the station, but is too late. Bertie's driver reminds him that they must keep their promise to Thomas and they start to chase Edward.

Bertie tries to catch up with Edward but to no avail. At last, he reaches the top of a hill and sees Edward at Suddery, stopped at the level crossing. Bertie tears down the hill at top speed, but the crossing gates close and Edward puffs away, just as Bertie comes into the yard.

Bertie is now very upset and very tired. He apologizes to the passengers, but they tell him not to worry. They encourage him to start after Edward again. Bertie is unsure about it, but his driver says that there's a good chance of catching up with Edward since Bertie can climb hills better than him. After checking with the stationmaster, Bertie sets off again, more determined to catch up with Edward.


As they carry on, Edward comes to a hill. The coaches start grumbling, but soon they reach the top. Still Oblivious about Bertie, they run smoothly into the next station. The guard blows his whistle, but as the driver looks back, he can’t see a red flag. Suddenly, Bertie comes into the station yard. The stationmaster tells the driver and guard what had happened. As the passengers go straight from Bertie to the train, Edward apologizes to Bertie, who claims everything was his fault. Edward then says goodbye and continues with his journey. The passengers cheer for Bertie for getting them to Edward's Train. Bertie goes to find Thomas at Tidmouth and Thomas thanks him for delivering on his promise and being such a good friend.


Tropes featured in the episode:

  • A Day in the Limelight: This episode marks Bertie's first major role.
  • Determinator: Bertie.
  • Racing the Train: Albeit more trying to catch up with it so as deliver it's passengers.
  • Rule of Three: The three attempts of Bertie trying to catch up with Edward. The first two failed, but the third proved to be successful.
  • Triumphant Reprise: A higher pitched, fuller instrumented version of Bertie's theme is played during his successful third attempt.


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