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Recap / Thomas The Tank Engine S 21 E 16 Terence Breaks The Ice

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Air date: December 11th, 2017 (UK/CAN)

Christmas was coming to the Island of Sodor. The cold weather made the rails icy, the fields and trees were covered in snow, and the pond had been frozen solid. However, none of that was of any concern to Terence, a crawler tractor who had caterpillar tracks instead of wheels. Terence was working with the Woodsmen, who were cutting down trees to take to Tidmouth for the Christmas market. Thomas stops by and says hello to Terence, asking if the trees he brought are his. Terence assures Thomas that he and the Woodsmen will just collect a few more shortly.


As the woodsmen load the trees onto Thomas' flatbeds, Terence crawls up to Thomas and notices he's wearing his snowplow. Thomas tells Terence that it's because of how snowy it is, but snow has never bothered Terence before, as his catterpillar tracks are proving as useful as ever. Terence tells Thomas that he didn't think his caterpillar tracks were useful when they first met, and a flashback begins.

Many years ago, when Thomas first met Terence, Thomas thought Terence's caterpillar tracks were ugly, but Terence told him that they're not ugly, and they allow him to go anywhere he wants without rails. Thomas told Terence that he doesn't want to go anywhere, and prefers staying on the rails. Back then, Thomas didn't realize how useful Terence's caterpillar tracks were. In fact, it wasn't until the winter of that year when he did, as he also didn't think his snowplow was useful then, either. As the snow continued to fall, Annie and Clarabel tried to convince Thomas to go back for his snowplow, but to no avail, as Thomas believed that snow couldn't stop him. Thomas reached a tunnel, only to find a snowdrift on the other side, and without a snowplow to clear it, he got trapped in it. Thankfully, snow never bothered Terence, who was there to pull him out. Thomas thanked Terence for saving him, and promised never to call his caterpillar tracks ugly again. Terence hoped Thomas would wear his snowplow in future winters, as he has to be sensible if he wants to stay safe.


As the flashback ends, Thomas tells Terence that ever since that day, he has always worn his snowplow in bad weather. The rest of the trees for Tidmouth are loaded, and Thomas sets off on his way.

Thomas reaches Knapford Station, where Sir Topham Hatt is waiting. Sir Topham Hatt is impressed with how many Christmas trees Thomas brought, but asks him where the big Christmas tree for Ulfstead Castle is, as he needs it for the Earl's Christmas fair. Thomas tells Sir Topham Hatt he didn't tell him about that. Sir Topham Hatt tells Thomas that the Earl loves to have a massive tree to decorate with Christmas decorations, but Thomas tells him not to worry, as after he's unloaded his Christmas trees, he'll go back and ask the Woodsmen to find the biggest tree in the forest. Sir Topham Hatt is happy to hear that, and warns Thomas to be careful, as more snow is on the way. Thomas assures Sir Topham Hatt that he is wearing his snowplow.


Thomas returns to the pond, and slips across the rails, realizing that Sir Topham Hatt was right about being careful. Terence crawls up to Thomas, asking him if he's returned for more trees. Thomas tells Terence that he needs one very big tree for Ulfstead Castle, and Terence tells Thomas that he knows where an enormous tree is. It's on the other side of the icy pond. Thomas warns Terence not to go over the pond, as the ice might not be strong enough to support his weight. Terence assures Thomas that snow and ice don't bother him, and he crawls over the icy pond. Thomas is shocked, and warns Terence that the ice isn't safe.Thomas is right, as the ice begins to crack as Terence crawls across it. Terence reaches the other side, and the Woodsmen load the tree into his trailer. As Terence tries to crawl back across the pond, the ice cracks even more, and Thomas warns Terence to go back. Terence assures Thomas that he's almost reached the other side, but the ice breaks from underneath him, and he begins to sink. As Terence struggles to get out, his Driver tells Thomas to go back for help. Thomas tells him that that will take too long, as Terence will have sunken by then. He tells his Driver to get some chains so he can pull Terence out.

Thomas' Crew get some chains and tie one end to his snowplow. Terence's Driver and the Woodsmen attach the other end to Terence, and Thomas tells them to get back. Thomas tries his best to pull Terence out of the pond, which isn't easy with the slippery rails. As Thomas struggles to pull Terence out, the coupling to Terence's trailer breaks. At last, Terence is saved, but his trailer and the tree sink into the pond.

Terence thanks Thomas for saving him, and Thomas asks him if he's okay. Terence assures Thomas that even though he is, he thought he was being clever by going across the icy pond. He now realizes that he should have listened to the advice he gave Thomas many years ago; you have to be sensible if you want to stay safe.

That night at Ulfstead Castle, Terence apologizes to Sir Topham Hatt for losing the Earl's Christmas tree. Sir Topham Hatt assures Terence that it's more important that he's safe, and Terence assures Sir Topham Hatt that he is, thanks to Thomas. The Earl arrives, and welcomes everyone. He tells them it's time to turn on the Christmas lights, and he and they all count down as he turns the lights on. Everyone is impressed with the Christmas tree, which is revealed to be a small one standing atop a large pile of Christmas presents. The Earl tells everyone that his tree may be small, but it is beautiful. He thanks Thomas and Terence, and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

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