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Sanders Sides

Note: Episodes are listed in chronological order. While the Sanders Sides episodes are not actually grouped by seasons, they have been grouped as such here for convenience, also based on the fact that Thomas Sanders published in August 13, 2017 a Tweet calling "Accepting Anxiety" a "season finale".

Season 1

This season begins with the introductions of four different facets, or "Sides", of Thomas Sanders' personality - Logic, Morality, Creativity/Princey, and Anxiety - and ends with all four of the Sides having names and fleshed-out personalities of their own.

  1. "My True Identity": Thomas Sanders decides to take some time to figure himself out, and introduces three different parts of his personality: Logic, Morality, and Creativity (also known as "Princey").note 
  2. "Way Too Adult": With Thanksgiving approaching, Thomas realizes that he can't do as many adult things as are expected of him, including cooking. Morality pops in to help him out.
  3. "Taking on Anxiety with Lilly Singh": When Anxiety shows up to give Thomas a hard time, Thomas decides to get creative and enlists the help of Lilly Singh to bring Anxiety down.note 
  4. "A New Year of Lying to Myself... In Song": Thomas and the Sides discuss the usefulness of making New Year's resolutions.note 
  5. "The Dark Side of Disney!": A regular video from Thomas about Disney turns into a debate between Princey and Anxiety over the many messages that Disney movies provide.
  6. "I'm in a Disney Show": Thomas shares his experiences with being part of a Disney show.
  7. "The Mind vs. The Heart": Thomas brings Logic and Morality together to talk about the arguments they have over what's best for him.
  8. "Alone on Valentine's Day": Thomas and the Sides discuss different ways to romance a girl for Valentine's Day so that Thomas won't have to spend the day alone.
  9. "Losing My Motivation": Thomas has lost his motivation to make the video, and it's up to Logic to figure out which of the Sides is responsible. note 
  10. "Sanders Sides Q&A": The Sides answer questions from Thomas' fans.
  11. "Am I Original?": After Thomas' initial idea for the video is deemed as unoriginal by Anxiety, Princey gathers the other Sides together to help brainstorm a new, completely unique idea.note 
  12. "My Negative Thinking": Anxiety and Logic go head-to-head to determine if some of Thomas' recent experiences are as horrible as he thinks they are.
  13. "Growing Up": With another birthday having come and gone, Thomas has to decide whether he should keep the lifestyle he currently has, or make steps towards properly growing up.note 
  14. "Making Some Changes": Thomas has started to feel burdened with multiple changes in his life, so his Sides step in to try to convince Thomas that change isn't a bad thing.
  15. "Becoming a Cartoon": With the assistance of Butch Hartman, Thomas and the Sides get a chance to be a cartoon for a short time.
  16. "Accepting Anxiety, Part 1/2: Excerpting Anxiety": The Sides discover that Anxiety has disappeared, leaving Thomas with no anxiety and a very different personality.
  17. "Accepting Anxiety, Part 2/2: Can Anxiety Be Good?": Thomas and the three remaining Sides travel to Anxiety's room to find Anxiety and bring him back.note 

Season 2

  1. "Fitting In (Hogwarts Houses)": After Thomas dyes his hair dark purple, Anxiety expresses discomfort with the idea of standing out. Thomas and the rest of the Sides try to help him fit in by sorting him into one of the four Hogwarts houses.
  2. "Moving On, Part 1/2: Exploring Nostalgia": Thomas and the Sides reminisce over old memories and try to get him to move on from the past.
  3. "Moving On, Part 2/2: Dealing With A Break-Up": With Logic leaving the room, Thomas and the other three sides need to address the source of the problem.
  4. "The Sanders Sides 12 Days Of Christmas": Morality and Princey organise a Christmas celebration for the Sides, including custom-made Christmas sweaters and their own version of The 12 Days of Christmas.
  5. "Can Lying Be Good?": Thomas feels bad after forgetting about a friend's meeting, which sparks a heated debate over a big question; what's more important? Telling the truth or sparing his friend's feelings?note 
  6. "Why Do We Get Out of Bed in the Morning?": Logic and Princey have a conversation about the purpose behind everything Thomas does with his life.
  7. "Crofters - The Musical": Logic and Princey show their excitement over a partnership with Crofters and their new product.
  8. "Learning New Things About Ourselves": When Thomas encounters another dilemma in not knowing how to work through his feelings, Morality decides he and the others can turning into puppets.
  9. "Embarrassing Phases: The Nightmare Instead of Christmas: At the suggestion of Anxiety, Thomas and the Sides, instead of celebrating Christmas, decide to celebrate a belated Halloween. When Anxiety finds out that the other Sides have lost all fear to him, and furthermore, Thomas thinks that him being scary was only a phase, Anxiety decides to scare all of them by reminding them of all of Thomas' embarrassing phases in his life.
  10. "Selfishness v. Selflessness": Thomas is facing a moral dilemma over whether to attend a friend's wedding or go to a callback. So Deceit decides to set up a Courtroom episode.
  11. "Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts": After a restless night, Thomas and the other Sides are forced to address some troublesome thoughts they've been dealing with.note 


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