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Recap / Thomas And Friends S 1 E 4 Edward Gordon And Henry
aka: Thomas The Tank Engine S 1 E 4 Edward Gordon And Henry

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U.S. Title: Henry to the Rescue

Air date: October 16th, 1984

Adapted from: The Three Railway Engines, "Edward, Gordon, and Henry"

Gordon always pulls the big Express and is proud to be the only one strong enough to do so. One day, he heads down the line, when he sees Henry's Tunnel. Henry feels sorry for himself and begins to wonder if the Fat Controller will ever forgive him and let him out again.

Gordon plans to whistle rudely at Henry, but goes so fast that his safety valve bursts and is forced to stop just in front of the tunnel. The Fat Controller is cross and orders for another engine to come take the Express, while Gordon is uncoupled and moved onto a siding. Henry saw what happened and can only laugh.

Edward is summoned to take the express, but he isn't strong enough to move it. Gordon suggests that Henry should be let out of the tunnel to pull it and the Fat Controller agrees. Henry is freed from the tunnel and pulls the express with Edward pushing from behind. The Fat Controller sticks his head out the window to wave to the engines, but his hat is blown off into a field and eaten by a goat. The two keep running until they reach the station at the end of the line, and on the way home help Gordon back to the sheds.


Henry is rewarded with a new coat of paint and now knows that he doesn't have to run into a tunnel to keep his paint dry, but still asks his driver to give him a washdown after the day's work was done.

Tropes featured in the episode:

  • Achilles in His Tent: Reconstructed. Henry comes out of the tunnel to help Edward take the heavy Express.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Inverted. In The Three Railway Engines, Henry asked to be painted blue like Edward (only reverting to his normal green in Troublesome Engines). Here he is just given a recoat of his usual color.
  • Artifact Title: This is the first episode where Thomas doesn't appear.
  • Bowdlerise:
    • In the UK narration, while Henry is bricked up in the tunnel, he wonders if The Fat Controller will ever forgive him and let him out again. Both US narrations say that Henry would like to come out of the tunnel, but he didn't know how to ask.
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    • In the UK version after Gordon bursts his safety valve, the Fat Controller states that he never liked the big engines and that they were always going wrong. In both US versions, he complains that the big engines were always causing him trouble.
  • Break the Haughty: Gordon's bragging led him to burst his safety valve. Even Henry laughed at him for it.
  • Character Development: Henry overcoming his fear of the rain.
  • Cobweb of Disuse: When Henry comes out of the tunnel to help Edward, the narrator mentions that he is dirty and covered in cobwebs.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: The Storyteller from the Season 11 episode "Thomas and the Storyteller" makes her first cameo appearance.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: For Henry - not only does he redeem himself by pulling the heavy Express, but he is also rewarded with a new coat of paint. Best of all, he has overcome his fear of the rain and doesn't have to worry about running into a tunnel to keep his paint dry.
  • Extreme Omni-Goat: The Fat Controller leans out of the window to wave at Edward and Henry, only for the train to move so fast that his hat blows into a field where a goat eats it for tea.
  • The Freelance Shame Squad: Henry laughs at Gordon for bursting his safety valve, after the latter had laughed at him for getting bricked up in the tunnel previously.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Gordon is quick to point out Edward is too small to push the Express on his own.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Gordon sulks pompously throughout the whole ordeal, but it's him that convinces the Fat Controller to release Henry.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Henry has realised his error in staying in the tunnel and worrying about his paint more than the passengers, and hopes The Fat Controller will forgive him for his misbehavior.
  • Nice Hat: The Fat Controller's top hat. Unfortunately, it was eaten by a goat when Henry was moving too fast.
  • Nice Mean And Inbetween: Edward (nice), Gordon (mean), and Henry (inbetween).
  • The Power of Friendship:
    Henry & Edward: We've done it together! We've done it together!
    Express Coaches: You've done it, hooray! You've done it, hooray!

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