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Recap / The X-Files S09 E02 "Nothing Important Happened Today II"

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Season 9, Episode 02:

Nothing Important Happened Today II
"I have to see if I'm here. My name, my baby's name..."
Written by Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Tony Wharmby

Shannon: The program's expanding in ways no-one ever dreamed of. I need your help to stop it, John.
Doggett: You need my help? What can I do?
Shannon: Expose the deaths of those two men I killed. What they were doing.

Shannon McMahon is a super soldier and an old friend of Doggett's. She helps him learn more about the super soldier program and a plan to contaminate the water supply.


  • Big Damn Heroes: Shannon McMahon swoops in just in time to save Doggett from Knowle Rohrer, decapitating her fellow Super Soldier with a single blow.
  • Bloody Horror: Shannon McMahon being punched through her stomach is rather horrifying.
  • Good Counterpart: Shannon is a good counterpart to Knowle and other super soldiers. Unlike others, she hates her invincibility and wants to aid Doggett in exposing the truth.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: Follmer is a dick but he helps Reyes at a crucial point.
  • Pet the Dog: Kersh of all people does it twice, for Mulder and for Doggett. He tipped off Mulder about the Super Soldiers and how they planned to murder him if he stayed, and after Doggett's failed investigation into Kersh's corruption he doesn't fire Doggett, alludes that he wants Doggett to succeed in uprooting The Conspiracy. That it was him who left the lead for the X-Files agents to follow in the first place.
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  • Title Drop: Kersh does this, telling Doggett a story about how, on July 4th, 1776, King George III wrote in his diary "Nothing important happened today." Kersh says this to demonstrate that even kings can be blind to massive changes in the world. (This story is actually apocryphal.)
  • Underwater Kiss: Shannon gives one of the "breath of air" variety to Doggett.

Kersh: On July 4th 1776, [King George the Third] made an entry in [his diary]: "Nothing Important Happened Today".
Doggett: What the hell has that got to do with me?
Kersh: Revolutions start, things that change the world forever, and even Kings can miss them if they're not paying attention.