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Recap / The X-Files S08 E13 "Per Manum"

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Season 8, Episode 13:

Per Manum
"All my life I wanted children. But I'm afraid of what's growing in me."
Written by Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz
Directed by Kim Manners

"Ms. Hendershot believes that she is carrying a baby that is not her own. That, by whatever means, at 40 weeks, she is about to give birth to something inhuman."
Dana Scully

Scully and Doggett investigate a number of women who apparently became pregnant after being abducted by aliens, in a case with uncomfortable parallels with Scully's own history.

In a series of flashbacks, Scully recalls a time when she attempted to get pregnant by IVF, with Mulder as the sperm donor.


  • Anywhere but Their Lips: Mulder kisses Scully on the forehead, then she kisses his cheek when she finds out the IVF didn't take.
  • Chosen Conception Partner: Scully chooses Mulder to be her sperm donor when she realizes she can become pregnant.
  • Deadly Doctor: All of them. They are killing pregnant women and stealing babies.
  • Downer Ending: Scully and Doggett are manipulated and used by The Conspiracy to get at Miss Hendershot and her alien baby and they get away perfectly with their plans.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: After all the cases and time working together and proving himself time and again, Doggett by now is rightly peeved with the secrets Scully and Skinner are keeping from him, the lack of trust.
  • Foreign Language Title: Latin for "by hand". Umm...
  • Idiot Ball: Scully trusting military doctors with a potential alien impregnation and keeping Doggett out of the loop.
  • Meaningful Look: Scully's reaction after Mulder says "The answer is 'yes'", followed by a hug.
  • Myth Arc: This focuses on Scully dealing with her own pregnancy and Scully and Doggett trying to save pregnant women getting killed for their babies.
  • Wham Episode: This was an episode full of "wham" moments, from the revelation that Mulder told Scully he'd found her ova, to her going through with IVF to Mulder agreeing to be the father of her child and then the IVF failing. WHAM!
  • Wham Line: From the moment we saw Mulder agree to be Scully's sperm donor for IVF, we thought it would work. Cue the final flashback, when a teary Scully comes home to Mulder.
    Mulder: It didn't take, did it?
  • Wham Shot: At the Walden-Freeman Army Research Hospital, Dr. Miryum takes Scully's ultrasound, claiming that her baby is fine. When she leaves, Scully looks down... and sees a timestamp on a videoplayer, still changing. If that wasn't enough, she takes out the videotape and looks at the name. It's not hers, meaning that Dr. Miryum lied to her.

"Never give up on a miracle."