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Recap / The Wild Wild West S 1 E 25 "The Night of the Freebooters"

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After someone fires explosive bullets at their train, West and Gordon travel south of the border to investigate a munitions expert named Thorwald Wolfe (Keenan Wynn), who's gathering guns for hire and trying to find an accomplice in the Mexican Army. West joins his outfit as the former and Gordon as the latter; together they attempt to free Captain Enrique Leon (Andre Philippe), a friend who is being held captive by the gang, and also put a stop to Wolfe's plans to conquer Baja California and eventually all of Latin America.

Disguises used by Artie: Col. Hernandez del Valle Santiago y Sandoval, Mexican Military Man(16:00); Cantina Hostess(40:40)


Tropes present in this episode:

  • Disguised in Drag: Artie poses as a cantina hostess.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Jim dubs Artie "the grand old lady of the Secret Service" after the latter's turn as a female.
    Artie: You're never gonna let me live that down, are ya?
    Jim: No, I have no intention of it!
  • High-Class Glass: In his guise as a Mexican colonel, Artie wears a monocle both as a dignifying fashion accessory and for a much more practical purpose—an explosive.
  • The Infiltration: A double dose - Jim joins Wolfe's organization under cover as a renegade gunslinger, Artie as a traitorous Mexican Army officer.
  • Overly Long Spanish Name: Artie's Mexican military alter ego is a colonel named Hernando del Valle Santiago y Sandoval.
  • Revenge: Subverted Trope. Wolfe was cashiered from the army for corruption, but he doesn't blame them for it.
    Wolfe: I don't hold that against them. I was clumsy. I took a bribe and I got caught. I would have court-martialed myself if I had been them.
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  • Show Some Leg: Artie recruits a bevy of beautiful women to accompany him into the fort, pretending to be a group of hostesses from a local cantina. They make liberal use of their personal charms - and free alcohol - to distract the men and give Jim an opportunity to escape.
  • Stay in the Kitchen: Rita Leon (Maggie Thrett) wants to help free her husband from the gang, but Jim insists it is "man's work;" nevertheless she shows up in the end as one of Artie's "cantina hostesses." Enrique scolds her afterwards because he'd told her to stay out of it and "a woman's place is to obey her husband." Jim, however, applauds her actions.
  • Tank Goodness: Wolfe's secret weapon is the Turtle, an armored Steampunk monstrosity that comes complete with Gatling gun. He plans to deploy a dozen of them as part of his attack on Baja California. Jim and Enrique eventually use it to destroy Wolfe's compound.
  • Wretched Hive: Wolfe isn't content to just take over Baja California. He plans to turn it into a haven for "criminals, revolutionaries, [and] desperate men" from all over the world, then forge them into an army that will help him overthrow Latin America.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Wolfe doesn't trust "Sandoval", who has already betrayed his own country, and intends to kill him as soon as he's no longer needed.


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