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Season 4, episode 15


Glenn makes the final push to find Maggie while Daryl learns the ways of Joe's pack.

On the train tracks, Glenn, Tara and Abraham's group are following the directions towards Terminus. As they walk, Eugene tries to engage the group in small talk, and Tara gives him some pieces to make a homemade battery. Suddenly, Glenn stops in shock and sees the message Maggie left for him. He begins running along the tracks as the group tells him to stop.


Elsewhere, Joe and the rest of the Claimers have set up camp at the abandoned town where Bob and Sasha just a short while before. As they sleep, a walker caught in a trap wakes them. When they get up, one of the members, Len, sees that Daryl is gone and heads out to find him.

Daryl is in a nearby forest when Len surprises him. Together, they shoot down a rabbit, and Len claims it for himself. Although Daryl argues with him about claiming meat, they are both interrupted by Joe, who heard their commotion and followed them. Joe tells Daryl that their group has one rule - if they want something, they must "claim" it. Joe then defuses the situation by giving half of the rabbit to both Daryl and Len.

As Glenn and the others move along the tracks, they come across another abandoned building, and Eugene is almost hit by a walker that falls off the roof before Abraham tackles him out of the way. In Abraham's rush, Tara is knocked down and injures her foot. While Glenn wants to keep moving, Abraham tells him the rest of them can't keep up. Glenn offers to give his riot armor to Eugene in exchange for escorting both himself and Tara to Terminus, and Abraham reluctantly accepts before they keep moving forward.


Abraham, Glenn and the others soon reach a tunnel and see yet another note from Maggie telling them to follow. Abraham contends that it will be too dangerous to go all at once, and gives Glenn and Tara a flashlight and some food, before telling both of them that if they can't get back out of the tunnel, he and the others will come in to rescue them. Glenn and Tara enter the tunnel, and see a number of walkers who are trapped underneath debris.

The Claimers continue to move along the tracks and set up camp at an abandoned rail platform. While there, Joe explains to Daryl that anyone who steals and lies about will be beaten mercilessly. When Daryl tries to contend that he is not like the others, Joe ominously asks if Daryl wants to leave the group. When Daryl doesn't respond, Joe says they are much like each other.


Near the tunnel, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita are searching the area when they discover a working vehicle. Meanwhile, Glenn and Tara are navigating through the tunnel when her foot is trapped between rocks.

Eugene offers to drive the vehicle and, while Abraham sleeps, travels to the other end of the tunnel. Once there, Eugene tells Rosita that he wants to wait for Glenn and Tara to exit out the other side before continuing. However, Abraham wakes up and is angered that they've changed their plans. As they argue, Eugene sees something in the distance and looks at it surprised...

At the rail platform, the Claimers are sleeping when Daryl (who is sleeping on the ground) is woken up by Len, who accuses him of stealing his half of the rabbit. The others wake up and surround the two men, while Joe searches Daryl's bag and finds the other half of the rabbit. Daryl says that he was set up, and Joe asks Len if this is true. When Len says he didn't, Joe punches him in the face, and reveals that he saw Len stuffing the rabbit in Daryl's bag. He then finishes by asking the group to teach Len a "lesson".

In the tunnel, Tara is still trapped, and walkers are beginning to converge on them. As Glenn holds them off, Tara tells him to leave her behind. Just when it looks like they'll be overwhelmed, they are saved by the appearance of Abraham's group, who met up with Bob, Maggie and Sasha and save them from the walkers.

Glenn and Maggie have a joyous reunion and the group camps out for the night, while Eugene manages to convince Abraham and Rosita that they need to head towards Terminus, which will be a safe haven for them.

The next morning, the Claimers head out, and Daryl sees Len's dead body (beaten and with an arrow in his head) on the ground. Daryl begins to get into the spirit of "claiming" food, to Joe's delight, and the latter tells him that the group is tracking a man who killed one of their own. As the Claimers walk down the tracks, they pass a chocolate bar wrapper dropped by Carl when he, Rick and Michonne were walking down the tracks earlier...

Abraham and the others finally arrive at Terminus, which is seemingly empty. As they walk past deserted buildings, they are greeted in the town's courtyard by a woman named Mary, who welcomes them and offers to make them a plate of food...


  • Absentee Actor: Following the trend of previous episodes, Carol and Tyreese are absent in this episode.
  • Affably Evil: Joe in this episode is extremely kind and reasonable to his new teammate Daryl, and has many friendly conversations with him. Daryl seems to grow to like Joe a little as well.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Maggie, Sasha, Bob, and Abraham's group pull one to save Glenn and Tara.
  • Continuity Nod: Maggie is seen wearing Daryl's poncho (which she took from the prison) after Glenn and Tara are rescued.
  • Damsel in Distress: Tara is trapped in the tunnel, forcing Glenn to defend her before they're both saved by Abraham, Bob, Maggie, Sasha and the others.
  • Determinator: Glenn, in his quest to find Maggie and later, defending Tara when she's trapped in the tunnel.
  • Due to the Dead: Subverted. Daryl seems to briefly consider putting a blanket over Len's corpse, but then just throws it aside and leaves with Joe and the others.
  • Mythology Gag: Abraham is wearing the near-exact same coat he wears in the majority of his appearances in the comic.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: Len is on the receiving end of one of those from the other Claimers, for trying to frame Daryl and then lying that he didn't when confronted by Joe.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: Glenn is utterly unwilling to abandon Tara when she gets trapped and Walkers start to swarm them, even after she tells him to leave her behind.
  • Phlebotinum Killed the Dinosaurs: While making small talk with Tara, Eugene mentions a shot-in-the-dark theory that the walker virus was also responsible for the death of the dinosaurs. Eugene admits it's crazy, but claims he'd love to have seen an undead Ankylosaurus going after a sauropod.
  • Team Killer: Joe and the other Claimers kill Len for attempting to frame Daryl for stealing the other half of the rabbit.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Rosita towards Glenn, calling him out on pushing Tara too far when she's obviously hurt and too guilty to ask for a break.

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