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Recap / The Walking Dead S 04 E 04 Indifference

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Season 4, episode 04


Rick and Carol discuss her actions on a run while Daryl's team pushes forward at a university.

In the prison, Rick walks through one of the cell blocks and stops when he gets to Karen's former cell. Thinking about Carol's revelation in the previous episode, Rick imagines Carol stabbing Karen in the head and dragging her body out to the courtyard. Elsewhere, Carol is telling Lizzie not to be afraid of what will happen in the quarantine zone, and to stay strong. Outside, Rick walks to his vehicle and opens his trunk, only to have his suspicions confirmed when he discovers one of his knives is missing.


Elsewhere, the supply run group is taking a breather after escaping from the massive horde. As Tyreese washes his shirt, he refuses to listen to Michonne's request to hurry up. The group continues moving towards the veterinary hospital, and comes across an auto shop covered with ivy. The group finds a minivan with a dead battery and begins to clear the overgrowth to get at the shop. While the others carefully clear the brush, uncertain what lies beneath it, Tyreese angrily cuts at the vines, still angered over Karen's death. Suddenly, a walker caught in the ivy lunges at him, and he refuses to kill it until Michonne kills it.

Inside the autoshop, the group finds the parts needed to get the vehicle up and running. As they get the required part and hook it up to the vehicle, Michonne realizes that Tyreese is near-suicidal over what happened. She tells him that it's not his fault, and that if anyone has a reason to be angry, it's her over what the Governor did. Bob discloses his alcoholism and guilt over Zach's death to Daryl, but Daryl rejects the idea that Bob was responsible.


Rick and Carol set out from the prison on a supply run of their own, and stop in a small town. As they look for supplies and clear houses, they discover a still-living couple hiding in the bathroom of a house. Initially wary, Rick questions the duo, Sam and Ana, while Carol think they might be useful helpers at the prison. Rick reluctantly tells the pair they can come along with them after they finish their search.

The supply run group finally makes it to the veterinary hospital, and begins to secure the needed supplies for the infected civilians. Meanwhile, Bob discovers a bottle of alcohol and surreptitiously stashes it in his bag. However, after securing the supplies, the group is attached by a horde of walkers. They barely make it out of the hospital and onto an isolated walkway, but not before Bob nearly loses his bag. When he recovers it, Daryl sees the alcohol and goes off on the medic, saying they shouldn't have picked him up in the first place. They set off back towards the prison.


In the town, Rick and Carol are picking fruit when they hear sounds a few feet away. They investigate, only to discover walkers devouring what is left of Ana's body. A short while later, the pair wait at the assigned spot for Sam, but he doesn't show up.

Rick finally confronts Carol with the issue of the burned bodies, and tells her that he won't allow her to go back to the prison, for fear that Tyreese will either kill her or the group will shun her for what she did. He gives her supplies and a working vehicle, and they set off their separate ways, with Rick driving back to the prison alone...


  • Absentee Actor: Of the main cast, Glenn, Maggie, Carl, Hershel, Beth and Sasha do not appear in this episode, with almost all of the action taking place outside of the prison.
  • The Alcoholic: Bob Stookey, something which once again causes problems for the group.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Rick and Carol find Ana's dismembered leg with its distinctive compass tattoo some distance away from where the rest of her body is being devoured by walkers.
  • Berserk Button: Despite all his Character Development and role in later seasons as the voice of reason, Daryl proves that his Hot-Blooded streak is not entirely gone when he absolutely loses his shit after finding out that Bob has decided to smuggle alcohol in his bag instead of getting the much-needed medicine. The thing that really sets him off is that Bob actually goes for his gun over the disagreement.
  • Character Development: Carol's is lampshaded several times.
    Rick: You're not that woman who was too scared to be alone, not anymore.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Daryl is seen smoking a cigarette for the first time since "Arrow on the Doorpost".
    • Bob once again references Zach's death and his role in it from "30 Days Without An Accident".
    • Rick issues Sam and Ana with the same test he gave to Clara in "30 Days Without An Accident" to determine whether or not they can join the group. They apparently pass, since he invites them back to the prison, but unfortunately Ana doesn't live that long while Sam disappears.
    • Carol mentions Rick killing Shane in "Better Angels". She also says that Rick was a better leader than she ever gave him credit for, referencing the season 2 finale where she was the most openly critical of his decisions.
    • Rick mentions Sophia and asks why Carol never says her name.
    • Rick's story about Lori wanting them to be "the kind of family that had pancakes" indicates that their married life was somewhat troubled prior to the apocalypse, something that was also hinted at via flashbacks in "Days Gone Bye" and "Bloodletting".
    • Michonne tells Daryl that he was right and she is wasting her time hunting the Governor, continuing their conversation from "Isolation".
    • Tyreese looks out the window at a walker roaming through a field, evoking a similar scene at the end of "Better Angels".
  • Death Seeker: Tyreese is this initially, though Michonne calls him on it and he snaps out of it by the end of the episode. Bob also implies that he was this prior to joining the prison group, claiming that he almost kept walking when Daryl found him.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Carol's lack of reaction to finding Ana's body being gnawed on by zombies is unnerving to say the least. Not to mention that when Sam doesn't return her biggest concern is apparently that Rick won't get his watch back.
  • Domestic Abuse: Carol opens up more about her past, telling Rick that she learned how to fix a dislocated shoulder as it seemed easier than trying to come up with excuses to tell the ER staff.
  • Eaten Alive: Ana.
  • The Exile: Rick refuses to let Carol return to the prison and tells her to strike out on her own since when the others find out what she did they will either try to kill her or won't want her around.
  • Flashback: Carol murdering Karen and David is shown via flashbacks at the start of the episode.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: Both averted and played straight. Sophia, Shane, Lori and even Ed all get at least one mention, but still no reference is made to Andrea's death as part of the reason for Michonne's obsession with hunting down the Governor.
  • Grease Monkey: Daryl is shown to have some aptitude for car maintenance, as well as a knowledge of how to hot-wire them.
    • This becomes Fridge Brilliance when one recalls Merle's proficiency at hot-wiring vehicles, as seen in "This Sorrowful Life," so it's easy to imagine the Dixon brothers either picked up this skill together or Merle taught it to Daryl.
  • Hassle-Free Hotwire: Played straight by Daryl, who can somehow troubleshoot the car from those two little wires.
  • Heroic BSoD: Tyreese still seems to be suffering from an extended version of this for the first half of the episode as a result of both Karen's death and Sasha being infected.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Carol's justification for killing Karen and David. Rick doesn't buy it.
  • Ironic Echo: Contrast Daryl trying to mediate the fight between Rick and Tyreese and Tyreese attacking him in the previous episode with Tyreese trying to calm Daryl down when he loses his temper and assaults Bob in this one.
  • Knife Nut: Carol is seen lurking in the shadows and toying with the knife she used to kill Karen and David near the start of the episode.
  • The Load:
    • Bob, again. Following the disastrous supply run from "30 Days Without An Accident", he fills his bag with alcohol instead of medical supplies and nearly gets himself killed trying to keep hold of it.
    • Ana and Sam insist they can help at whatever Rick asks them to, clearly wanting to avoid being this to be accepted into the prison.
  • The Medic: Carol resets Sam's dislocated arm.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: The promo for this episode showed a body being dragged down a corridor leaving a bloody trail behind, implying that another murder would take place. In reality, the footage was used for a flashback scene showing how Carol killed Karen.
  • Not So Different: Lizzie nearly says this word for word to Carol, re: humans and zombies, because all people change and were not what they were before. This is enough to visibly creep out Carol.
  • Not Using the "Z" Word: Sam and Ana have yet another term for the zombies: "skin-eaters".
  • Put on a Bus: Carol, though it seems unlikely that this is the last we'll see of her.
  • Random Smoking Scene: Daryl and Bob share a scene similar to the one between Daryl and Martinez in "Arrow on the Doorpost" for no real reason. Notably, this is the first time Bob has been seen smoking onscreen, and only the second time Daryl has. Somewhat justified, however, in that cigarettes are presumably much harder to come by post-apocalypse - smoking is only shown after situations where cigarettes are likely to have been found.
  • Red Shirt: Ana and possibly Sam, although the latter's fate remains uncertain.
  • Room Full of Zombies: Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob deliberately break into one as their only means of escape, as the zombies pouring into the other end of the corridor are showing symptoms of having been infected with The Plague.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Poor Sam and Ana.
  • Sherlock Scan: Daryl demonstrates this ability once again by quickly deducing that the zombies that attacked the group outside the garage were mechanics who committed suicide by drinking antifreeze.
    • Fridge Brilliance: This was where Zack got the idea that Daryl was a hardbitten cop.
  • Ship Tease: Between Daryl and Michonne. Daryl finds a piece of jasper that he is apparently somewhat taken with, and Michonne teases that the color brings out his eyes.
  • Signs of Disrepair: Apparently someone found the time to rearrange the fuel price marquee to say "hELL" (with inverted 3 and 7s).
  • Suicide Pact: The mechanics at the garage apparently had one. They seemingly drank anti-freeze. Averted with Big Tony, who hanged himself.
    • Don't Try This at Home: Anti-freeze kills by damaging the kidneys and causing acute renal failure. It takes several days to a week to die by this method. That's a long time to sing Kum-by-Yah.
  • Survivor Guilt: Bob implies that he has this as a result of both being the Sole Survivor of his old group and being indirectly responsible for Zach's death.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Sam's fate is left unclear as he never returns to the house to rendezvous with Rick and Carol but a body isn't found either.
  • What the Hell, Hero?:
    • Bob stocking up on alcohol instead of medicine. He also makes as if to draw his gun on Daryl when Daryl threatens to throw the booze away.
    • Carol calls out Rick when he tells her she can't go back to the prison, pointing out that they've both killed people to protect the group as a whole.
  • Zombie Advocate: Lizzie continues to insist that the zombies are a good thing as it means the dead get to come back, and it doesn't matter that they're not the same because people change anyway.

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