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Recap / The Walking Dead S 04 E 02 Infected

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Season 4, episode 02


A new threat begins to ravage the prison community, culminating in the mysterious murder of two survivors.

In the middle of the night, a flashlight switches on at the prison gate and shines over the faces of a pair of walkers. An unseen individual dangles a rodent in front of the walkers, and pushes it through the gates to feed them...

In the prison library, Karen is embracing Tyreese, who expresses regret over what happened to Zack. He sings a few bars of "I've Got You Under My Skin" to her chagrin, and he reaffirms his love for her. He tries to follow her to her cell, but she replies that she isn't ready yet, and walks off.


As Karen walks through the prison halls, she passes the shower stalls and hears a noise nearby. As she moves to investigate the sound, she passes the now-undead Patrick. Moving into D Block, she retires to her cell. Soon after, Patrick enters and moves towards Karen's cell, only to be distracted by coughing a few feet away. He enters the nearby cell and bites into the throat of one of one of the Woodbury residents.

The next morning, Rick is up early with Judith and motions for Carl to wake up and come outside. In D Block, Patrick is still feasting on the corpse when he is distracted by more coughing, and walks back outside. The bitten Woodbury civilian gets up and also begins to move out of the cell.

Nearby, in the prison guardtower, Glenn is watching Maggie sleep. He pulls out an analog camera and takes a picture of her, to her bemusement. Glenn offers to bring Maggie breakfast as she goes on guardtower duty, and he heads out to check the perimeter.


Rick and Carl escort Michonne as she heads out on another scouting run. Soon after, the father and son begin to work on the farm. As they do, Carl notices the prison fence beginning to sway. Carl asks Rick to help, but Rick tells him that they have other plans to worry about.

Rick then feeds the pigs, and Carl apologizes for his behaviour as of late. He asks when he can have his gun back, and Rick brushes it off. Suddenly, a lous noise and a cry for help is heard from inside the prison, alerting Rick, Carl and the departing Michonne. Rick tells Carl to get to the guardtower with Maggie, as he meets with Sasha and Daryl and they run inside.

As Rick's group runs in, Carl opens the gate for Michonne, only for two walkers to follow right behind her. As Michonne tries to push away the walkers, Carl runs up and dispatches them with a rifle. Maggie helps Michonne inside while Carl closes the gate again. As they move inside, Maggie notices that walkers are converging on the gates.


Inside D Block, a man is firing at walkers when Rick, Daryl and Sasha run in. Rick orders everyone to get out of the block, while Daryl rescues a young boy who is being attacked. Glenn, Carol and Rick rescue as many people as they can, while Tyreese finds Karen, who has been unharmed. Carol brings another man who has been bit into a cell and prepares to amputate his arm, The group dispatches the rest of the walkers, but the man Carol is treating, Ryan, goes into shock.

As the group checks the cell block again, Daryl dispatches the undead Patrick. Rick takes out a bloody-eyed walker that emerges from inside his cell. They realize that Patrick is bleeding from the eyes, and survey the rest of the fatalities. Ryan begs Carol to look after his daughters for him, but she says he can wish them goodbye himself.

Rick, Daryl, Bob, Hershel and Dr. Subramanian examine the second walker, Charlie, who had also died without being bitten as he locked himself in his cell because he suffered from sleepwalking. Hershel speculates the walker choked on its own blood, while the doctor speculates that it was immunococcal - a virus. Rick realizes that the bleeding walkers at the prison gates, Violet the pig's death, and the sick boar he encountered at the woods are connected. Hershel realizes that everyone has been exposed.

Inside his cell, Ryan's daughters are with him. They tearfully plead Dr. Subramanian to save him, but Carol replies that he's too far gone. Soon after, they watch as he passes away. Carol asks them to wait outside, but they offer to keep their father from turning. As Carol watches, the eldest daughter, Lizzie, tries to perform the act but can't go through with it. Carol then stabs Ryan in the head as they cry.

Outside, Carl and Maggie are bringing Michonne back in. Rick walks out as Carl runs to him, and although Rick tells his son not to get close, he hugs his father. Carl apologizes for taking a gun, but Rick tells him to stay back. Rick tells him about Patrick's death and what happened in the cellblock, and that they shouldn't get close to anyone who may have been infected.

Inside the library, the prison council - Carol, Sasha, Daryl, Glenn and Hershel - discuss what to do. Hershel explains that the sickness can be lethal, and wonders if anyone is showing symptoms. but Carol thinks they have to quarantine those who might have been infected.

Outside, Tyreese is walking Karen back to her cell when the council overhears and comes out. Although Tyreese explains that he's just walking her back, Hershel states that there's a large amount of risk in that cell block. He tells Tyreese and Karen that they'll have to be quarantined. Daryl then offers to bury the dead, and Hershel cautions him to wear a mask and gloves while handling them.

Outside, Lizzie and Mika are mourning when Carol comes out. She tells the sisters that she knows how hard it is, but Lizzie isn't listening. Carol tells her that in times like this, she has to act fast in order to live, while Lizzie tries to rationalize what happened. Mika tells Carol Lizzie isn't weak, just messed up. Outside, the outer prison gate is teetering inward. Nearby, Daryl digs several graves as Rick walks up. Daryl tells him that he's glad Rick was there, and the group needs his skills and leadership.

Rick tells Daryl that he can't be a leader, but Daryl tells him that he's earned some praise. Suddenly, Maggie screams at them to come over - the gate is buckling. As they run up and try to dispatch the walkers amassing near the gate, Despite their efforts, the gate continues to buckle.

Inside, Michonne chastises herself while Beth explains that it wasn't her fault. Judith begins crying, and Beth explains that Judith always cries when she can sense a person's mood. Beth takes Judith out as Michonne shudders in pain from the loud noise. Soon after, Beth walks by and asks her to hold the child when it vomits up carrots on her. Michonne dismissively holds her, but soon breaks a tearful smile and hugs her. Elsewhere, Carol visits Carl and asks if he told his father about what she was teaching the kids. She reasons that the kids need those skills to survive, but Carl is dismissive.

Outside, Sasha discovers the remnants of the eaten rats, but the fence suddenly buckles in. As they try to hold it up, Daryl orders them to get back. Rick surveys the area and the farm, and orders Daryl to get his truck. As they drive outside, Rick opens up a box containing several piglets, and cuts them to draw in the walkers. The pressure on the wall lessens as the walkers pursue and devour the piglets.

Later that day, Carol helps Lizzie and Mika come to terms with the fact that their father is gone. Nearby, Rick takes down the pig pen as Carl walks up. Rick cautions that they have to stay away from Judith for fear of being infected. Carl then explains Carol's lessons, but explains that it's needed for the good of the prison. Rick thanks him for sharing the information, and sets the remnants of the pen on fire before giving him back his gun and reloading his own Colt Python. He throws his bloodied shirt into the fire, and looks over the prison gate as the flames rise behind him.

Elsewhere, Tyreese walks to Karen's cell with a bouquet of flowers, but is shocked to see blood on the bed and walls. He follows the trail of blood outside, and discovers two burned bodies. As he drops to his knees in shock, he sees Karen's bracelet and realizes she is dead...


  • Adult Fear: Carol asks if all the children have been saved as they tally up the losses from the attack.
  • After-Action Patch-Up: Beth sees to Michonne's injuries after she is attacked.
  • Bearer of Bad News: Carol has to tell Lizzie and her sister that their father is bit and has to be put down to stop him from becoming a walker.
  • The Cast Showoff: Both Chad Coleman (Tyreese) and Emily Kinney (Beth) sing in this episode.
  • The Cavalry: Carl picks up a rifle to save the pinned-down Michonne at the prison gates, while Rick, Daryl and Glenn help D Block dispatch the walkers.
  • Character Death: Karen, Ryan Samuels and several other nameless redshirts.
  • Child Hater: Subverted; Michonne expresses irritation at Judith's crying and initially holds the baby at arms' length when Beth asks her to take over before holding her close and bursting into tears.
  • Creepy Child: Lizzie Samuels, who has taken to giving the zombies names and becomes upset at the thought of them being killed. Even her younger sister tells Carol that she is "messed up".
  • Developing Doomed Characters: Subverted. Although it seems that Karen will become walker food after her romance/conversation with Tyreese, she survives the walker attack unharmed... then, she is attacked and killed offscreen by someone at the end of the episode.
  • Dies Wide Open: The Woodbury civilian who wakes just as his throat is being ripped out by the undead Patrick.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Carol, of all people, going so far as to tell Lizzie that she was weak for not being able to Mercy Kill her infected father before he turned. Justified once you realize that she's trying to toughen the children up so that they don't meet the same fate as Sophia.
  • Due to the Dead:
    • The civilian crying over her deceased husband in D Block.
    • Daryl digging several graves outside.
  • Eaten Alive: The civilian whom the undead Patrick munches on.
  • Firing One-Handed: Daryl with his crossbow, when he rescues the curly-haired boy in D Block.
  • Fourth Date Marriage: Ultimately averted. Tyreese wants to move faster, and offers to come to Karen's room, but she tells him she wants to take it slow. The next time he tries to woo her, he finds out she has been killed.
  • Gentle Giant: Tyreese, who not only likes cuddling in the Woodbury library, but likes to sing and pick flowers for his girlfriend.
  • Gorn: Take your pick.
    • The civilian who is Eaten Alive by the undead Patrick, and the later shot of Patrick continuing to consume his remains.
    • The walker who is pushed through the buckling fence, with his rotting eye and flesh bulging through.
  • Heroic BSoD:
    • Michonne, after being rescued from the walkers by Carl and Maggie. She only breaks out of it when she holds Judith.
    • Tyreese, when he sees the charred bodies in the prison yard.
  • He’s Back: Rick at the end of the episode, when he pulls his revolver back out and reloads it.
  • High-Pressure Blood: As Rick cuts the last piglet to draw the walkers away, he's sprayed with a jet of blood.
  • Horseback Heroism: Michonne is seen riding the same horse as the previous episode as she prepares to resume hunting down the Governor.
  • I Work Alone: Michonne is clearly still unused to being part of a group and insists that Carl and Maggie should have left her to die instead of risking their lives to save her. Beth points out how stupid that is and that that's what people do for those they care about.
  • Impairment Shot: Michonne, as her pain intensifies when Judith cries.
  • Infant Immortality: Played straight. All of the kids are rescued during the walker attack in D Block.
  • Kill It with Fire: Tyreese finds the charred corpses of Karen and another infectee.
  • Life-or-Limb Decision: Subverted. Carol prepares to amputate Ryan's arm after he is bitten to stop the infection from spreading, but realizes it would be pointless once she sees that he's also been bitten on the neck.
  • Mercy Kill: Carol does this for Ryan when Lizzie can't go through with it.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: Two examples in this episode:
    • The comic-con trailer has Rick saying "Someone attacked the cell block" when the actual line is something along the lines of "Patrick must have died and attacked the cell block".
    • When Carl tells his father about Carol teaching the kids how to fight, Rick responds with "I won't stop her. I won't say anything." The line in the trailer is "I won't stop him. I won't say anything." Thanks to some tricky editing in the trailer, it makes it seem like the line is in response to either Glenn or Daryl choosing to leave the prison.
  • Pet the Dog: After getting so annoyed with Judith's crying that Beth has to take her outside, the normally cold and distant Michonne cries and smiles when she's forced to hold the baby.
  • The Plague: In addition to The Virus responsible for the initial zombie ooutbreak, it's revealed that Patrick and several of the animals died from a fatal flu-like illness that's now spreading rapidly throughout the prison community.
  • Promotion to Parent: A dying Ryan Samuels begs Carol to take care of his daughters as if they were her own, as they don't have anyone else left.
  • Reluctant Hero: Rick is very reluctant to step back into a proaactive role, but circumstances force him to put himself back into the line of fire.
  • Shirtless Scene: Rick gets one at the end, stripping of his shirt and burning it after it gets sprayed with pig's blood.
  • Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: Karen survived Rick's group assault on Woodburry and The Governor's massacre in the season 3 finale only to be Killed Offscreen due to a disease that will likely kill her as well.
  • Stuffed into the Fridge: Karen.
  • Undying Loyalty: Daryl has faith in Rick's leadership abilities and clearly wants him to resume a position of authority, but admits that deserves some peace and offers his support no matter what.
  • Wham Episode: There's a potentially deadly flu strain circulating through the prison. The prison fences are on the verge of being breached. Somebody is feeding the zombies and somebody who may or may not be the same person has killed two people in cold blood.
  • Wham Shot: The trail of blood leading to the reveal of the charred bodies.
  • Zombie Infectee: Several people after Patrick's initial feeding frenzy in D-block.


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