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Recap / The Twilight Zone S 5 E 143 Queen Of The Nile

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Jordan Herrick, a reporter, has arrived to interview actress Pamela Morris. Strangely enough, she looks as beautiful as years earlier when she starred in a picture called Queen of the Nile. As he continues visiting Morris, he notices other odd things, such as the confession of Pamela's mother that she is in fact her daughter. Research also turns up that another movie star named Constance Taylor who starred in the silent version of Queen of the Nile looked startlingly like her. When he confronts her, Pamela reveals that she was Constance Taylor — and is in fact Cleopatra as well. Withdrawing a scarab from a compartment, she drains Herrick's youth. As another reporter drives up, Morris tells her daughter to clean up the mess and walks to meet him.


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