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Recap / The Twilight Zone S 3 E 66 Two

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Rod Serling: This is a jungle, a monument built by nature honoring disuse, commemorating a few years of nature being left to its own devices. But it's another kind of jungle, the kind that comes in the aftermath of man's battles against himself. Hardly an important battle, not a Gettysburg or a Marne or an Iwo Jima. More like one insignificant corner patch in the crazy quilt of combat. But it was enough to end the existence of this little city. It's been five years since a human being walked these streets. This is the first day of the sixth year - as man used to measure time. The time: perhaps a hundred years from now. Or sooner. Or perhaps it already happened two million years ago. The place? The signposts are in English so that we may read them more easily, but the place is the Twilight Zone.

A female soldier (Elizabeth Montgomery) wanders into a ghost town. While searching for supplies, she admires a dress in a department store window, but moves on. She enters a restaurant's kitchen, crushes a tarantula, and finds some canned chicken. Before she can eat, a male soldier (Charles Bronson), wearing the enemy uniform, enters. She immediately throws a bottle, a butcher knife, and a pot at him. He ducks, but the woman tackles him through a table and rains punches down on him. He fights back and manages to knock her out-cold, then ravenously devours the chicken.

After eying the model on a pin-up calendar, the man considers his options, then pours some water on the woman to revive her. She backs away from him in fear and anger. He offers her the remaining food, and explains that pretty much everyone else is dead, so he doesn't want to fight anymore. He finishes his speech by saying that she is pretty. She just stares at him blankly, and he realizes that she does not speak English. With a heavy heart, he leaves.


After the woman has finished eating, she continues her exploration of the city, and enters the barbershop, where the man is shaving and washing his hair and face. He tosses a bar of soap to her, which she catches. Eying him with suspicion, she washes her own face and hair. The man walks away. With nothing better to do, the woman follows him. They come to a theater. The man raids the cash register, but realizes that he's being silly and throws the money away. Suddenly, they spot two skeletons with working rifles. They dive for them and point the weapons at each other, but calm down and holster them.

They come to the department store window, where the woman admires the dress again and calls it "прекрасный" ('prekrasnyj', Russian for "pretty"). The man breaks the window and gives her the dress. She goes into an office to change, but finds it full of recruitment propaganda posters. Reminded of the old hostilities and filled with a murderous rage, she bursts out of the room and opens fire on the man, who barely rolls out of the way. Disappointed, he leaves, with the woman keeping her gun trained on him until he is out of sight.


That night, the woman takes shelter from the rain in the barbershop. She sits in one of the chairs, wraps herself in a blanket, and cries herself to sleep.

The next morning, the man has changed from his army uniform into a suit, and is collecting jars of fruit. He notices the woman hiding behind a car. He angrily yells at her to go away, but she steps out of her hiding place and reveals that she is wearing the dress and has put her hair into a ponytail. Mesmerized, he calls her "precrassny". Upon hearing this, she begins to melt, and smiles. The two of them walk into the distance, resembling a bride and groom.

Rod Serling: This has been a love story, about two lonely people who found each other, in The Twilight Zone.


  • Adam and Eve Plot: As far as the episode shows and the man realizes, the two may be the only remaining humans left in the country, maybe the world.
  • After the End: A war devastated the world and the two are so far the only humans shown to still be alive.
  • Ambiguous Situation: The episode takes place in the aftermath of a nuclear war that devastated the world but the time period is left vague. In his opening narration, Rod Serling says that it is "perhaps a hundred years from now. Or sooner. Or perhaps it's already happened two million years ago."
  • Anachronism Stew: Deliberately used. The man wears what appears to be a Confederate uniform but military posters showing tanks and planes are seen in the ruined city. Nuclear weapons were responsible for destroying the city and the world. The woman wears what appears to be a Soviet uniform. The discarded rifles that he and the woman find are Ray Guns. The calendar shows what could have been February, 1961, the year the episode aired.
  • Cry Cute: After taking a shot at the man, the woman spends the night in the barber's shop and cries slightly because of her loneliness.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Even during the man's attempts at peace, the woman is still rather trigger happy around him. It's only after she drives him away and spends the night alone does she start to accept his company and smile.
  • Hammer and Sickle Removed for Your Protection: The man speaks English (with an American accent, of course) and the woman speaks Russian.
  • Hates Being Alone: It seems after so much war, along with seeing a pin-up of a model before remembering his foe is a woman, the Man decides he'd much rather co-exist with her in peace than continue the fighting. The night after making him go away, it seems the Woman realizes she hates having nobody around as well.
  • Language Barrier: It becomes clear right away neither the Man nor the Woman are capable of understanding the other's native language.
  • Mars-and-Venus Gender Contrast: When the Man finishes eating the chicken the Woman found, he casually tosses the bones to the side as convenient. When the Woman finishes hers, she puts the bones back into the can and then puts the can into a trash can.
  • Minimalist Cast: Elizabeth Montgomery and Charles Bronson are the only actors to appear in the episode.
  • Mexican Standoff: While trying to get along, the two find guns and aim at each other for a moment.
  • No Name Given: Neither of them ever say their names.
  • Not Even Bothering with the Accent: The woman only says one word, in Russian, but it's spoken in a decidedly American accent.
  • Patriotic Fervor: After starting to (slightly) trust the man, he gives the woman a ball gown to change out of her military uniform. Unfortunately, the place she uses to change happens to be a military recruiting office. While she can't read the signs, the sight of the enemy tank corp, air force and infantry fans the flames of war in her and she rushes out of the building, firing her weapon at the man. While he is slightly injured (she hit the cart by which he was sitting), the look of betrayal on his face says what his feelings now are.
  • Ray Gun: The soldiers from both armies were equipped with laser weapons, judging by the discarded rifles that the man and woman find.
  • She Cleans Up Nicely: After washing her face and putting on the dress from the department store window, the woman looks beautiful. The man is clearly smitten.
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: Minus the kiss, more like an exchange of smiles that suggests the two are starting to fall in love.
  • Urban Ruins: The man and woman are the first people to set foot in the ruined city since the war that devastated the world five years earlier. They discover the skeletal remains of several people and even two birds that someone kept as pets.
  • The Voiceless: "прекрасный," the Russian word for beautiful, is the only word that the woman says the entire episode.
  • War Is Hell: The man's opinion on the conflict. He no longer has any urge or any reason to fight.
  • Water Wake Up: How the man wakes up the woman after knocking her out.
  • When Harry Met Svetlana: It would appear that the man is American and the woman is Russian.
  • When She Smiles: In the final scene, the woman smiles when the man says that her dress is "pryekrasnyy."
  • Worthless Yellow Rocks: The man discards the money he finds in the cash register, figuring it is pointless without anything to buy or even anyone to buy from.
  • Would Hit a Girl: The man gets into a fistfight with an enemy soldier, who is a woman, and knocks her out.