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Recap / The Twilight Zone S 1 E 36 A World Of His Own

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Rod Serling: The home of Mr. Gregory West, one of America's most noted playwrights. The office of Mr. Gregory West. Mr. Gregory West: shy, quiet, and at the moment, very happy. Mary: warm, affectionate...And the final ingredient: Mrs. Gregory West.

Air date: July 1, 1960.

Gregory West (Keenan Wynn) is a mild-mannered, affable playwright. He is having a pleasant evening in his study, snuggling with his wife Mary who has just made him a cocktail, when his wife Veronica shows up. Gregory hurriedly snatches a bit of tape and throws it into the fire—and Mary vanishes.


Veronica is not nearly as gentle and loving as Mary is. Her persistent, aggressive questioning leads Gregory to finally confess the truth: that he invented Mary out of his imagination. In fact, any character he describes into his dictaphone comes to life in the real world. When Veronica refuses to believe him, he conjures Mary again.

Last episode of Season 1. Written by Richard Matheson.


  • Arbitrary Skepticism: Veronica doesn't believe that Gregory conjured Mary up, even after he describes an elephant in the foyer and one actually appears. Then at the end when she sees the envelope with "Veronica West" written on it, she refuses to believe she is Gregory's creation—this after she's both seen the elephant and seen Gregory make Mary appear and disappear. Veronica then makes the extremely poor decision to throw it in the fire herself.
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  • Betty and Veronica: Almost literally with Gregory's blond-haired, sweet, loving second creation Mary, and his fiery and demanding first creation Veronica. Despite the fact that Veronica is mean and nasty and obviously can't stand him, Gregory picks her, until she makes the decision for herself.
  • Book-Ends: At the beginning Gregory is on the couch as Mary fixes him a martini, and at the end he is again.
  • Bottle Episode: The entire episode takes place in Gregory West's study or the hallway leading to it.
  • Creator Cameo: This, the last episode of the first season, is the first time that Rod Serling showed up on camera himself. Serling's appearances would become a fixture and a trademark of the series in Season 2.
  • Dramatic Drop: Gregory drops his martini when Veronica raps on the door to the study. At the end he reveals that he was even more surprised because she had broken loose of the storyline he had written for her.
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  • Foreshadowing: Gregory describes Victoria as perfect, impeccable and flawless, hinting at the fact that she is a fictional character brought to life.
  • Grew Beyond Their Programming: Victoria comes back to Gregory's house against his will. This is the first time that she has demonstrated independence, indicating to Gregory that she has grown beyond the parameters that he set when he created her.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Gregory wrote Mary, his second, much more calm and sweet love interest to be blonde-haired.
  • Happily Married: Gregory and Mary at the ending, after Veronica destroys herself.
  • Oddball in the Series: This is one of the only episodes of The Twilight Zone where Rod Serling appears at the end rather than at the beginning, though he appears at both the beginning and the end in "The Obsolete Man" and "The Fugitive". It is also the only one where he is part of the story as opposed to merely delivering narration. Gregory throws the "Rod Serling" envelope into the fire and he disappears in the same way as Mary and Veronica.
  • Oh, Crap!: Veronica, too late, when she starts feeling weird as the envelope crinkles up in the flames and she realizes Gregory was telling the truth.
  • Pygmalion Plot: Gregory West and his habit of inventing women to be with. His first attempt failed quite badly but his second attempt seems to be a success.
  • Real Time: No discernible time skips in the narrative.
  • Rewriting Reality: Gregory can change reality however he wants, apparently, just by describing what he wants to his dictaphone.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: Victoria is one of Gregory's creations. She realizes this too late, at the last second before she disappears after throwing her own envelope into the fire.

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