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Recap / The Spiffy Adventures of McConey

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This is the recap page for the The Spiffy Adventures of McConey albums.

Les Formidables Aventures de Lapinot (translated in English as The Spiffy Adventures of McConey)

  • Slaloms (1997, translated in English as Slalom): Lapinot, Richard, Titi and Pierrot go skiing.
  1. Blacktown (1995, translated in English as Gloomtown): The Western parody.
  2. Pichenettes (1996, translated in English as The Hoodoodad): Lapinot thinks he is cursed.
  3. Walter (1996, translated in English as Harum Scarum): Gothic Horror parody.
  4. Amour & Intérim (1998): Lapinot is hired as managing director in a mysterious company.
  5. Vacances de printemps (1999): In 19th-century England, Lapinot tries to charm Miss Nadia.
  6. Pour de vrai (1999): Nadia is looking for interesting subjects for a TV show.
  7. La Couleur de l'enfer (2000): Lapinot and Nadia are looking for subjects for a radio program.
  8. La Vie comme elle vient (2004): A tarot card reader predicts someone will die.
  9. L'Accélérateur atomique (2003): Spirou and Fantasio parody.

Les Nouvelles Aventures de Lapinot

  1. Un Monde Un Peu Meilleur (2017)
  2. Les Herbes Folles (2019)