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Recap / The Smurfs Special 5 Smurfily Ever After

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The Wedding Day special of The Smurfs, which aired in early 1985 during the Season 4 broadcast.

In the story, the Cute Mute woodelf Laconia and her beloved Woody come to Papa Smurf to ask if he would be willing to marry them. Papa Smurf agrees to do so, but the Smurfs decide to make their wedding a monumental occasion. While the Smurfs make all sorts of preparations for the wedding, Smurfette imagines herself being married to several of her fellow Smurfs, only to find that none of them are quite right for her. Also during the preparations, Gargamel catches wind of the upcoming wedding and decides to crash it by creating an Ominous Pipe Organ called the Ghoulliope that would hypnotize the Smurfs into walking into a boiling cauldron. Laconia, who conveniently in this special turns out to be a deaf-mute, is immune to the effects of the Ghoulliope's Mind-Control Music and thus rescues Smurfette by plugging her ears with pillows so that they can work together on rescuing their fellow Smurfs and the assembled guests. Although the massive wedding ceremony was ruined, Woody and Laconia still get married, showing what really matters when it comes to having the perfect wedding is that there is love.


Tropes associated with this special include

  • Action Girl: Laconia and Smurfette work together to save the day.
  • Bags of Letters: Clumsy is given a ton of invites to deliver to the guests of Woody and Laconia's wedding, which are all dumped on top of him by Handy's crane. Clumsy gets the help of the Pussywillow Pixies to deliver the rest of the letters since they could fly.
  • Bouquet Toss: Done at the end of the episode, which Smurfette catches.
  • Bridal Carry: When Smurfette imagines herself being married to Hefty, he carries her in a jog through the village to his house. Smurfette asks if he's doing this because he's so eager to be alone with her, and Hefty says he's doing this because it's good exercise. (This scene is a Shout-Out to Rocky II, where Rocky Balboa carries his newlywed bride Adrian in this fashion.)
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  • Creepy Wedding Music
  • Cut a Slice, Take the Rest: Greedy does this to a test cake that he made in preparation for Woody and Laconia's wedding.
  • Disability Immunity: Laconia's deafness renders her immune to Gargamel's magic music.
  • Give Away the Bride: Papa Smurf played this role as well as the minister of Woody and Laconia's wedding, since we don't see whether Laconia has any parents or not.
  • G-Rated Sex: Or in this case, G-Rated Marriage Consummation, as when Smurfette imagines herself being married to Hefty: he takes her into his house, gets (partially) undressed, and wants to get all "hot and sweaty" with doing exercises with her!
  • Imagine Spot: Smurfette's dreams of being married to some of her fellow Smurfs.
  • Leaf Boat: Clumsy uses a leaf boat to deliver invitations for Woody and Laconia's wedding, with his first stop being the Pussywillow Pixies.
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  • Mind-Control Music: To which all but Laconia fall under its power.
  • Ominous Pipe Organ: The special's Ghoulliope.
  • Wedding Smashers: Gargamel, with his Ghoulliope.

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