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Recap / The Simpsons S 29 E 13 Three Scenes Plus A Tag From A Marriage

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Homer and Marge bring the kids to their old apartment and reminisce to the young couple living there about life before marriage and children, unwittingly causing a rift between the younger couple. Kevin Pollak guest stars as Ross, Professor Thernstrom, and the manager of The Doughy Dozen Bagels.


  • As Himself: Marge as a young journalist gets to chat with conceptual artist John Baldessari.
  • Enfant Terrible: Aside from the obvious Bart, there's also Jane, subject of a PSA Reverend Lovejoy shows Homer and Marge on the evils of only children.
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  • Hand Wave: At the end Abe's sperm are shown with his face and voice, but one of Jasper's sperm have snuck in. When asked about it he just says "None of your business."
  • Hipster: Homer and Marge's friends used to be Turn of the Millennium hipsters. Miles and his wife are hipsters of The New '10s. Apparently the latter are more cannabis-focused.
  • Special Edition Title: The show's standard title sequence plus Couch Gag is replaced with a musical Bill Plympton animation based on his 1987 short Your Face.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: In-Universe. Bart ruins a Jeff Koons-ish giant balloon rabbit by puncturing it with a pin and reducing it to a pile of rubber, but an identical pile of rubber with a sign reading "futility" is a smash.

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