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Recap / The Simpsons S 27 E 6 Friend With Benefit

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At school, Lisa becomes friends with a super rich kid named Harper Jambowski (voiced by Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars herself). This in turn leads Homer to become best pals with her father. Unlike the relationship with the fathers, Lisa's relationship with Harper turns south when she notices Harper never lets Lisa have a say in the matter.

Tropes appearing in this episode:

  • The Bully: While Harper may have the best intentions in mind, she completely shuts out Lisa when doing stuff together.
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  • Comically Small Bribe: Principal Skinner cancels a school week for a ten-dollar bribe.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • At the concert, the electric sign behind the boy band uses the really clear subliminal message, "Join the Navy". It then replaces it with "Oops".
  • Cool Chair: Homer wants one that can make him stand up with the push of a button. Unfortunately, it costs 1,100 USD.
  • Dating What Daddy Hates: Inverted. Homer and Mike become good friends, but their daughters hate each other.
  • Reality Ensues: Once the people Homer mooched money from find out he used it to buy a Cool Chair, they are understandably angry.
  • Took A Level In Jerk Ass: The people of Springfield do this by destroying Homer's Cool Chair.

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