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Recap / The Simpsons S 25 E 11 Specs In The City

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Homer's new Google Glass-style glasses, which Mr. Burns gave all of the nuclear plant workers so he could spy on them, uncovers evidence that Marge is seeking a marriage counsellor, where she admits she hates the grind of being a housewife. Meanwhile, Nelson forces Bart into getting him the best Valentine's Day gift ever.


  • Big Red Button: Or more specifically, many red buttons that are supposed to kill an employee wearing Oogle Goggles.
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  • Callback: According to the Oogle Goggles, Maggie was an "Attempted Murderess"
  • Couch Gag: Homer is watching the Super Bowl, when Bart throws his supply of Duff Beer onto some electric cables. He notices a few moments later, attempts to climb the treehouse to get it back, and ends up drinking it while on the powerlines, causing flickering lights, and eventually an outage in Springfield. As mentioned below, this is actually Recycled Animation made back in 2007 for Channel 4, which was used as a Station Ident. If you ignore the lights and look at the roads, it makes the number "4" in the center, making this more obvious.
  • Dramatic Irony: A person wearing Oogle Goggles crashes into a billboard claiming better sight, which falls onto another user.
  • Exact Words: The form Homer is given at the psychology center has the answer for "Alcohol Intake" being "through mouth".
  • Expy:
    • The Ooogle Goggles Augmented Reality glasses are ones for the soon-to-be-ill-fated Google Glass, even down to the design being pretty much identical.
    • Jen and Barry's ice cream is one for Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream, even sharing the same mascot and logo typeface.
  • Funny Background Event:
    • Homer puts nuclear rods on a Christmas tree near his station, which continues to deteriorate in the background.
    • The chalkboard is Bart's classroom reads: "Valentine's Day: No Kissing!!!!".
  • Goggles Do Something Unusual: They're Augmented Reality glasses that displays information about places, a user, and works as a personal assistant.
  • Going Commando: Nelson doesn't wear any underwear underneath his shorts, something which Jimbo makes Kearney aware of, to which Kearney responds with admiration of Nelson for his foresight to even do this.
  • Medium Awareness: Homers response to Lenny getting his surname wrong is "Don't you ever look at the sky?", which is followed immediately by the first few seconds of the intro, and Lenny remarking "I always wondered what that was."
  • No Pronunciation Guide:
    • Lenny apparently has been saying "Simpsans" instead of "Simpsons".
    • Played for laughs, as the lady at the front desk of the psychology center plays along with Homers' alias of Fa. kename (Far-Konami), and calls him A. lias (A-Lie-ess) instead.
  • Open the Door and See All the People: Inverted. Homer discovers Marge being unhappy on Tuesdays, but perky and relaxed on Wednesdays. On Tuesdays, he remembers opening the door to his home and seeing Lisa being ill, Maggie Crying, a stressed out Marge, and a Fully Naked Bart running around the house.
  • Recycled Animation: The Couch Gag for this episode is an animated re-edit of a Station Ident that was commissioned by UK broadcaster Channel 4 in 2007, which was used to play directly before an episode (prior to 2015, when it got changed). Despite the animators' best efforts, you can still very clearly see the roads that make up the number "4" in the center of the screen, even when the lights in Springfield no longer match the pattern. You can view the original here if you're curious.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Homer Mentions FunnyOrDie, which is used as a metric as to whether a video is good or not.
    • Marge mentioning The Matrix once she puts on the goggles.
    • One of the employees is writing Angry Birds fanfiction.
  • Take That!: Towards Google and its privacy invading practices, an important topic at the time, which has since extended to other online corporations.


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