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Recap / The Simpsons S 18 E 6 Moe Na Lisa

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Lisa helps Moe publish a poem, but Moe ends up taking credit for it.

This episode provides examples of...

  • Forgotten Birthday: Moe ends up celebrating is birthday alone on the Simpsons' porch, due to Homer believing he's supposed to remember to watch his father compete in the Senior Olympics rather go on a fishing trip with Moe.
    Moe: Happy birthday to me,
    Happy birthday to me.
    I feel so damn lonely,
    Won't someone kill me?
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  • Honor Before Reason: Moe is initially happy to mention Lisa helped him, until the other stuck up poets comment on how low it is to get help from others to write poems, causing Moe to take all the credit until Marge makes him accept the truth.
  • Innocently Insensitive: When Lisa's family returns from their tour of Vermont after her fallout with Moe, Homer shows her a pair of teddy bears he got dressed like Lisa and Moe. Seeing these teddy bears causes Lisa to cry, and Homer tries to cheer her up by claiming they're not made from real bears, "just their fur and noses".
  • Large Ham: Tom Wolfe. When Lisa tells Moe that Wolfe uses more exclamation points than any other major American writer, Wolfe walks up and exclaims, "IT'S TRUE!!"
  • Mistaken for Prank Call: Having never heard of Tom Wolfe before being invited to a wordloaf festival, Moe initially assumes that the invitation was a prank by someone using a made up name.
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  • Non Sequitur, *Thud*: Homer dances around Moe's apartment, mocking him for being a poet. He ends up falling out a window and tumbling down a fire escape, and he manages to continue mocking Moe on the painful way down.
    Homer: Moe's the princess of Lollipop Land! He lunches on lavender and potpourri!
  • Rule of Three: Moe Tempting Fate three times straight. First, after Lisa tells him she's making a book report about him, he declares he's suddenly having his best birthday ever, only for a startled Santa's Little Helper (after lightning strikes a tree branch, causing it to fall on top of the dog house) to run up and accidentally have Moe's arm down his throat (and scaring away Lisa, who was holding an umbrella over Moe's head). Moe shrugs, saying, "Still in the Top 3." Then another lightning bolt knocks a bird's nest of eggs off a nearby tree and onto Moe's head, leading to the mother bird to fly down and peck at his head. After she flies away, Moe mutters, "Still in the Top 10." Then the bird comes back and pecks him some more.
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  • Shout-Out: The editor is J. Jonah Jameson, with J. K. Simmons reprising his role from the Spider-Man movies. In fact, his line "What are you waiting for, Chinese New Year?!" showed up in Spider-Man 3 the following summer.
  • You Fight Like a Cow: During the punch up between Jonathan Franzen and Michael Chabon, after Franzen lands a cheap shot, an angry Chabon retorts that "You fight like Anne Rice!"

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