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Recap / The Secret Show S 1 E 5 Commando Babies

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Nanny Poo Poo is turning adults back into babies to be used to take over the world and turn the World Leader into a baby.

Guest starring Penelope Keith as Nanny Poo Poo.

Changed Daily's Name: Warty Fingle-blaster.

Secret Tropes uncovered:

  • Baby Language: With the exception of Victor and Warty Fingle-blaster, all the other babies talk in broken English, or with goo-goos and ga-gas that form their own language.
  • Baby Morph Episode: The plot of this episode revolves around Nanny Poo Poo turning adults into babies in order to take over the world. This is later reversed by having the afflicted characters burp via laser ray.
  • Baby Talk: Both by Victor and Anita fall prey to Cuteness Proximity, as the baby they find in the U.Z.Z base initially catches them off-guard. Later parts of the episode show the babies actually talking in Baby Language.
  • Bearded Baby: Warty Fingle-blaster keeps his mustache when he gets turned into a baby. To a lesser extent, Victor and other U.Z.Z agents keep their hair.
  • Bizarre Belching: The only way to undo Nanny Poo-Poo's Fountain of Youth is by getting the victim to burp, prompting Professor Professor to induce burping via laser ray so that the regressed individuals can be restored to normal.
  • Child Soldiers: A humorous example. Nanny Poo Poo is turning adults into babies to get World Leader and then take over the world.
  • Chekhov's News: The only thing that turns babies back into adults is burping. Victor gets a message out to Professor Professor and he creates a laser ray to incite it in the babies by shooting at them.
  • Ironic Echo: Turns out Warty Fingle-blaster was called silly names in his childhood as well, and Nanny is glad that it doesn't happen anymore, something which the former immediately exasperatedly sighs about.
  • Pass the Popcorn: World Leader, despite an U.Z.Z agent's repeated protests, refuses to back away from the window to avoid being hit with a pacifier.
  • Running Gag:
    • Sweet Little Granny is evicted from her time-slot by hitting her with a wrecking ball, and then clearing the set.
    • Changed Daily's name is "Warty Fingle-blaster" for this episode.
  • Trojan Horse: Victor and Anita sneak in this way when Warty Fingle-blaster visits Nanny Poo Poo again.