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Recap / The Sarah Jane Adventures S3 E1-E2 "Prisoner of the Judoon"

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The episode begins with Sarah Jane getting kicked out of the nanotech factory she's investigating, and returning home. Cue alien-related emergency. This time it's a Captain Tybo the Judoon hunting an escaped prisoner. Androvax, Destroyer of Worlds, is a Veil: a species whose hat is Grand Theft Me. Surprise, surprise, he possesses Sarah Jane, and Luke, Rani and Clyde have to track her down while keeping Cowboy Cop Tybo from doing too much damage. Androvax orders Mr. Smith to self-destruct, but Luke talks him out of it. Rani's folks visit the nanotech factory to promote Gita's flower business and get arrested.


Androvax heads for the nanotech factory and releases the nanoforms to build him a spaceship and destroy the Earth. Captain Tybo's Judoon buddies arrive, confronting, scanning, and scaring the crap out of the newly-escaped Chandras. Rani and Clyde lock up Tybo, who is soon freed by the Judoon. Everyone has a nice little reunion in Androvax's new space ship, where Luke uses the controls to deactivate the nanoforms. Androvax gets arrested, Clyde and Rani get grounded, and everyone goes home.




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