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Recap / The Rise Of The GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet Part 6

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Rias and Nyarko were in Asuna's temple, but they were followed by a cloaked goddess who refused to leave them alone. The three heroines decide then to take their weapons out to see who the mysterious goddess was. The mysterious was revealed to be Tsukuyomi, member of the Yandere Quartet, who gets attacked by Asuna with her sword. Tsukuyomi narrowly dodges the attack, but gets knocked out by Rias's Power of Destruction. Two other members of the Quartet then arrived to attack Rias, Asuna and Nyarko. They were Nu-13 and Kotonoha Katsura. Nu targets Rias, while Kotonoha targets Nyarko. The heroines knock the insane ladies out, though not without struggling. The crimson-haired goddess then chooses to accumulate all her demonic powers to fire her strongest attack: Extinguished Star. The charging process is however very long, and Nu takes advantage of this by attacking her with one of her swords, which gets however deflected with the sudden help of Xenovia. Nu puts up a good fight against the exorcist, but gets ultimately defeated. Rias then fires the attack, which destroys 75% of the House of Magic and forces Tsukuyomi, Nu and Kotonoha to flee. 5 minutes after the disaster, Edward Elric, one of the House's guardians, approaches the trio and complains about the fact that the House has been destroyed twice in a small time arc. Rias apologizes to the alchemist for destroying the House, and goes with Asuna to train in the House of Power.


Meanwhile, in the House of Combat, Issei was finished with his "session" with Asia and Akeno. The three take a quick shower, and exit from the fallen angel's temple. They hear a conversation outside, involving the destruction of the House of Magic, and with it, Asia's temple. Issei, Asia, and Akeno decide all to go to the House to see what happened. Upon arrival, the House was in the process of repairs made by the Master Builders Four (and Fix-it Felix Jr.) and they realize from the help of the guardians that Rias was behind the move, in order to fend off the Yandere Quartet. Doctor Strange tells Asia to not worry, and allows her to sleep over at Issei's temple until her own gets repaired. Issei then asks about Rias's whereabouts. The guardians don't know anything, but Asia tells him to search in his own house. The three then set off to the House of Power, to find out that Rias was training with Asuna. Nyarko also came in as onlooker.


At the House of Emotion, Tsukuyomi, Nu, and Kotonoha tell Yuno Gasai, the Quartet's leader, about their failure. Yuno almost lashed out, but when she heard Rias's and Xenovia's names, she asked Kotonoha more info about the two of them. Kotonoha tells her about the Occult Research Club, which leads to Yuno having an idea: spying on them. Suddenly, however, Shinnok enters Yuno's temple, and after a brief discussion, strikes an alliance with the Yandere Quartet to help him get his hands on Issei's Boosted Gear.


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