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Recap / The Rat Patrol

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A list of all episodes from The Rat Patrol. WORK IN PROGRESS. INCOMPLETE. Spoilers are not marked. Not that there are many of those in this very episodic show.

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    Season 1 
  1. The Chase of Fire Raid: In the pilot episode, Sergeant Moffitt joins the team to replace a member who has just been killed.
  2. The Life Against Death Raid: Private Hitchcock is injured and his only chance for survival is to go to an enemy hospital.
  3. The Wildest Raid of All
  4. The Kill or Be Killed Raid
  5. The Chain of Death Raid
  6. The Do or Die Raid
  7. The Blind Man's Bluff Raid: Separated from his teammates, Troy awakens in a US field hospital with a case of "sun blindness"... or so he thinks.
  8. The Fatal Chase Raid: The Rats must protect a cowardly, unpleasant sergeant who has valuable information from both the Germans and two of his own men, who want to kill him.
  9. The Blow Sky High Raid: The Rats transport a volatile explosive across the desert, with Dietrich hot on their trail.
  10. The Moment of Truce Raid: The Rat Patrol and Dietrich's men are forced to work together when a renegade Arab chieftain threatens them all.
  11. The Deadly Double Raid: Moffitt and Tully infiltrate a German prisoner of war camp seeking a soldier who has memorized Rommel's secret plans. But the man is dead, and now two men claim to have been his confidante.
  12. The Gun Runner Raid: The Rats are captured by an American traitor who sells arms to the Germans — and offers to make them his partners.
  13. The Lighthouse Raid: The Rats rescue a French general, only to be betrayed by a lighthouse keeper who plans to hand them all over to the Nazis for a hefty reward.
  14. The Dare-Devil Rescue Raid: Disobeying Troy's orders, Moffitt searches for his father, who was supposedly killed but might have been captured by the Nazis.
  15. The Last Harbor Raid, Episode I
  16. The Last Harbor Raid, Episode II
  17. The Last Harbor Raid, Episode III
  18. The One That Got Away Raid: The Rats must rescue a German defector before he can be delivered to the Gestapo.
  19. Two for One Raid: The Rats' plan to destroy a German ammo dump is threatened by the teenage son of a soldier who works there.
  20. The Last Chance Raid: The only way the Rats can send a vital warning to British troops is to disrupt a traitor's Nazi propaganda broadcast.
  21. The B Negative Raid: The wounded Moffitt needs a transfusion, causing his fellow Rats to go to desperate lengths to find someone who shares his rare blood type.
  22. The Exhibit A Raid: When Troy is falsely accused of murdering a Nazi war criminal (by the criminal himself, who is posing as someone else), the other Rats infiltrate enemy territory to find proof of his innocence.
  23. The Holy War Raid: German imposters posing as the Rats kidnap an Arab religious leader, and Troy and Moffitt have only five hours to find him or Hitch and Tully will be killed.
  24. The Two Against Time Raid: The Rats try to destroy a German ammo dump while Deitrich tries to save it, leading to Troy and Dietrich becoming trapped together after a cave-in.
  25. The Wild Goose Raid: When the Rats provide security for a conference between the British and American Joint Chiefs of Staff, Troy must prove that a German spy is setting a deadly trap.
  26. The Bring 'Em Back Alive Raid
  27. Take Me to Your Leader Raid: The Rats rescue an American major, but his behavior makes them suspicious.
  28. The Double or Nothing Raid: When Moffitt is captured and wounded while infiltrating a German base, the Rats try to exchange him for a Nazi captain they're holding prisoner.
  29. The Hour Glass Raid
  30. Mask-a-Raid: Sergeant Moffitt impersonates Lt. Klaus Klinger.
  31. The Fire and Brimstone Raid
  32. The Delilah Raid: The Rats find a female French Resistance fighter wandering the desert, not realizing that she has a secret that endangers them all.

    Season 2 

  1. The Truce at Aburah Raid: The Rats and Dietrich's men join forces to save an Arab girl who's trapped in a well.
  2. The David and Goliath Raid
  3. The Trial by Fire Raid
  4. The Darers Go First Raid
  5. The Love Thine Enemy Raid: A guilt-stricken Troy desperately seeks help for a German nurse he accidentally wounded.
  6. The Darkest Raid: Troy impersonates a blind German officer to steal some diamonds.
  7. The Death Do Us Part Raid: An Irish missionary helps the Rat Patrol rescue a young Arab boy who's been giving them information about the Germans.
  8. The Do-Re-Mi Raid: The Rats attempt to retrieve a famous American singer who's been captured by Dietrich.
  9. The Kingdom Come Raid
  10. The Hide-and-Go-Seek Raid: The Rats' latest mission is to rescue the mute son of a British general, who's being held hostage by a German colonel.
  11. The Violent Truce Raid: When the Rats try to retrieve a shipment of contaminated plasma, Moffitt's drastic actions result in a British major attempting to court martial him.
  12. The Life-for-a-Life Raid: The Rats must protect a pregnant Arab woman from both Dietrich's forces and a French soldier who blames her for the death of his wife.
  13. The Fifth Wheel Raid
  14. The Two If By Sea Raid
  15. The Street Urchin Raid: An Arab street kid is pursued by both the Rats and the Nazis when he gets hold of photos of secret German installations.
  16. The Pipeline to Disaster Raid: The Rats contemplate mutiny when an injured, delirious British general tries to take control of the team.
  17. The Boomerang Raid: Troy is suspicious of an American soldier who carries an important map.
  18. The Fatal Reunion Raid: Moffitt runs into an old girlfriend while on a mission to rescue a French scientist.
  19. The Decoy Raid: Dietrich intervenes when a mentally unstable SS officer breaks a truce in an attempt to capture the Rat Patrol.
  20. The Touch-and-Go Raid: Dietrich takes a page out of Troy's playbook when he and three of his men pose as the Rat Patrol to infiltrate an Allied supply depot.
  21. The Field of Death Raid: A vengeful Nazi major kidnaps Troy's brother to lure the Rats into a trap.
  22. The Double Jeopardy Raid: The Rat Patrol help young French partisans.
  23. The Hickory, Dickory Dock Raid: Moffitt is consumed by rage when he learns his brother has been killed, endangering the Rats' attempt to sabotage a German repair depot.
  24. The Tug-of-War Raid: Troy and a female French Resistance fighter are captured and sentenced to hang by Dietrich.
  25. The Never Say Die Raid: Troy and Hitchcock are captured by a German colonel who plans to force them to radio misinformation back to their headquarters. Meanwhile, Moffitt and Pettigrew's rescue attempts are frustrated by an Italian lieutenant who insists upon surrendering to them.
  26. The Kill at Koorlea Raid: The Rats (and an amoral sniper assigned to help them) face an ethical dilemma when they're sent to capture or kill a Nazi war criminal — while he's on vacation with his family.