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Recap / The Punisher 2017 S 02 E 08 My Brothers Keeper

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Painful memories take a hold of Russo. Frank's frustration frightens those closest to him. Madani receives a visitor bearing a warning.


  • Anger Born of Worry: Frank is furious when Amy nearly startles him into killing her, and leaves her completely terrified. Curtis has to explain to her later that Frank's anger came from his fear of hurting her. It's also clear he was full of crazed-adrenaline after the firefight with Billy.
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  • A-Team Firing: Despite the use of an automatic weapon on Billy's part, nobody dies during the shootout between Frank, Russo and the police.
  • Actually Pretty Funny: After helping Frank escape, Curtis angrily reminds him that the police will eventually identify "Frank Castle's one-legged black friend." Frank tells Curtis he has a lot of one-legged black friends, which elicits a chuckle from Curtis who admits the response was pretty funny.
  • Apologetic Attacker: Frank, shortly before he punches out Mahoney and steals his gun.
  • Bad Boss: Billy kills two of his men (including the 'hostage') when they call him out on his recklessness.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Curtis saves Frank two times this episode, first from Billy's sniper, then from Mahoney.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Turns out the cashier that got taken hostage by Billy's crew was in on the whole thing.
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  • Boom, Headshot!: Billy shoots two of his gang in the head when they question his methods.
  • Call-Back: Later in the episode, Billy begins to rekindle the morale of his ragtag gang by slipping into another grandiose speech about his work of making "a brotherhood of ex-soldiers"—not unlike his pitch to his recruits in Anvil last season.
  • Cruel to Be Kind: After Amy's thoughtless attempt of scaring Frank and taking his weapon to show him how good she is, Frank effortlessly pulls her to the ground and shoots in the air two times to demonstrate how easily that little stunt could have cost her life, scaring the poor girl to tears.
  • Domestic Abuse: Billy, who goes from kissing Krista to screaming at her, destroying her stuff and forcibly pushing her against a window. And she is still devoted to him afterwards.
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  • Grave-Marking Scene: Frank visits the graves of his family.
  • Interservice Rivalry: Madani warns that if Mahoney looks too closely at the Castle/Russo case, then he'll end up working as a traffic cop. Mahoney lets her know he has no love for feds and their secrets.
  • Irony: Due to his amnesia Billy is feeling betrayed by Frank, not knowing that he was the one who betrayed Frank.
  • Keeping Secrets Sucks: Curtis' girlfriend is considering breaking up with him after finding out that his house is not being fumigated for rats — his excuse for living in a hotel so Billy doesn't find him — and hasn't told her the truth.
  • Lady Macbeth: Probably not totally intentional (we don't know whether she knows the truth about Billy and Frank's past, or whether she was fed some lie by the CIA), but Krista keeps pushing Billy into believing that Frank betrayed their friendship and made him suffer unjustly.
  • Neck Lift: Billy lifts Dr. Dumont by her neck and holds her against the window.
  • Not So Different:
    • Krista says that she went through the same trauma that Billy went through in order to help him.
    • Curtis accuses Frank of this in regards to Billy after he brutally tortures Jake. And he seems to concede the point.
  • Reality Ensues: Amy's attempt to catch Frank off-guard and demonstrate the move he taught her ends exactly the way you'd expect; a young girl who's been taught one move doesn't stand a chance against Frank, and he's livid that she would be stupid enough to startle him when she knows he can kill on reflex.
    • Frank's attempt to kill Billy starts a gunfight that attracts the police, and Frank is nearly arrested by Mahoney before Curtis saves him.
  • Sympathetic Inspector Antagonist: Mahoney is hellbent on catching Frank, and he brings up several good reasons for it.
  • Tastes Like Friendship: Curtis, Madani and Amy bond over some drinks and their mutual difficult relationship with Frank.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Curtis calls out Frank several times in the episode for his obsession with Billy that ends up hurting the people around him.
  • You Make Me Sick: Mahoney towards Madani, due to being just another fed covering up her own messes in his eyes.


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