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Recap / The Powerpuff Girls (S2E6): "Slave the Day"/"Los Dos Mojos"

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Slave the Day: After being saved from a rushing train by the girls, Big Billy defects from the Ganggreen Gang and pledges his loyalty to the girls.

Los Dos Mojos: When Bubbles is knocked out unconscious in battle, she wakes with amnesia and believes that she is Mojo Jojo.

Slave The Day provides examples of:

  • Becoming Part of the Image: The Salami Swami has this happen to him three times in a row when Big Billy bludgeons him with some paintings, putting his head on a horse, a snake, and a fat lady.
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  • Chained to a Railway: After being kicked out by the Powerpuff Girls, the Gangrene Gang decides to lure the girls into a trap by seemingly tying Billy to the train tracks. The plan works, and the gang proceeds to do this to the girls by wrapping them in steel bars and throwing them onto the tracks, prompting Billy to save them this time.
  • Disaster Dominoes: Big Billy throws a giant monster against a building, which promptly topples over against another building, setting of a domino chain reaction.
  • Generic Graffiti: The episode opens with the Gangrene Gang vandalizing signs and walls all over Townsville with graffiti.
  • Guilt by Association Gag: Billy tells his gang that all three of the girls were mean to him even though Bubbles and Buttercup had actually accepted Billy as an ally and it was Blossom who chastised him for his destruction (though to be fair, he was probably too dumb to realize).
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  • Hero with an F in Good: As part of becoming their servant, Big Billy also tries to help the girls with their superhero duties, but due to his clumsiness he only ends up getting in the way or causing even more harm than the villains they are trying to stop.
  • Impact Silhouette: After the girls fail to defeat a monster, they are tossed into the wall of a building. Later, when Blossom gets fed up with Billy constantly screwing up, she frees herself from the wall, leaving behind a dent shaped like her.
  • I Owe You My Life: Big Billy becomes utterly devoted to the girls after they save him. The girls have mixed feelings about this, with Buttercup considering it cool to have a personal butler but Blossom having second thoughts (and Bubbles just considering it cute). After some debate, they decide to let him.
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  • Literal-Minded: When Billy returns to the Gangrene Gang's hideout, he tells Ace of his plight. Ace tells him to start over, and Billy leaves the hideout. Ace then tells him, "Um, after you came in, Billy."
  • Railroad Tracks of Doom: The plot kicks off when Billy fails to get out of the way of an oncoming subway train in time, and the Powerpuff Girls save him from certain death.
  • Rage Breaking Point: Blossom reaches this after Big Billy destroys a complete city block (see Disaster Dominoes above), angrily telling Billy to leave their group.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Blossom gives one to Billy after he destroys Townsville in an attempt to stop the giant monster from doing the same. This inspires Billy to return to the Gangrene Gang.
    Blossom: That's it! First, you let the Bank Robbers get away, then you destroy irreplacable art, and now you've destroyed all of Townsville! You do less damage as a member of the Gangrene Gang! Now go!
    (Billy cries)
    Billy: Billy no like you anymore! Billy go back to Gang!
  • Rule of Three: Billy foils three of the girls' attempts to save Townsville. First, he sits on top of the girls when they arrive at the bank, allowing the Bank-Robbing Gang to get away with their stolen money. Then, he destroys irreplacable art in an attempt to stop the Salami Swami from stealing it. Finally, he destroys all of Townsville in an attempt to stop the giant monster from doing the same.
  • Sausage String Silliness: This episode features a villain known as the Salami Swami, who is a Snake Charmer who uses his flute to control linked sausages. Billy eats the sausages when they try to attack him and the girls.
  • Save the Villain: The girls save Billy from a train. Later, when the Gangrene Gang uses Billy as bait to capture the girls, Blossom insists they rescue him again since it’s what heroes do.
  • Shout-Out: When Billy jumps forward to save the girls from the speeding train, Ace tries to stop him, screaming, “No, Billy! DON’T BE A HERO!”
  • Snake Charmer: The girls and Billy fight The Salami Swami, who can control strings of sausages with his music. Big Billy actually proves useful here since he simply eats the sausages before they can cause harm.
  • Stock "Yuck!": Buttercup still hates broccoli. When the professor tries to make her eat it anyway, Big Billy threatens him.
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: Big Billy becomes this to the Utoniums due to his new devotion to the girls.
  • Trainstopping: In the climax, Billy easily stops a subway train to save the girls ,which makes you wonder if he really was in any danger earlier when the girls saved him.

Los Dos Mojos provides examples of:

  • Amnesiac Hero: Bubbles, and she becomes a villain because of it.
  • Big "SHUT UP!": Delivered by Mojo Jojo to Bubbles, just before he hits her again with a steel beam, restoring her memories.
  • Captain Obvious: Blossom jumping to the conclusion that Bubbles thinks she is Mojo Jojo because of the steel beam hitting her in the head. Mojo’s reaction underscores how much it is this trope.
    Mojo: No, really? Do you think?
  • Construction Zone Calamity: Mojo Jojo deliberately causes one by dropping a steel beam on top of Bubbles.
  • Criminal Amnesiac: What happens to Bubbles in this episode, though it's unintentional since nobody actively convinced her that she is evil; she came to that conclusion by herself.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: When she thinks she is Mojo Jojo, Bubbles also starts to mimic Mojo’s tendency to constantly repeat himself. When hearing this the real Mojo of course immediately claims he does not reiterate, repeat, reinstate the same thing over and over again!
  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": As part of a Running Gag following her Easy Amnesia, Bubbles refuses to be called by her name and by Mojo Jojo’s instead, much to his annoyance.
  • Easy Amnesia: One steel beam dropped on top of her head, and Bubbles has amnesia.
  • Eviler Than Thou: Bubbles is an even more effective villain than the real Mojo Jojo, though that was to be expected since she has superpowers and her sisters are reluctant to fight her.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Buttercup tells Blossom not to hurt the amnesiac Bubble because she's their sister, and you know how violent Buttercup is. Plus the Let Me At Her example below.
  • Identity Amnesia: Bubbles, again. She believes herself to be Mojo Jojo because of it.
  • I Resemble That Remark!: Mojo denies the way he speaks after the amnesiac Bubble thinks she's Mojo and speaks in the same way; yet his words say differently:
    Mojo: I don't talk like that! The way I communicate is much different! I do not reiterate, repeat, and reinstate the same thing over and over again! I am clear, concise to the point.
  • Injury Bookend: Bubbles gets hit by an I-beam twice. The first time, it gives her amnesia, and thanks to Mojo's gloating, she begins to think she's Mojo. The second time, it returns her to her normal self.
  • Let Me At Her: When the amnesiac Bubbles believes that she's Mojo, Blossom is about to fight her, but Buttercup holds her back, reminding her that it's their sister. Then Bubbles insults Buttercup... And then Blossom has to hold Buttercup back.
  • Modesty Towel: Mojo Jojo spends pretty much the entire episode in one after Bubbles kicks him out of his lair while he was just finished with taking a shower.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: At the end of the episode there's no telling how it would have taken Bubbles to recover her memory and stop thinking she's Mojo Jojo if the real Mojo Jojo hadn't hit her in the head with a construction bar again.
  • Not Me This Time: When Buttercup and Blossom respond to the emergency call that Mojo Jojo is destroying Townsville with one of his machines, the real Mojo shows up to point out that it’s not him doing this.
    • And then again, when the Buttercup and Blossom blame Mojo for causing Bubbles' amnesia, he incredulously says:
    Mojo: You've got to be kidding. I'm wet, I'm naked, your sister is wearing my clothes, and this is all part of some evil plot TO RULE THE WORLD AS A SOGGY CHIMP IN MY BIRTHDAY SUIT?!
  • No-Sell: Mojo Jojo’s flying vehicle is unharmed by the girls’ eye beams.
  • Reflective Eyes: When Bubbles is slowly waking up after being knocked out and Mojo is rambling before her, his face is reflected in her eyes before she passes out again.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: The Mayor's one major line in this episode.
    Mayor: Blossom! Mojo Jojo is destroying Soho with his Robo Jojo, and that’s a big no-no! So hurry up and go-go!
  • Shout-Out: After finally knocking out Bubbles and regaining his outfit, Mojo gives a speech about how There Can Only Be One Mojo because two is too many "and three is right out."
  • Tap on the Head: What causes Bubbles’ amnesia, and also what restores her memories.
  • We Can Rule Together: Mojo Jojo offers Bubbles this when she defeats Buttercup and Blossom. She refuses.

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