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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 7 E 12 Flower Child

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The Control Voice: Has humankind risen to the top of the evolutionary ladder because of its monogamous nature... or in spite of it?

A plant-like alien takes the form of a woman to seduce men.

The Control Voice: Commitment and loyalty are not stuffy issues of the past, but are enduring qualities that raise us above creatures that procreate without compassion or discretion.

Flower Tropes:

  • The Casanova: Chris' best friend Allan Montesi frequently teases him about his engagement to Mia as he regards marriage as being tantamount to a death sentence. He claims that he will never get married as he enjoys playing the field too much. However, Allan later admits to Chris that it is all an act and that he would a stable, monogamous relationship but he keeps Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.
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  • Eiffel Tower Effect: In The Teaser, the meteor containing the plant-based alien that later transformed itself into Violet passes by the Golden Gate Bridge as it falls to Earth, setting the scene in San Francisco.
  • Meaningful Name: The plant-based alien transforms itself into a beautiful young woman named Violet.
  • Monster Munch: Violet eats Mary Cummings' cat shortly after killing her and taking over her apartment.
  • Only You Can Repopulate My Race: A plant-based alien named Violet is driven to mate with a human male, namely Chris, so that her race can survive and take over the Earth.
  • Plant Aliens: A plant-based alien, the Last Of Its Kind, traveled to Earth via a meteor. It became embedded in the soil of a community garden of a San Francisco apartment building and grew into a strange plant overnight. After it kills Mary Cummings with its stinger, the alien uses the energy that it absorbed in the process to transform itself into a beautiful young woman named Violet. Taking up residence in Mary's apartment, Violet seeks to procreate and produces a scent which men find seductive. She sets her sights on Chris, who has just moved into the building with his fiancée Mia and is experiencing pre-wedding jitters. Chris initially manages to resist temptation due to his commitment to remain faithful to Mia but the landlord Mr. Sylvano is less strong-willed and is killed by Violet for his trouble. Chris eventually succumbs to her charms and they have sex. As a result, Violet obtains Chris' seed and uses it to produce millions of offspring which she ejects from her body through the mouth. Her species will soon spread all over Earth and replace humanity as the dominant species.
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  • Theme Tune Cameo: A slower version of the theme tune is heard on a television advertisement for the company Gideon 3000, which produces plant food and nutrients.
  • Tuckerization: Allan Montesi is named after Jorge Montesi, one of the series' regular directors.

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