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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 6 E 21 Final Appeal Part One

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The Control Voice: What will become of a world that outlaws the very tools it has always looked to for solutions?

A woman time travels to the future and is promptly arrested and put on trial because advanced technology is banned.

Final Tropes, Part One:

  • Cassandra Truth: In 2076, the time traveler Dr. Theresa Givens has been sentenced to death for possessing and promoting the use of advanced technology. She compares herself to the prophetess Cassandra given that she has traveled further into the future and has seen that humanity will be wiped out by a devastating plague in 2105. The scientists of that time will be unable to combat it due to the anti-technology laws.
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  • Cockroaches Will Rule the Earth: Discussed. Justice Oliver Harbison believes that there will be nothing left on Earth but cockroaches and tumbleweeds if the anti-technology code is repealed and there is another nuclear war.
  • Courtroom Episode: This episode takes place in 2076 in a world that has banned technology in the aftermath of a devastating nuclear war in June 2059 which killed 80% of the world's population (6.8 billion people). It features Dr. Theresa Givens (a returning character from Season Two's "A Stitch in Time") appealing her death sentence for using her time machine before the United States Supreme Court.
  • Culture Police: Anti-grieving laws were introduced after a nuclear war wiped out 80% of humanity in 2059. They were repealed at some point prior to 2076.
  • Ludd Was Right: Technology was banned after 80% of the world's population was killed in a nuclear war in June 2059. By 2076, the world has reverted to late 19th Century technological levels with the lightbulb being about the most advanced piece of technology allowed. The anti-technology code is enforced worldwide by international agreement. The divisions in the US Supreme Court on the issue are exemplified by United States v. Givens. Chief Justice Haden Wainwright, a retired three-star general formerly attached to NATO and a veteran of the War of 2059, was a member of the panel that recommended the ban. The conservative wing of the Court, consisting of Oliver Harbison and Gretchen Parkhurst, support the ban with Harbison being its most vocal proponent. The liberal wing, consisting of Earl Clayton and Kendall Woods, oppose it, very vehemently in the case of Clayton, who is affectionately described as a "bleeding heart" by Parkhurst.
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  • One-Man Industrial Revolution: The time traveler Dr. Theresa Givens discovered that advanced technology was banned in 2076 due to 80% of humanity being wiped out by nuclear weapons during the War of 2059. She then brought advanced technological devices from her own time, the 1990s, forward to 2076 in the hope of igniting a second Industrial Revolution. However, her efforts were unsuccessful as she was arrested, tried and convicted of breaking the anti-technology code.
  • The Plague: The time traveler Dr. Theresa Givens testifies before the US Supreme Court in 2076 that a plague will wipe out humanity - at least the 20% that remains after the War of 2059 - in 2105. Clips from "The Vaccine" are used to depict the devastated world of 2105.
  • Series Fauxnale: This episode was intended as the final episode as the series had been cancelled by Showtime but it was picked up for a seventh and final season by the Sci-Fi Channel.
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  • The Short War: The War of 2059 took place over the course of several days in June of that year. Due to the widespread use of nuclear weapons, 80% of the Earth's population were killed.
  • Time-Delayed Death: Justice Oliver Harbison mentions that it took six months for his daughter to die from the radiation poisoning that she suffered in the War of 2059.
  • Time-Travel Episode
  • World War III: A nuclear war, known as the War of 2059 or the New Holocaust, killed 80% of the world's population (6.8 billion people).

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