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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 6 E 16 Revival

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The Control Voice: Faith is the bedrock of our religious beliefs. But what happens when that foundation is shaken to its core?

An alien joins a phony faith healer's act, but the healer suspects the alien is up to no good.

The Control Voice: Blind faith can lead us toward the light... or plunge us into eternal darkness.


  • Crisis of Faith: Ezra Burnham lost his faith after the death of his wife as God did not answer his prayers for her to recover.
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  • Fake Faith Healer: Ezra Burnham travels the US with his revival preaching the word of God to a different congregation each week. He claims to be able to sense people's pain and heal them through the power of God's love. In reality, his daughter Sarah takes down the information of various people in the congregation and feeds it to him through an earpiece. Ezra then calls the relevant people up on stage and puts on a big song and dance about healing them. If they ever do feel better afterwards, it has to do with the power of suggestion rather than any supernatural powers on Ezra's part. Luke, who later joins Ezra's revival, can heal people but that is because he is an alien as opposed to him possessing any God-given powers.
  • Healing Hands: Luke is able to heal people using the power that he receives from an advanced piece of technology disguised as a Bible. When he lays his hands on a man who lost his left ear in a thresher accident as a child, the ear grows back.
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  • Impaled Palm: Luke uses his shapeshifting abilities to create the illusion of stigmata in front of the revival congregations.
  • Messianic Archetype: In the final scene, Luke is already being worshiped as a new Messiah by small congregations led by Serena only two months after his death.
  • Mind over Matter: Luke possesses the power of telekinesis thanks to an advanced piece of technology disguised as a Bible. He uses it to take Sheriff O'Brien's gun and shoot him with it in an attempt to frame Ezra Burnham for murder.
  • Monster Munch: Luke, who is actually a shapeshifting alien, eats Cindy in his trailer when she offers to have sex with him.
  • Overly Long Tongue: Luke and Serena have very long tongues which they intertwine around each other.
  • Sinister Minister: Luke is an alien whose species plans to enslave humanity through religion. He eats several young women and frames Ezra Burnham for the murder of Sheriff O'Brien when he tries to interfere with his plans.
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  • Slave Race: Luke and Serena's species plan to use religion to enslave humanity as they have determined that humans are both naive and susceptible to such tactics.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Luke and Serena are members of a race of shapeshifters.

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