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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 6 E 12 Glitch

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The Control Voice: Humanity defines itself by the capacity to think and feel. But what happens when a machine attains the same abilities?

A man learns that he is really an android.

The Control Voice: If we choose to give birth to a thinking machine, we must be prepared for the day when our progeny will demand independence.


  • Do Androids Dream?: Dr. Edward Normandy tells the android Tom Seymour that he doesn't dream when Tom learns of his true nature and thinks that he is having a nightmare. He later claims that androids do not have a soul as everything that they are is contained on a personality chip. After escaping, Tom leaves a holographic message for Normandy refuting this.
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  • Robo Family: In the final scene, the androids Tom and Wendy Seymour have built a daughter for themselves.
  • Robotic Reveal: Tom Seymour is horrified to discover that he is an android. He was created by Joe Walker for use in disaster areas so that no humans would be harmed. However, the project was taken away from Walker, who later died, by the US government. The new project leader Dr. Edward Normandy is running tests on Tom to ensure that he is ready for his new purpose: infiltration and assassination. Wendy Seymour, Tom's supposed wife and a member of Normandy's team, helps him to escape as she has come to disapprove of the work that Normandy is doing. They go to see Walker's widow Sylvia, who reveals to a disbelieving Wendy that she too is an android, the first that Joe created. Wendy is even more dismayed by the revelation of her true nature than Tom was but, like him, comes to accept it. Joe modelled Tom and Wendy on younger versions of himself and Sylvia.

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