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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 5 E 2 Donor

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The Control Voice: In an age of medical miracles, who shall live and who shall die may be less a matter of chance... than a matter of choice.

A cancer patient receives a full body transplant, but begins to see his donor's memories.

The Control Voice: Our inexorable march toward death defines our lives, giving meaning to our every waking moment. But how will it change us when our fate is taken out of God's hands... and placed in our own?


  • Here We Go Again!: It is revealed that the supposedly dead Dr. Renee Stuyvescent is still alive, having received a full body transplant. She is secretly observing Dr. Peter Halstead and Deirdre Laird at a soccer match. The implication is that she will once again try to kill Deirdre so that Peter can be hers.
  • Love Triangle: There are two. Dr. Renee Stuyvescent is in love with her colleague Dr. Peter Halstead but he does not return her feelings. He later becomes attracted to Deirdre Laird, the widow of his full body transplant donor Timothy Laird, and Renee tries to kill Deirdre. Similar to Renee's situation, her assistant Dr. Vance Ridout is in love with her but she doesn't feel anything for him.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: Dr. Peter Halstead, who has terminal cancer, is to be the first recipient of a full body transplant. However, he has rare blood and tissue types which makes it difficult to find a compatible donor. Peter's colleague Dr. Renee Stuyvescent, who is madly in love with him, discovers that a man named Timothy Laird is compatible and murders him so that Peter can have his body. After Peter becomes close to Timothy's widow Deirdre, Renee plans to kill Deirdre to remove the threat that she poses to her warped idea of living happily ever after with Peter but she is less successful this time.
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  • Transferable Memory: A bit of a variation. After Dr. Peter Halstead receives Timothy Laird's body in a full body transplant, he experiences flashes of Timothy's memories and related attributes. The first sign is a craving for a cigarette in spite of the fact that he has never smoked a day in his life. About six weeks later, he sees visions of Timothy's wife Deirdre and daughter Kylie, which he at first mistakes for an hallucination. One day while driving aimlessly, he arrives at Timothy's house, having been drawn there, and sees Deirdre and Kylie in the flesh. Under the pretext of being an acquaintance of Timothy, Peter starts to spend time with them. He assists Deirdre in coaching Kyle's soccer team, having essentially inherited Timothy's soccer skills. Peter eventually comes to share Timothy's love for Deirdre and tells her the truth about his identity. She is extremely upset at the revelation but she comes to terms with it after a while.

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