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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 5 E 22 Better Luck Next Time

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The Control Voice: Is violence born in the heart, or in the mind? If we must kill to protect ourselves, what will that do to our souls?

In a warehouse, two men wrestle for control of a gun, mentioning various adventures they have shared. One man gets the gun, declares himself the winner, and shoots himself, a blue energy being leaving his body. Before the survivor can leave, he is arrested by the police.


Detective Terry Russo and her partner Frank Daniels attempt to interrogate the man over what happened in the warehouse, but the man insists on speaking with Terry alone. The man, calling himself Gerard, tells Terry that he is an alien life form that must take on human hosts to survive in Earth's atmosphere, pursuing another member of his race who is a serial killer, and the chase has been going on for centuries. To prove this outlandish claim, he shows Terry visions that he claims are the criminal's past crimes (these visions are clips from the past episodes "Ripper", "A Stitch in Time", "Living Hell", and "Heart's Desire"), and that the criminal had been several famous murderers like Jack the Ripper. Shaken up, Terry reluctantly believes him.

However, a security guard from the warehouse who has been possessed by the other alien meets with Frank. Calling himself Kimble, he tells Frank a similar story and shows him similar visions, but claims that Gerard is the criminal and he is the one pursuing him. The two prod Terry and Frank to take them back to the warehouse. Worried and tense over the bizarre circumstances, Terry and Frank eventually panic. Frank shoots Gerard and Terry shoots Frank, fatally wounding them both.


Gerard and Kimble start arguing about which of them "won" by convincing their detective they were telling the truth. The two aliens laugh and reveal that they are both evil and friendly rivals. Bored with immortality, they have throughout the centuries gone on murder sprees and elaborate deceptions like the one they played on Terry and Frank, casually snuffing out human lives as a game for their entertainment. As soon as Gerard's current body dies, he plans to take Terry's body and use her position as a detective to further their agenda.

Right before Frank dies, he shoots Kimble's body and fatally wounds it. Realizing the warehouse is completely empty except for Terry, Gerard and Kimble panic and argue which of them deserve to survive by taking her body. Terry tells them, "Game over, better luck next time." and shoots herself in the head. Gerard and Kimble frantically exit their bodies and try to find a new host, but fail and die.


The Control Voice: In the struggle between life and death, sometimes survival is not the only way to win.

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