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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 5 E 10 The Shroud

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The Control Voice: Man's empirical pursuit of science has often been at odds with his need for religious faith. But what happens when these two beliefs... collide?

A woman is impregnated with a clone of Jesus Christ using DNA from the Shroud of Turin.

The Control Voice: In Man's unending pursuit of salvation, the distractions of his science or his religion may be the very thing keeping him from his creator.


  • Clone Jesus: A religious fanatic and televangelist named Reverend Thomas Tilford has scientists extract DNA from the Shroud of Turin to order to recreate Jesus and insert the embryo into Marie Wells' uterus. While still in the womb, the child begins to display strange powers.
  • Mind over Matter: Marie Wells is impregnated with a clone of Jesus created using samples taken from the Shroud of Turin. After studying the clone's DNA, Dr. Gail Cowlings compares it to that of a man who displayed telekinetic powers on a small scale. She theorizes that the original Jesus was a one in ten billion genetic aberration whose powers were seen as supernatural in ancient times, which led to him being considered the Son of God. Reverend Thomas Tilford rejects the notion, proclaiming that it was and is nothing less than a miracle. While still in her womb, Marie's unborn son is able to move the toys in his nursery so that they surround his mother.
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  • Sinister Minister: Reverend Thomas Tilford had Marie Wells impregnated with a clone of Jesus without her knowledge. Her husband Justin was aware of the baby's true nature and went along with Tilford's plan but he gradually grew disillusioned with him. Justin comes to recognize that Tilford is not doing God's work but intends to use the baby for his own ends once he is born.
  • Whole Plot Reference: This episode is a sci-fi version of the Nativity of Jesus as it involved a woman named Marie Wells being impregnated with a clone of him who was created using DNA samples taken from the Shroud of Turin. The episode lampshades this as Reverend Thomas Tilford, who orchestrated the clone's creation, compares Marie's husband Justin to Joseph. In turn, Justin asks what would that make Tilford with the implication being that he would be King Herod the Great, though this parallel is less exact than the others.

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