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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 4 E 19 Sarcophagus

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The Control Voice: Humans are driven to explore their history, to rediscover forgotten lives and times. For deep down we have always known that our past... is often prologue.

An archeological team discovers an alien preserved in an amber-like cocoon.

The Control Voice: They say what you send around comes around. Perhaps, that is true, even if it sometimes takes... a thousand years.


  • Ancient Astronauts: While searching for evidence of an advanced Neolithic culture in the Wrangell Mountains in Alaska, a team of archaeologists discovers an amber-like cocoon in a burial chamber which has been undisturbed for 10,000 years. They initially believe that the skeleton in the cocoon belonged to someone with deformities but they later come to the conclusion that he was an alien. After Curtis Grainger touches the amber, he begins to receive psychic images of the alien being attacked and killed by Neolithic tribesmen. From these images, he determines that the cocoon was placed in the burial chamber as the tribesmen thought that he was a god.
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  • Area 51: Discussed. After her archaeological team discovers an alien skeleton incased in an amber-like cocoon, Natalie Grainger does not want to tell the government as she fears that the remains will be confiscated and taken to Area 51 and that she and the others will be imprisoned there, never to be heard from again.
  • Floating Continent: In the final scene, a floating city is seen in the vicinity of Alaska 1,000 years in the future.
  • The Future Will Be Better: Natalie and Curtis Grainger awaken after 1,000 years in stasis to find that Earth has benefited significantly from its alliance with the race to which the alien in the Neolithic burial chamber belonged. The two species live in harmony on Earth.
  • Healing Factor: An extreme form is seen in which the alien skeleton discovered in the burial chamber cocoon absorbs energy from Curtis Grainger to heal himself to the point that he regrows organs, tissue, skin, etc. in the space of a few hours.
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  • Sealed Good in a Can: An archeological dig finds an alien inside a tomb. Upon awakening, the friendly being was quite happy to find that humanity had come a long way from the cavemen that had attacked him on sight, forcing him to seal himself up to recover from his injuries. When there is a cave-in, the alien allows the two who had befriended him to seal themselves up, keeping them alive until they are finally rescued.

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